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Why I Am No Longer Vegan

My response to a question as to why I am being very clear about my dissociation from the vegan movement: Look at the way the vegan ‘leaders’ are treating people and how they have been treating people for years. Observe how they just constantly step on other people in order to make themselves look better and draw negative attention. I don’t hate vegans.

Presently I do not eat animal products except for bee pollen (one of the best foods for human beings) and theoretically could be considered a vegan and an asset to helping people to be strong, healthy and vibrant without animal products, but telling people with diabetes, obesity and other deep seated chronic disorders that all they need is fruit, white sugar and pasta and to refrain from practices like fasting, using herbs and vegetable juicing is a huge detriment to the those people and to the vegans who want to stay in the game and be healthy for the long term.

And just to be clear veganism is not the cure for cancer as it is purported but can be a healthful adjunct to a total lifestyle overhaul in these types of chronic cases.

85% of the people who are fanatical about veganism today will not be vegan or vegetarian in 5 years because once a persons health and energy begins to fade because they do not have a well balanced and intelligent approach they will go back to using animal products and feel better. It can be very difficult for human beings to make the switch from eating meat to going vegan.

My theory is that that the DNA gets used to it and making it through the chasm to a higher level or cellular refinement takes time and commitment. Vegans should be aware of this and be compassionate and supportive if they hope to make any sort of lasting change.

Fasting accelerates the ability of the cells to reproduce at a higher and more refined level.

At this time I believe a healthy balance of fats, carbohydrates, protein and minerals are important for long term health.

In my personal and professional experience I have found that about 80% of the people do not do well on a high sugar low mineral diet long term and need more fat and protein. Everyone needs more minerals to stay balanced, healthy and strong.

I just think the whole vegan movement has turned into a jerry springer, trailer trash, high school drama ego trip video response to a video response to a video response to a video response circus just to get clicks and there is absolutely no beneficial and intelligent education taking place anymore and there are two underlying reasons for this in my opinion.

One, overinflated narcissistic ego and competition to dominate, and number two, MONEY. (I am guilty of these things as well at a more subtle level and I am doing everything I can to be more unconditional, and service oriented with faith that God will take care of me and my family financially) The vegan so called ‘leaders’ are actually exploiting the animals and using the so called ‘movement’ for their own personal financial gain while bashing others for earning a living online promoting high quality products and services.

Now that is ironic. Vegans exploiting animals for their own financial gain. Think about it! I am waiting for an intelligent, compassionate, understanding and positive leader to rise up and bring some sanity to the vegan concept. It will not be me because ethical vegan ism is not my purpose here on earth. There needs to be a more sane and well rounded approach or the vast majority of people will not be able to relate and the vegan movement will continue to stay at less than 1% of the total population.

My purpose is to heal myself and help as many others to detoxify mentally, physically and spiritually from the negative effects of excessive accumulated toxemia and trauma which has been forced upon us since birth. The relinquishment of excessive low quality, cooked, pesticide filled and hormone laden animal products is part of that intention. My personal priority is the human animals.

I am focused on being the best I can, learning as much as possible and setting a good example with my life. If you can get the humans healthy, happy and filled with love, all these other things will take care of themselves with out a movement of any kind. I propose a love movement. That always solves everything.

I am far from perfect and do not have all the answers, but criticizing people and spreading hatred to bring attention to the vegan ism concept is in the long term unsustainable at best and downright insulting at worst to the intelligent people who do not take animal products for health and spiritual reasons and I am glad to say I want no part of the present day so called ‘ethical vegan movement’ and disassociated myself from it long ago.

You cannot solve violence against animals by being violent towards the humans. IF YOU DO NOT WANT WAR, YOU MUST PROMOTE PEACE! Read that again. You cannot solve one type of violence with another type of violence. No one will have any eyes or teeth left.

Dropping a bomb on another country will only piss them off and create more war. My point is that you cannot hate people into adopting a vegan diet. The present day vegan movement does not want peace because peace is boring and does not sell. Peace makes a lot of sense, but does not make a lot of dollars.

This is true in many areas of human life like vegan movements, war movements, labor movements, health care movements, anti drug movements etc. Right now a vast majority of people in industrialized consumer societies feel spiritually empty and one of the ways we avoid our feelings of emptiness is to create and participate in drama, pointing our fingers at others so we don’t have to look at ourselves and our own shortcomings, dysfunction and fears. If you REALLY want to make a difference in this world then spend your time refining and perfecting yourself.

If you want to bring attention to the vegan diet and lifestyle then silently shine your light so bright that others are magnetically drawn to the peace, love and radiant health you exude. Let them come to you to ask questions with a desire to learn. Don’t you love it when unhappy people try to cram their religious beliefs down your throat? Pale, sickly, excessively thin, nutrient deficient and angry vegans eating huge plates of vegan slop are not going to attract positive energy to your vegan ideal.

