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In Just 21 Days, I Can Help You "Break Free" From the Foods That Make You Sick!

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The 3 Phase Detox Mastery Program is a "Perfect Fit" For Beginner, Intermediate and Even Advanced Raw Food Lovers! Here's What You'll Learn...

In just 21 days, I’m going to help you break free from the “normal” foods that are wreaking havoc in your bloodstream, brain and body. I want to show you how to discover a whole new level of health!

In the new Detox Mastery Program, I step you through my proven 3-phase system for jumpstarting your body’s built in ability to heal itself.

How do I know it works? Because I’ve tested it on myself! In fact, it’s so powerful that I’ve adopted this as my daily lifestyle!

But don’t think you have to do anything crazy. The program is designed to meet you exactly where you’re at and start your journey from there.

The good news is that Detox Mastery is not just about detoxing your body. This program also helps you to clear out your heart, mind and spirit. Health is the greatest wealth and I want to prove it to you!

Also included with this 3 DVD set is a “paint by number” illustrated Quick Start Booklet that breaks down the entire program and makes it super simple.

If you’re the type of person that wants a rulebook with 40,000 different things to do, this isn’t for you! Detox Mastery makes the process of cleaning out your body simple and doable for ANYONE — even if you’re brand new to raw foods!

And don’t think you’re going to go hungry while you’re detoxing either. Detox Mastery is designed to keep you energized, hydrated, mineralized and satisfied.

Here are just a few of the things revealed in Detox Mastery:

  • You’ll get 3 levels of the program so it’s just right for you no matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced raw food lover.
  • How to get your body into a “detox rhythm” that helps to flush out the garbage. You’ll get stepped through each part of the process.
  • The single biggest MISSING ingredient in most people’s lives that isn’t even a food! The best part is, this ingredient can transform your life and it’s 100% Free!
  • Get the real scoop on each of the foods in the program and the benefits that come from each food. Understanding this is STEP ONE to putting yourself in charge of your own health. This knowledge is true power.
  • The 3 primary juices (you’ll get the ingredients) you should be drinking as the foundation of your detox transformation.
  • How to remove the waste that can help you relieve or avoid the pain and suffering that most people have to endure.
  • A natural substance you can add to the program that delivers more protein in 1 tablespoon than there is in an entire steak! And its “youthing” factors are simply amazing.

know how powerful this program is because I’ve gone through the whole thing myself!
And it’s hard to put into words the amount of clarity and energy I feel because of it.

This is fruits, vegetables and love at its best baby!

Today is the day for you to take control and open the door to a life of energy, radiance and health that comes from the power of raw foods.

You can do this! You are worth it!

Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald

"The Life Regenerator"