brenda smith

“I have lost 81lbs so far.”

Dan, A year ago on the 10th I started your master plan. I bought me a Breville, Blendtec & rebounder the best investments ever! I have lost 81lbs so far. Although I have a few more to shed, I feel and look great! My skin doesn't sag, I have more energy than when I was 20yrs. old. I love you and Krista for sharing your lives, information & experiences with all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Brenda Smith
Gilbert, Arizona


“My energy is at an all-time high”

I found Dan on Youtube about a year ago and initially dismissed his message of fruit, vegetables and love as nonsense. Then I met him in person when he came through my check-out line at Whole Foods. I let the message sink in, went raw, and have never looked back. I came from a bodybuilding lifestyle of 6 meals a day, always including meat or a whey protein shake. The raw foods took all of the inflammation out of my body, and I dropped 20 pounds in a month. My heart rate dropped from close to 100 beats a minute down to 60 within two weeks, and my cholesterol level plummeted to an overall 110 within that first month as well. In my first few spin classes ever, I out-pedaled experienced cyclists. My energy is at an all-time high, and my depression medications are out the window. Thank you Dan McDonald!

Cameron Lewis
Mt. Pleasant, SC


“I have lost almost 38lbs! My headaches are gone, the ringing in my ears are gone, I have more energy than ever...”

A new start! My wife started following Dan through his youtube channel, and I occasionally paid a visit to his site. I initially found the information hard to believe, and sincerely thought of it as unhealthy. I continued living my life at that time with a traditional "western diet" with lots of fatty, salty, starchy, cheesy, sugary foods, and continued gaining weight. I had to go buy larger pants, I thought I looked horrible, and felt awful; tired all the time, sluggish, headaches almost daily, my ears were ringing frequently - usually while driving, and I had floaters in my vision to the point where I'd think something was in the road from time to time.

In the past my bad cholesterol was in the 240's, I had a colonoscopy in 2005 with about 15 polyps removed, and during a life insurance screening in 2006 I was told I was pre-diabetic. I started going to the gym in 2006 and got down to 192lbs from 230lbs, on a high protein diet. I eventually went back to my old ways and ended up at 251lbs in October 2011. I watched a few food documentaries, and started following Dan on his channel daily. I started a 30 day juice fast drinking raw fruits and vegetables on November 12th 2011, and 35 days later I have lost almost 38lbs! My headaches are gone, the ringing in my ears are gone, I have more energy than ever, my blood pressure is normal, I am alert and awake, and I feel absolutely fantastic! Thank you Dan for pointing me in the right direction, and to help me change my life!

Jarleif Vaagen
Bay City, MI


“My oncologist told me that I'm a living miracle.”

I beat cancer of the esophagus. I got turned on to juicing by a chiropractor I was going to for maintenance treatments after I told him that I got diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. All my doctors .... which I might add are extraordinary talented ... kept telling me that I would have to have this nasty operation to remove the top of my stomach and bottom of my esophagus, then tie them together. I avoided it. My oncologist told me that I'm a living miracle. No, it's just because I've changed several things in my life. I quit smoking, started up the juicing regimen, and exercised more. Also, I have learned a lot from Dan the Man. He is awesome!!!

Charles Coward
Austin, TX

Mike Spietzack

“I Went From 400 Pounds To 250 Pounds And I Feel Great!”

I've been following Dan for some time now. I was 400 pounds, a heavy smoker (About 3 cartons a week), and a heavy drinker as well. I would drink cases and cases of 40's of beer. I loved to party and I almost lost my left lung (It was failing due to smoking and had a bad infection). And I eventually came down with gout. With all of this I knew it was time for a change. I did some Google searches and found Dan like 2 years ago. Its been about 1 1/2 years since I've been doing Dan's juicing and eating program. I'm on and off with the 100% raw but I want to go 100% raw soon. Well since I've beenon it my lung has healed and my gout attacks have stopped! I went from 400 pounds to 250 pounds and I feel great. I owe it all to Dan for helping me change my life. I'm glad I found him. Who knows what would of become of me if I hadn't. Thank you Dan!

Mike Spietzack
Easy Haven, CT

“Within 3 months of starting I was completely symptom and medication free”

Every so often, someone appears, who exponentially improves the quality of your life. I'm lucky to have come across a couple of people who fall into that category in last 10 years. Dan McDonald is one. I am a sufferer of ulcerative colitis, having been diagnosed 3 years ago. Thankfully now though I'm medication and symptom free, healthy and love life. It'Il be no surprise to any sufferer that I have been very ill not only from the colitis itself but also from severe reactions to the medication I was prescribed by a Medical Specialist.

At times I didn't know where to turn to get the answers I needed to recover. There is no medical cure to UC. The prescribed medication including steroids can have a number of disadvantages: 1) They address symptoms not the causes of the illness 2) They reduce in effectiveness over time 3) They adversely affect the immune system and 4) You may have to rely on them indefinitely. This was not a viable way forward so I started looking for answers that the medical profession could not provide.

