What You'll Learn From This New Video...

  • Discover how a simple $1.00 book changed the course of Dan’s life forever by showing him “the truth” about how to eat.
  • Get the “raw food basics” made simple from a raw food expert who’s been living the raw food life for the past 10 years!
  • The important difference between “raw” food and living food. Dan will explain which one you should be eating and why.
  • The important ingredient in your food that is responsible for delivering the food’s nutrients to your body. Whatever you do, you want to make sure your food has this special ingredient.
  • How to make the transition to a raw food diet without going crazy. Discover how to make your transition smooth and simple.
  • 3 important tools you can use to keep your raw food journey interesting, exciting and tasting great!
  • Dan’s simple recommendation for getting started living the raw food way. Don’t worry, you don’t have to figure it out all at once.