Food as Medicine Volume II: Secrets of Conscious Eating

Elevate Your Mind, Body and Spirit to a New Level of Awareness Using the Medicine of Food

You Can Heal Yourself, You Can Ditch the Meds, You Can Feel Better, Healthier and More Alive with FOOD!

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Heal YOURSELF With the Power of Conscious Eating

I’m so excited to be back with Volume II of the Food as Medicine series.

What exactly IS conscious eating?

Conscious eating is eating with purpose. It’s eating with the understanding and awareness that food isn’t just meant to keep you alive, it’s here to help you thrive.

But you have to do your part. You have to learn, you have to develop awareness, you have to get clear on the philosophy (yes, this is important!) behind the foods and you have to get the knowledge of how to use living foods to your advantage.

During my journey with living foods, I’ve seen a long list of “miracles” happen with people. I’m not the miracle worker, by the way, your body is! Food and the understanding OF food provide the fuel that powers the entire amazing process. It’s magic to watch and a reason to be extremely grateful.

I’ve watched people return to health through the power of living foods. I’ve watched as they said “Goodbye!” to their prescription medications. I’ve watched as vibrancy and LIFE returned to their cells.

The system would tell you all of this is silly. The system would send you to the “doctor” for overpriced and potentially harmful drugs that might only create more challenges for your health.


I know there’s a better way:

Be Your Own Healer

You can become your own healer. You give the body what it needs and the body takes it from there.

And that brings me to the topic of conscious eating. That’s the most direct route to health. Conscious eating is part art, part science, but the good news is…every step of the journey tastes great!

Conscious eating means you have the understanding of the WHY behind the choices you make with foods. And it means you have developed the facility to use the right equipment for the right reasons, for the right foods, for the right purpose.

This is not about right and wrong though. It’s simply about maximizing the health benefits of the foods you eat.

And that’s the focus of what I feel is some of my best work ever in the world of living foods and health:

Food As Medicine Volume II:
The Secrets of Conscious Eating

There is a lot to cover, so this volume is NOT short. The introduction alone is two hours long, full of my thinking about how to apply conscious eating to your living foods journey. My mission is to show you how to use the power of food to maximize your health in the minimum amount of time.

Attaining radiant health is a marathon, not a sprint, but that doesn’t mean it has to take forever.

In this second volume of the Food as Medicine series, I’m not just giving you a bunch of recipes. I’m also digging into the philosophy and meaning behind the foods. And I’m walking you through all of the equipment you need to make this journey practical and enjoyable.

This volume is about elevating your consciousness when it comes to food, feeding and fasting and showing you how to use all of the tools at your disposal for radiant health.

I walk through a few recipes using each piece of equipment so you can see just how versatile these tools can be. The goal here is to help you develop the ability to break free from “following the rules,” and get you on the path to becoming your own health expert when it comes to living foods.

Over time, with study, focus and practice, you WILL become your own healer.

Knowledge Isn’t Power,
Knowledge is LIFE!

My promise to you is that this volume will be filled with life-changing and life-saving information about how to apply the conscious eating philosophy to your life. It will download my YEARS of study into your world and save you from repeating the long list of mistakes I’ve made.

While you’re going to learn a lot by watching Secrets of Conscious Eating, that’s only a small benefit compared to how you are going to FEEL.

In our crazy world, walking the living foods path can often make you feel like an outsider. You’re not, but I’ll admit that most people out there just aren’t interested. They’re too brainwashed by the system to allow their minds to accept that HEALTHY is how you are designed to be!

By the end of Secrets of Conscious Eating, you will be more inspired and empowered to live HEALTH than you’ve ever been. I truly mean that. I hope you will be able to feel the love and absolute commitment I’ve captured in this volume all focused on helping you add even more health to your life.

I’m excited to see how your future transforms when you put the power of conscious eating to work for you!


Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald

"The Life Regenerator"