That's where I came across Dan, the liferegenerator on youtube. Who was this long haired, super healthy, vibrant dude and could he teach me anything to improve my condition? I was drawn in by his love for life, enthusiasm, wit and intelligence. The answer hit me immediately "GREEN JUICE", that's it. ALKALIZE, DETOXIFY, REST AND DE-STRESS. I bought a juicer and started the journey, drank pint after pint and continued watching Dan's videos for inspiration. After a few weeks I started feeling better and successfully started to wean myself off the steroids. Within 3 months of starting I was completely symptom and medication free. LEMON GINGER BLASTS rule.

Dan I owe you so much. You provided the answers that I couldn't find from anyone else. At this point I'd like to mention that a hero of mine has just been diagnosed with UC, a famous footballer (soccer player) called Darren Fletcher of Manchester United. I'm trying to communicate my experiences to Darren and wish him every success in his recovery. Be positive - you will overcome this Darren, have faith and believe. Love and best wishes to you Dan, you are the man!!!

Perth, Australia

“A clean and simple way of vitalizing my body and awakening the life force in me!”

Dear Dan, It was fantastic to be at your one day workshop at the Windsor Saladmaster Foodture today and share a lemon ginger blast with you! What a great celebration! Happy Birthday Dan! I have been so profoundly blessed by the life-regenerator videos and all that you have shared in the past year! It really was time to thank you in person and write up a testimonial on the major changes that have taken place in my life: Freedom from: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia Pain, and Addiction to Stimulants! Thank you Life-regenerator and fresh vital juices!

In just one year of watching your videos and learning to create daily juices I have been able to release the debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I had been struggling with for twenty years! The juices provided me with a clean and simple way of vitalizing my body and awakening the life force in me. The fibromyalgia pain changed quickly leaving me with pain free days and a new ability to build mobility and fitness this coming year! Dan, for 11 years I was dependant on over the counter stimulants to take me through the day and combat the fatigue I had. I was never able to get up in the morning and just be a free and energized person without stimulating substances to keep me going.

The juices, fruits and raw salads have given me the gift of freedom from stimulants and blessed me with pure vital energy each day. I am free Dan! It is so wonderful to wake up happy and grateful for my life force. Last fall I completed a 92 day juice feast and used your juicing videos to keep me blending simple nourishing green drinks! I also appreciated having a phone consultation with you during the first phase of my juice feast. The consultation as well as the videos helped address some of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of healing that were important in order to have success with healing. The words of encouragement made a difference to me and helped me stay with my program! As the juice feast went on I received so many blessings and benefits from it I barely remember what the detox symptoms were like! So much of what I used to struggle with just fell away!

Thank you Dan! You have helped me actually achieve the healing results I had been trying for- for years! I am happy and well today and setting my new health and fitness goals for this next year! Lots of Love and Gratitude to you

Ruthie Dreier
Santa Rosa, California

“I have been feeling amazing!”

Since I have started following your raw food program I have been feeling amazing! I have had the energy to run every morning for 20 minutes, which is unprecedented - usually I would get sick and tired and have muscle aches and catch a cold and have to stop after 4-5 days. On the raw foods I have no muscle pain at all, no aches no cramps absolutely nothing and I am on day 17. I am feeling stronger, fitter and healthier and my stomach is reducing and I have lost 7 pounds over the last 2 weeks! Totally amazing! Thanks for all your help and support.

Kingsley Hendrickse
London, England

“You always inspire me”

Dan, life since the free-treat has been up and down, however I always come back to a stable place when I feel a new lesson is learned and I keep doing what I need to do to keep moving along this infinitely loving path. You always inspire me and I feel that a lot of the things that you talk about in your videos are similar to what I'm going through. It's great to know that I'll always be "kicking my ass" and that this path will always stay rewarding at the same time. We need to stay as happy as possible and just keep passing this way on.

I look forward to meeting up again. Love & light, my friend!

Lisa Phillips

“My wife has been following along with me, and has also lost 85 lbs thus far.”

Dan McDonald is the liferegenerator on YouTube that I watch for inspiration to siphon into my soul his love and enthusiasm for eating a total diet of fresh fruit and vegetables. I started out heavier by 87 lbs on April 1st of 2010 with a BMI of 33, and at high risk for diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure, and I decidedly did not eat very many vegetables or fruit at that time. I started my quest to lose weight simply by tracking and counting my calories, of which I had some success during the first month. But soon I learned that if I wanted to really continue to lose weight successfully and maintain it, I would have to change my eating habits at a fundamental level, and go EXTREME in the sense that i needed to fundamentally bypass the SAD "standard American diet" of a significant number of people in North America, which consists of burgers, fries, soda, pizza, and a large amount of processed food [edible food-like substances] all of which contain a lot of hidden sugar, fat and salt and "enriched" refined flour. It's kind of strange that my new way of eating is considered extreme, rather than the normal sick and usual way of eating in the developed world, since most of the substances passed off as food in the supermarket will only result in obesity and the chronic diseases associated with obesity.

