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Over the years, I’ve made a LOT of juice. Not any ordinary juice, mind you… I’m talking about powerful, life giving juice that tastes great. It’s juice that will help your body heal itself to a brand new level of health.

If there’s one thing I’ve spent more time doing over the last bunch of years, it’s putting fruits, vegetables and love through a juicer! And if you’re looking to feel more alive than you’ve ever felt, JUICING is the way to go!

I’ve been on a mission for years to share what I know with people like you all over the world. And I’m taking a huge step forward on that mission right now because I've collected all of my best juicing secrets and put them into one place!

I’m super excited to tell you about what I’ve created. It’s called the Juicing Mastery program.

In just 3 hours, I transfer my years of experience juicing to you in an effort to turn you into a true Juice Master.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover:

  • The important steps you want to take BEFORE you start jumping into juice. It’s easy to get started, but I’ll give you some tips to make sure you stick with your new commitment to health.
  • You'll get my answer to blending vs. juicing. They are different and they’re used for different things. I'll give you my answer for the never ending debate between the two.
  • How to keep juicing simple.  A LOT of people over complicate this and really make their body do some hard work to digest the juice. Don’t do this! Keep it simple. I’ll show you how to keep your juicing healing and nourishing.
  • What happens when you start juicing and start experiencing detox symptoms like a runny nose, or a fever or headache? I’ll tell you what’s going on and what you can do about it to keep moving forward.
  • The secret that allowed me to finally go 100% raw. If you know this before you start juicing, you’re going to maximize your chances of sticking with it, feeling great and actually enjoying your life!
  • You’ll hear my complete rundown on the biggest secret to getting healthy: the daily juicing habit. This alone will change your life forever! I’ll give you all the details.
  • The 3 part recipe to use juicing for quick fat loss—it’s a recipe you can actually stick with.
  • A close look at juicing and spirituality. Yes, juicing will make your body healthy, but that’s just the beginning. We’re going to go deeper and talk about the benefits of juice and how it can lead to a greater mental clarity and presence in LIFE.
  • The difference between juice fasting and juice feasting. There’s a purpose for both and I’ll make sure you know what’s what.
  • A simple 3 ingredient cleansing tonic that can help flush your system the easy way.
  • Plus you’ll get over 35 juice recipes to make that taste great! These are recipes I’ve perfected and they’re awesome! Everything from fruit punch, to detoxing juices, weight loss juices, a juice to deal with heartburn—even one for bodybuilding!

The best part about the juices is that they will meet you exactly where you’re at and take you farther than you probably think you can go on the road to a new healthier YOU.

I don’t care if you’re 100 pounds overweight and haven’t gotten up off the couch in months… making LIVING juice a part of your daily life will create transformation you will not believe!

Even if you’re on the upper end of optimal health already, I KNOW I have juices that can take you even farther. This isn’t just about physical health, by the way. Juicing will take care of that, but it goes MUCH deeper. Because eventually, these juices are going to completely transform the way you go through your life.

If you think you feel alive now, you just wait until after Juicing Mastery! I can’t wait to welcome YOU as the next Juicing Master!

Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald

"The Life Regenerator"