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Normal Price: $499.95

Sale Price: $197

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Here's What You'll Get

1. All 17 Of Dan's Online Classes ($663 Value)

Dan McDonald Lifetime Classes

Packed with tons of great-tasting, life-giving raw recipes, Dan’s library of online classes is full of what you need to live the raw lifestyle. From smoothies to snacks to dinner entrees, you’ll get a long list of proven recipes plus hours of insight into raw living from someone who’s been doing it a long time.

All Products Are Digital and You'll Have Instant Access!

Here Are ALL The Online Classes You'll Get...

  • Detox Mastery
  • Juicing Mastery
  • Transitioning to Raw
  • Blending Mastery
  • Warm On Raw
  • Dan's Favorite Raw Recipes
  • Lose One Pound A Day The Healthy Way
  • Go Raw Stay Raw
  • Green Juice Recipes for Detox & Regeneration
  • Raw Kitchen Essentials
  • Gourmet Raw Vegan Party Foods
  • Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipes for Energy and Weight Loss
  • Juicing For Energy & Peak Performance
  • Life Saving Salads & Dressings
  • Green Juice Recipes for Radiant Health & Beautiful Skin
  • Food As Medicine: Volume 1 (Dressings, Dips, and Sauces For Healing)
  • Food As Medicine: Volume 2 (Secrets of Conscious Eating)

2. 30-Day Living Foods Transformation Program ($97 Value)

30 Day Transformation

This normally sells for $97 and sells every day at that price. But as part of the special "Lifetime of Work" package, you're getting it included! You'll get the The "Living Food" Recipe Book, the 30 Day Meal Planner, the Living Foods Shopping List, the Excercise & Lifestyle Guide, and the Quickstart Guide.

All Products Are Digital and You'll Have Instant Access!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll get....

  • You’ll find over 230 of Dan’s great tasting recipes for things like juices, blended drinks, smoothies and yogurts, entrees, soups, and desserts!
  • The 30 Day Meal Planner is designed to take you through your day of eating the “Dan the Man” way. That means we start days with water, move to juice, then a smoothie, soup or fruit, then an entree or salad and finally more water. This approach provides enormous benefits for the body over time. Try it and you’ll see. You’ll love it!
  • You’ll find Dan's best recommendations for where to get some other raw food supplies like raw granola, coconut aminos, the best raw oils and even blenders, juicers, and water distillers.
  • And a ton more!

3. Over $500.00 Worth of Never-Seen-Before Videos!

Lifetime Bonus Videos

NEVER before seen and never offered to the public, you will get exclusive access to 9 bonus videos that are ONLY included in this special package. These will never be sold or distributed outside of this offer.

All Products Are Digital and You'll Have Instant Access!

Here are the titles of the 9 videos you'll get when you order...

  • Dan's Private House Tour (55 Minutes)
  • Durianrider and Marsha Drama (33 Minutes)
  • Too Far Down Rabbit Hole With Stephanie Seneff (45 Minutes)
  • How To Heal Anything (1 Hour)
  • Fat White Men & The Conspiracy To Take You Out (33 Minutes)
  • Dan Cuttin' Loose! (13 Minutes)
  • Controversial Dakota, Tavis, Dan Video (33 Minutes)
  • Chemtrail Detox Recipe (25 Minutes)
  • Bonus Live Chat (45 Minutes)

4. Dan’s “RAWdio” Goldmine ($77 Value)

Rawdio Goldmine

Get an Audio Treasure Chest Filled With Over 50 Hours of Vintage DTM Talking About Fruits, Vegetables and Love - Put the Advice From Dan’s Most Valuable YouTube® Videos in the Palm of Your Hand!

All Products Are Digital and You'll Have Instant Access!

Here are just a FEW of things you’ll discover...

  • How to eliminate auto immune disorders with fresh juices and exercise and lose weight and detoxify with medicinal herbs.
  • How to get rid of congestion and mucus with a simple green juice recipe.
  • Tons of raw living success stories that will keep you focused, empowered and inspired to move forward on your own raw foods journey.
  • How to be 100% raw… all year round! And how to break the food addictions that might be standing in your way.
  • Plus you’ll get access to a TON of the recipes I’ve revealed in my videos including Coconut Almond Avocado & Basil Dressing, Coconut Almond Yogurt, Banana Mango Pudding, Black Bean And Corn Tostada Wraps, Raw Vegan Sushi With Orange Miso Sauce, Tangy Corn Relish and more!
  • And a TON more!

5. The Sedona Chronicles ($149 Value)

Sedona Chronicles

This video alone is worth the entire price of admission alone. You’ll get a front row seat as Dan sits down with Lou Corona and talk with him about his life-changing “4 Principles.”

Lou has helped hundreds of thousands of people get healthy with these Principles, and he’ll take you through each one of them in these videos.

Just make yourself a promise. When you get this knowledge, promise yourself that you’re actually going to put it into practice because if you do, it will completely transform your life!

All Products Are Digital and You'll Have Instant Access!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover....

  • How to connect your mind with your body and why this connection is so necessary to achieve optimal health. (This might sound complicated, but it’s not. In fact, you already know how to do this at some level!)
  • How to become aware of the electrical energy in the air that you breathe. Plus, hear Lou reveal a simple exercise you should do every day to help energize your body.
  • What “cellular exercise” is and why you should be doing it.
  • And a ton more!

6. The Lost “Insider’s Club” Archives ($349 Value)

Insiders Club
  • Get more than 60 videos from Dan’s old Insider’s Club.
  • Get more than 100 hours of footage that will change your life! These videos can be accessed ONLY through this package.