If you want to learn how to eat vegan properly watch fully raw Kristina. She is the real deal. If you are an ethical vegan you must understand your personal responsibility to maintain a high level of health. This may include some supplementation, juicing, detoxification and fitness training and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to continue to evolve and better yourself. Including admitting that your approach can always use some refinement.

Remember, cooked carbs are a transition food. Do not get stuck on the cooked foods. They will hold you back in the long run. 15 years of being in the raw vegan game and I will tell you my observation is that raw vegans always look better and vibrate a cleaner clearer energy than cooked vegans.

That is my honest personal as unbiased as possible observation. All living organisms eat 100% raw living natural foods for the entire duration of this planets existence. We are designed to consume living food just like all the other animals. One bite of cooked food affects the quality of my blood and gets me right back to hooked on cooked. For me cooked food is like a drug.

Not that you asked but my advice would be to keep your personal vision and goals set to the highest possible standard and never compromise. I never had a backup plan because for me failure to reach my goals was simply not an option. Just keep making mistakes, correcting your errors, dealing with your addictions. Fail your way to success! My goal was and is radiant health on a 100% plant based raw/living foods diet and I have achieved that and I am healthier and more energetic right now than at any other time in my life.

It took a lot of time, education, trial and error and a willingness to change my approach if necessary. It took me 12 1/2 years to become a balanced 100% raw food eater. I eat a balance of carbs, proteins and fats. I use herbs, mineral supplements and super foods to keep my testosterone sky high and my hair, skin and teeth healthy and youthful. If you fall short of your goals, which you will daily, if they are set high enough to challenge you and your perceived limitations just hit the reset button, clarify your intention, keep your head up and keep breaking through the walls set up by social programming.

If you really want to be animated, bright, clear, powerful and radiant, eat as much of your food local, fresh, raw and unheated in simple combinations filled with the living water, enzymes, fiber and bioluminescent energy (yes that is a real word, look it up).

As an aside and for what it’s worth, it seems Freelee does seem to be making some progress as it relates to her consciousness and approach, but as for durian rider, vegan gains and a few other lesser know vegan ‘advocates’ It is just becoming increasingly obvious that for every person you convince to go vegan you turn 10 people off to it with the foul language and hyper critical judgment of people who are doing the best they can.

That was my very first experience 6 years ago when I saw my first video of Harley’s bashing Matt monarch and I said to myself after 9 years of raw vegan “I want nothing to do with this raw vegan movement” and I made a video the next day stating such and since then after 6 years have passed not one single iota of evolution in this so called ‘vegan movement’ has taken place. Still bashing people, throwing them under the bus and creating drama and division to make a couple bucks under the guise of caring about animals.

This my friends is sad and honestly quite pathetic. Compassion or any other divine quality is not selective. You have either adopted compassion as a lifestyle and a foundation upon which you stand and act upon in all areas of your life which includes animals AND human beings. Those of us with the eye for it will see right through compartmentalized compassion for financial gain and a desire to feel superior and we will not be moved in a positive direction and you will lose our support.

Please contemplate what you just read here and respond with your emotions AND intelligence and try to stay balanced, sane, rational and express your views respectfully. I love it when people who have a different opinion than I do present their views with love, kindness, intelligence and respect for our differences in perception. I love to learn and would love to learn by reading intelligent comments below. Thank you.

My dearest peacekeepers you may never receive accolades from this world and you may never receive worldly rewards but your reward of contentment and ease and a fullness of spirit shall be yours in the silent hours of your praiseworthy life. Thank you for your inner unseen works that you do without a desire for worldly compensation. You are greater than I and I see and feel the light of your spirit and I appreciate you with all my heart.

You give me strength to do my job and to speak of the things of which you are too wise or spiritually advanced to get involved with. You inspire me to continue to share via video, Facebook and email even though many times I have felt too sensitive for this work and not strong enough or worthy enough or smart enough or experienced enough to be a messenger of truth and the knowledge of the healing of bodies, minds and spirits, but your encouragement and support during my darkest hours of self doubt and discouragement has at times been the light at the end of a very long personal tunnel.

I push through deep pain and scars daily. I’m an old soldier. I’m beat up inside. I’m war torn and battle scarred and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, but I have faith, unshakable, unbreakable faith, not necessarily in my small conditioned ego self, or even in the human race, but in the Eternal and Infinite Self as the source of life which resides in us all including the plants, animals, human beings, the planet and the entire universe. Thank you. May we all be a blessing to one another.

May God forgive me for my errors in judgment and perception and may I forgive myself for believing it was possible to be violated or offended at anytime by anyone. This of course at the highest levels of Truth is impossible, but at last I am only human. I am a mixed bag of anger and love, sadness and joy, fear and courage, ignorance and genius and daily I experience a little bit of pleasure and a little bit of pain, but most of the time things are just neutral.

My ultimate goal is to make Peace with myself. Not the temporary peace that comes when conditions are favorable, but the lasting Eternal Peace that transcends logical understanding. Perhaps this post was a step in that direction.

God bless you. Amen

Dan McDonald
Dan McDonald