Energy and Peak Performance

What You'll Learn From This New Video...

  • Hear Dan’s simple explanation for why you should really be drinking energy rich juices every chance you can get.
  • Need a great juicer recommendation from a juicing fanatic? Dan will help you choose the right juicer for you.
  • Boost the shelf-life of your juices by adding this special ingredient. (You probably have this in your kitchen right now.)
  • If you like spice, then you’re going to love Dan’s recipe for his Spicy Energy Drink. If you like it hot, you’ll get a kick out of this!
  • An apple a day won’t do much, but a few apples per day? Now you’re getting somewhere. If you’re into apple, then make sure you give Dan’s recipe for the “Grasshopper” a try in your kitchen. You’ll love it.
  • For a great detoxing energy juice, take a look at Dan’s special recipe for a 2 ingredient “Balance and Strength” juice. This is about as simple as it gets… and it tastes great!
  • Get awesome proven recipes from a 15 year juicing veteran that you can make fast.