The Key to a Lifetime of Health is Now Available At Your Fingertips

The Key to a Lifetime of Health is Now Available At Your Fingertips


Dan McDonald The Life RegeneratorYou know I’m not one to exaggerate. But what you’re about to discover on this page is truly something special.

In fact, I can confidently say that there’s nothing I’ve ever created for you that has as much life-giving power as my new Living Food Recipe Book and all the bonuses that make up the 30 Day Living Food Transformation Program.

I’ve taken the result of 14+ years of raw food research, learning, living and a ton of trial and error and put all of my best recipes into one place. It’s a beautiful recipe book (in downloadable electronic format) packed with over 230 of my best raw recipes.

Now you’ll never be without a treasure chest full of great tasting ideas for life-giving raw foods.

So let me give you a tour of the entire program…

Here's exactly what you get...

Get Dan's "Living Food" Recipe Book

Living Food Recipe Book

The "Living Food" Recipe Book

Over 230 Time-Tested, Flavor Perfected, “Dan the Man Approved” Raw Recipes!

The Living Food Recipe Book is an “instant access” downloadable guide packed with all of my best recipes. If you made one recipe per day, it would take you almost eight months before you got through the recipe book! Inside, you’ll find tons of recipes for juices, blended drinks, smoothies and yogurts, plus entrees, soups and pages and pages of amazing desserts!

I’m talking about things like the...

Lemon Ginger Blast, Liver Lover, Bright Eyes, Sweet Clean Green, Energy Rush, Acid Dissolver, Heal All Juice, Fog Lifter, Bladder Flush, Night Cap (DTM style!), Coconut Almond Yogurt, Chocolate Smoothie, Sesame Milk, Vanilla Milkshake, The Caramel Apple, Chocolate Strawberry Milk, Mung Bean and Parsley Salad, Tangy Cabbage and Carrot Salad, Kale Chip Salad, Spicy Thai Almond Rolls, Stroganoff, Butternut Curry Wraps, High Protein Veggie Burger, Vegan Scrambled Eggs, Guacamole with Zucchini Chips, DTM World Famous Raw Tacos, Stir Fried Rice, Savory Green Soup, Spicy Red Pepper Brazil Nut Soup, Zesty Corn Chowder Soup, Carrot Avocado Soup, Creamy Red Pepper Soup, Banana Pecan Ice Cream, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Covered Bananas, Apple Pie A La Mode, Apricot Walnut Ginger Balls, Mango Lassie, Coconut Date Balls, Apple Cobbler and much more!

The 30 Day Meal Planner

The 30 Day Meal Planner

The 30 Day Meal Planner

The 30 Day Meal Planner

If you’re tired of constantly asking yourself “What’s for dinner?” you’re going to love this. I’ve taken the recipes you find in the Living Food Recipe Book and planned a full 30 days of meals for you.

You won’t even have to think! Instead, you just look at the menu for the day and there you go, everything is already written out for you.

And don’t think there’s like one meal per day in there. We’re doing this the “Dan the Man” way… each day I lay out your whole plan with five different parts. It’s all done for you!

Listen, the time to be dreaming about food ISN’T when you’re hungry. You want to prepare before that, so you’re not caught off guard and choose things that don’t support great health.

That’s what the 30 Day Meal Planner can offer to you. It makes smart decisions for you so you can spend less time “thinking” and more time eating and living!

The Living Foods Shopping List

The Living Foods Shopping List

The Living Foods Shopping List

The Living Foods Shopping List

I’ve even taken it one step further. I’ve prepared a huge shopping list for you so you can begin to stock your home with all of the ingredients you need for raw food living.

Inside, you’ll also find my best recommendations for where to get some other raw food supplies like raw granola, coconut aminos, the best raw oils and even blenders, juicers, and water distillers.

We’re talking about your health here. And I don’t have to tell you how much time, effort, energy and money it takes if your health isn’t where you want it to be. Not only is it dangerous, it’s extremely expensive… on many levels.

So I’m proud to offer this entire transformation package to you for only $97.

And like everything I offer, you either love it, or you get your money back. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for 30 days.

The Excercise & Lifestyle Guide

Exercise and Lifestyle Guide
Exercise and Lifestyle Guid

The Excercise & Lifestyle Guide

While living foods give your body an enormous amount of benefit, there's one ingredient YOU can give your body yourself without even putting one piece of fruit or any vegetable in your mouth.

That ingredient is OXYGEN.

Make no mistake, oxygen is the key to a healthy life. Give your body and cells the oxygen they need to keep you healthy and you will prosper.

As part of the 30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program, you'll also receive an Exercise and Lifestyle manual that walks you through simple exercises and lifestyle "upgrades" you can use to prepare your body for the miraculous effects of living foods.

The better condition your body is in, the more effectively and efficiently it's able to use the resources hidden in the fruits and vegetables.

If you want health, this is a very important part of the recipe.

The Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide

30 days is not a lot of time to transform your life. But with the power of living foods and some smart decisions, it is MORE than possible.

To make your journey even simpler, the 30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program includes a "Quickstart Guide" to get you started off on the right foot. It will lay out the roadmap and make sure you are ready for what's to come.

By combining the power of living foods with simple movements and exercises that fill your body with oxygen, The 30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program will give you a solid foundation for living a level of health we all deserve.

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Download all the materials and start this journey. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with what you find inside the package, just contact us within 30 days for a no-hassle, no-questions-asked refund. This program is about your future health and happiness, so we are determined to have nothing but happy customers.


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Questions About the 30 Day Living Food Transformation Program

Q: How do I access to the program?

A: Once your order is complete, the program will be made available to you immediately. You will be able to download all the materials immediately once you login to the student section of the website.

Q: What kinds of recipes are in the Raw For Life Recipe Book?

A: Inside the Living Food Recipe Book, you’ll find over 230 of Dan’s great tasting recipes for things like juices, blended drinks, smoothies and yogurts, entrees, soups, and desserts!

Q: Do I really have to eat five meals per day like the 30 Day Meal Planner says?

A: The 30 Day Meal Planner is designed to take you through your day of eating the “Dan the Man” way. That means we start days with water, move to juice, then a smoothie, soup or fruit, then an entree or salad and finally more water. This approach provides enormous benefits for the body over time. Try it and you’ll see. You’ll love it!

Q: But what happens if I don’t like the program?

A: Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If you’re not 100% convinced your money was money well spent, just contact us within 30 days for a full refund of every penny paid.

I'm Ready To Get Started!

Raw for Life Cookbook

Yes, Dan! I'm ready to take my relationship with living foods to the next level. I'm ready to improve my health, add more zest to life and have your help on my journey! So send me the 30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program including the recipe book, the meal planner, the shopping list, the exercises and the quickstart guide.

I know that I'll have access to all of these resources immediately, via electronic download, once my order is complete. In addition, I understand that my satisfaction is protected for a full 30 days. On the basis of your promise, I'm ready to go!

Sale Price – $97

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To your health!

Dan McDonald