Give Me 90 Minutes And I Can Make You A Raw Food Chef

Your Food Will Taste Great Because I'm Going to Give You Some of My Best Recipes!

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What You'll Learn From This New Video...

  • Get Dan’s great tasting recipe for coconut almond yogurt. This is an excellent recipe for athletes and helps keep you energized, stable and balanced. (You’ll also hear about Dan’s private source for getting real live almonds, which you definitely want to have.)
  • One of the simplest (and best tasting) raw food recipes you will find… ever. The best part is, you can make the entire dish in about 2 minutes—really. 
  • If you’re looking for raw food that tastes great, you’ll definitely want to see Dan’s proven recipe (it’s probably his most used) for Lemon Tahini Dill Dip with Veggies. It’s a must have!
  • If you like tacos you will absolutely LOVE Dan’s “World Famous” recipe for raw tacos. If he’s in a pinch and needs to impress someone who doesn’t eat raw, this is his go-to recipe.
  • You’ll love this recipe Dan created for a cooking contest in New York. His butternut squash spaghetti will blow you away just like it did the owner of the restaurant where the contest was held.
  • Traditional salsa and guacamole are usually raw, but Dan kicks it up to an entirely new level with his own secret recipe for these two popular dishes.
  • If you like sweet, you won’t believe how good Dan’s recipe is for a kicked-up snack involving mango. You don’t want to miss this.

Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald

"The Life Regenerator"