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Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer Extractor - Dan's Top Pick!
  • The Green Star Juicer Elite is not only capable of juicing delicious and healthy fresh squeezed juices, but it is equally beautiful in your kitchen! With this new Elite style!
  • No more screw knobs! You simply fasten the twin gear housing using a latch. This simplifies the cleaning!
  • A drip tray is also included to keep drips from your countertop.
  • Minimum amount of oxygen introduced, thus delaying oxidation
  • Standard Accessories Include: Juicing Knob, Breadstick Knob, Fine, Course, Breadstick & Homogenizing Screens, Twin Gears, Twin Gear Housing, Safety Tray Lid, Outlet Casing, Drip Tray, Juice Pitcher, Plastic & Wooden Plungers, Strainer, Flat & Standard Cleaning Brushes, Power Cord, Main Body and Safety Hood.