I have eaten this way for a long time, since I am currently 55 years of age, and I've loved this food since I was a teenager. I have made a fundamental change in 2010, although I still haven't reached the total change of Dan, but more and more, I am moving in the direction, since success breeds success. My wife has been following along with me, and has also lost 85 lbs thus far. Her doctor has been quite impressed with her progress, since they are about to do a complete knee replacement surgery next month, and she has greatly improve her prognosis as a result of her dramatic weight loss. She often tells me that a person needs to "embrace" a whole new idea of making the vegetables the meal, rather than just a small insignificant side dish as is the custom in North America in most cases.

Most people who have not lost a significant amount of weight cannot grasp the huge impact that it has on your life. You simply feel better 24 hours a day. It really is the fountain of youth. My posture has improved, my energy has improved, my mental outlook has improved, my flexibility has improved, my balance and agility and endurance has improved. When I walk around during the day, it sometimes feels like I'm not even in my own body it feels so wonderful. I can sleep soundly now without my sleep apnea, my colon works like the colon of a 5 year old kid, since the fiber is like gold. And my doctor told me to "take care of your colon, or it will take care of you", so I can relax in the knowledge that I'm taking very good care of it, and I've probably spared myself from the horrors of colon cancer that my Dad had suffered from for the last 2 years.

Embracing fruits and vegetables in a big way will yield HUGE changes in anyone's life, and will give them the absolute best possible outcome for their heath. I heartily recommend to anyone wanting to improve their health to tune into Dan McDonald the liferegenerator on youtube and see what the excitement is all about. His enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS.

Garry Burgess
Winnipeg, Canada

“Your videos pack more info than two semesters of nutrition classes at the local community college”

I am a 49 year old female, an RN for 12 years, and am trying desperately to get healthy the right way-through raw foods. I found you on YouTube a week ago and couldn't believe the knowledge that was coming out of 10, 15, 20 minute videos. In 2008 I broke my neck. The neck consists of 7 discs, 5 of mine were gone, nada, no more. They are not really sure if it was years of physical abuse earlier in my life, or if was working with bariatric patients in ICU (650+ lbs). Whatever the cause, my life was forever changed, some for good and some for not so good. I was in surgery for 10 hours then to ICU. I finally was discharged home with 5 plates/a stabilizer bar/40+ screws. I spent the next 5 months learning to walk, shower myself, go to the bathroom by my self. My life was a walker and tons of pain medication, muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety meds. I couldn't believe my life had changed so horribly from 16 days prior. Although I am a nurse, I have always believed the reasons we consume and push so many prescription drugs is because sickness makes money for a lot of people. I work full-time but to be able to do it, I'm on pain patches, and take pain pills for breakthrough pain. I hate pain pills more than I hate weight gain if you can believe that. So here is why I am writing. After the surgery I started receiving steroids and lots of them, actually more than the recommended dose. I weight shot up to 267 lbs and nothing was decreasing the pain. I felt isolated, I cried, I slept, etc.

In 10/2011, I began eating eating really healthy just to loose weight. I had no idea that food could actually decrease pain. By May 2011, I still had to wear my pain patch, not because of the pain, but because I was told there was no way in hell I could just stop wearing a Fentanyl 100mcg patch. The surgeons stated that I would begin having seizures if I just took it off, so I listened but never needed any pain pills-ever. They just sat in the drawer collecting dust and I felt GREAT! I ate tons of fruits and vegetables a long with chicken breasts because, well, I was told my whole life that to be healthy I needed meat protein. here is where I learned how important food is in being healthy and one within yourself. Life felt good, I was happy happy, and hardly ever had pain.

Then my daughter moved back to Phoenix with me, and within 2 weeks I was back to taking pain pills. The pain is hard to describe but its never just about the neck, its about my entire body and it feels like the flu. The minute she returned, my diet changed. We were back to "southern cooking", lots of meats, oils, breads, cakes, pastas. It was the weirdest thing watching and feeling what was happening to my body. Everyday my pain and fatigue just got progressively worse. The pain and fatigue didn't start off on day one, instead it was on day five when I was feeling horrible. I hurt, had no energy to take her anywhere, was barely able to pull my shifts, and was back to taking 5-10 pain pills a day.

Your videos pack more info than two semesters of nutrition classes at the local community college. You explained things with such forgiveness and without judgement, I just kept watching video after video that you had created. Then I researched the best juicer I could afford and settled on an Omega VRT350. I began juicing this morning. Let me say that I was raised in a children's home and before that in foster care. Neither place ever served more than green beans, corn, and mashed potatoes. We did occasionally get a small salad with loads of ranch dressing but this is all fairly new to me. Half the stuff I purchased last night, I could identify without the label, but I'm okay with that because I will learn them and understand them. Right now, I'm just juicing and waiting until the fogginess clears before I research each vegetables goodness.

I want what you have as far as your peacefulness and a body without pain. I want it more than anything and I thank you for all the videos but more than that, I thank you for the way you are able to communicate on a basic level with people who know even less than I do about true nutrition. I pray that maybe in a weak or two, my pain and subsequent sadness will be gone for good. Thanks for what you do and God bless you truly

Laurie Hilliard