What You'll Learn From This New Video...

  • The super important organ in your body that you must keep clean if you're looking for skin that radiates health.
  • The little fruit that pulls toxins out of your body and tightens up your cells. (You need to know how this works so you can make smart decisions for you and your skin.)
  • This vegetable is one of the most alkalizing plants on the planet… even after you steam it. Eat as much of this one as you can!
  • The big reason Dan doesn’t recommend using sun screen (at all). Just make sure you eat plenty of _____________.
  • Get Dan’s super yummy recipe for getting leafy green vegetables into your diet so that you actually enjoy it.
  • Discover Dan’s “cellulite melter” recipe. This powerful concoction penetrates the acids caught in your body (which create cellulite) and helps you look great.
  • A great tasting recipe you can use to flush your kidneys, keep your body clean and your skin looking great.