Here's just a few things you'll learn on this new video...

  • Losing weight was not meant to be difficult. With Dan’s recommendations, you can change your body and get healthy without the effort!
  • How to “shut off” your hunger mechanism the right way, so you’re not hungry all the time. It doesn’t take a special diet or medication, it just takes the right knowledge.
  • Discover the basic fruits and vegetables that will serve as the foundation for your simple and powerful weight loss program.
  • A smart way to eat fruit at meals and still walk away satisfied.
  • A well known food you can use to help clean out all of the excess “junk” that’s collected in your body over the years (this is a big contributor to weight gain).
  • You’ll hear about what is really one of the greatest green vegetables you can eat to help drop the pounds. According to Dan, this is a must have for losing weight.
  • Get proven meal recommendations and recipes to help you lose weight with foods that taste great. You can do this!