What You'll Learn From This New Video...

  • Hear Dan talk about his 2 favorite “can’t do without” kitchen tools and why they are musts in his raw food kitchen.
  • A special kind of juicer you can use that’s AWESOME for juicing leafy greens.
  • This low-tech tool can be used to make juice in your blender when you don’t want to buy a high priced juicer.
  • Watch as Dan walks you through a very powerful tool (you might already have it) that makes preparing raw food in large quantities easy!
  • Get Dan’s top recommendations for juicers. You can use just about any juicer, but you’ll discover Dan’s favorites after 10+ years of juicing.
  • Get simple kitchen tricks including the easy way to open a coconut. (Dan discovered this one during his 14 day coconut fast.)
  • Plus a lot moreā€¦ including a great way to start to wean yourself off of dairy. It’s easy to make and kids love it too!