What You'll Learn From This New Video...

  • The great tasting, healing and cleansing tonic you can make with only 2 ingredients for $5.
  • Get Dan’s best recommendation for the juicer that only takes about 5 minutes to useā€¦ including clean-up!
  • With this 3 ingredient juice recipe, even the most budget conscious person can begin the detox and regeneration process.
  • What you need to know about the detox process and some of the changes (for the better) that you’ll experience. Dan breaks it down into super simple language anyone can understand.
  • With this great tasting mixture of grapefruit, parsley and ginger, you’ll have a tried and true recipe that you and your body will love!
  • You’ll get Dan’s over the top good Lemon Ginger Blast recipe. It’s so good it’s one of his staple breakfast drinks!
  • Get a full 90 minutes of green juice recipes that will help you detox and feel alive again!