Dan's Mission

Ever since living raw foods completely changed my world, I knew in my heart I had to bring the good news of fruits, vegetables, and love to everyone that would listen.

So with that, I have a simple 2-step mission plan to help keep me focused and help you understand why I do what I do. I really hope you'll join me in the mission to change lives all around the world!

The Mission


It's really that simple. When I get up in the morning, those two things are what I think about. Fruits, vegetables, and eating whole foods truly saved my life and I've never been more passionate about spreading this subject.


This is one of the biggest reasons I created RegenerateYourLife.org and made it so simple to use and understand. From my free videos, to understanding what tools and equipment to get like blenders, juicers, rebounders, etc. to make this lifestyle easy, I just want to make this doable for people all around the world.

Thank you so much for checking out this Mission page and it's my hope that you'll join me in helping to spread this important message!

Dan McDonald

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