What the Weight Loss and Fad Diet Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

With This Knowledge, You Can Stop Counting Calories, Stop "Dieting" and Actually Start Losing Weight By Eating As Much As You Want

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Here's just a few things you'll learn on this new video...

  • Losing weight was not meant to be difficult. With Dan’s recommendations, you can change your body and get healthy without the effort!
  • How to “shut off” your hunger mechanism the right way, so you’re not hungry all the time. It doesn’t take a special diet or medication, it just takes the right knowledge.
  • Discover the basic fruits and vegetables that will serve as the foundation for your simple and powerful weight loss program.
  • A smart way to eat fruit at meals and still walk away satisfied.
  • A well known food you can use to help clean out all of the excess “junk” that’s collected in your body over the years (this is a big contributor to weight gain).
  • You’ll hear about what is really one of the greatest green vegetables you can eat to help drop the pounds. According to Dan, this is a must have for losing weight.
  • Get proven meal recommendations and recipes to help you lose weight with foods that taste great. You can do this!

Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald

"The Life Regenerator"