7. Dan’s Private “Treasure Chest” Video Stash ($279 Value)

Dan McDonald Treasure Chest

Dan’s Treasure Chest is packed with more than 100 videos that were only made available once for a short period. Now, as part of my Lifetime of Work Special, we are making this available once more.

Think you’re getting the same old, boring health videos? Think again. There’s something for everyone.

All Products Are Digital and You'll Have Instant Access!

Here are just a few of the healthy lifestyle categories Dan offers:

  • Funny
  • General Health
  • Juicing
  • Recipes
  • Spiritual
  • Outtakes
  • And more!
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8. Dan’s 4-Part Video Collection on Healing Juices! Get the Inside Scoop on Dan’s 4 Favorite Healing Juices ($49 Value)

Healing Juices

You’ll get four of Dan’s best recipes for juices for pain reliefweight losshigh energy, and detoxification. If you’re committed to living a life of health, then understanding the benefits of these juices is a must-have. This video series will help you achieve your goals.

In this series, Dan reveals….

  • The recipe for Dan’s “everything drink,” with far too many healing properties to list here! It’s the energy-givingbody-cleansingbody-alkalizingtoxin-flushinganti-fungal healing juice. And it tastes great!
  • A super simple (and great tasting) recipe for a detox juice that can help flush the toxins out of your body. This is also a great recipe for anyone who is interested in building muscle.
  • An amazing healing herb that can provide powerful relief for anyone with acid reflux or an acidic stomach.
  • And so much more!
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9. Melt the Fat and Clear the Way for Your Body to Heal Itself with THREE of Dan's Best-Selling Audio Programs ($79 Value)

Dan McDonald Best Selling Audio

There’s something special about the audio programs. Load these audios on your mp3 player and take them everywhere. As you listen, the ideas imprint deep into your subconscious and STAY there. This is how you form new habits and new behaviors.

This isn’t about willpower, folks. This is about installing a new program for a healthier you!

You’ll get these three powerful audio programs:

Fast, Easy, Permanent Weight Loss

In less than 59 minutes, Dan will take you where no mainstream weight loss program would ever dare to go. In this audio program, Dan will share with you the true secrets to permanent weight loss without frustration or deprivation. Not only that, but he’ll show you how to drop pounds and become a better version of yourself at the same time!

Get Healthy Now!

Get the 60-minute audio program that walks you through Dan’s 4 Pillars of Optimal Health. More than that – it helps you create a customized roadmap for you to follow every day for optimal health. While I love talking about fruits, vegetables, and love, I’m really excited about showing you how they fit into your overall picture of health! This program is designed to listen to several times so that you can work the ideas deep into your being and your life. The best part is, if you follow along and take action, you’re going to end up with a daily practice that is perfectly suited to you and your situation.

Instant Energy

If you want more energy and you want it NOW, then this audio program is for you. If you struggle with low energy or are hooked on coffee or other stimulants, pay attention. Inside this audio program you’ll discover the inspiration and knowledge you need to live a NATURAL, healthy, ENERGETIC lifestyle that you can sustain over the long term.

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10. DTM Unscripted 2-Hour Live Chat ($99 Value)

Live Chat

Dan sat down LIVE in front of a camera and worked through a ton of questions about health and raw living. If you’re allergic to the truth and are more interested in hearing what you want to hear instead of hearing what you need to hear, then this recording is not for you! But for everyone else who wants the raw truth about living healthy, the Q&A session is packed with valuable information you can put to use right away.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Why disease is actually a gift that shows you the way to something you need to discover. You don’t fight it. You learn from it and grow!
  • How your deeply-held opinions could be eating you up from the inside out. Dan will walk you through how to deal with the damage and what you can do about it. This has nothing to do with food and everything to do with health!
  • Should you eat fruits and vegetables that aren’t organic? You might be surprised to hear that Dan does eat non-organic fruit. You’ll definitely want to hear why.
  • And much, much more!
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11. 7-Day Reboot ($69 Value)

7-Day Reboot

This is one of Dan’s most important products. Why? Because you know it’s hard to deal with the cravings…. The detox headaches aren’t fun, either…. And really, it’s a tough sell to take someone’s cheeseburger dinner and swap it out for a big, juicy watermelon. Especially at the beginning.

But I’ve created something that can actually make the transition FUN, filling, and great-tasting! It’s funny that it’s taken me so long to figure out the puzzle, but I’ve done it and I want to share it with you!

And now, with the 7-Day Reboot, I’ve created something that can take anyone from where they’re at now and walk them towards the raw food lifestyle and LOVE IT.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover....

  • The secret of cultured foods. As you know, I’m BIG into raw fruits and vegetables. But not everyone is interested in just eating a watermelon for dinner. And frankly, making the switch from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to just fresh fruits and vegetables is not for everyone. But add in the use of cultured foods and a whole new world opens up – a world where you can give your body what it needs and STILL feel satisfied.
  • All the recipes you need for the entire 7 days. You get my best recipes for smoothies and salads. I LOVE to “cook,” so I don’t hold anything back.
  • Why this 7-day program can be custom fit for everyone. How can I be sure? Because with the power of raw foods, nuts, seeds, and cultured foods, you can stabilize and balance your body in just the right way for you.
  • How to get rid of your cravings for the foods that keep you from real health. This isn’t about suffering through your cravings for a piece of pizza. I’ll tell you how to show your cravings the door right now and get rid of them in the most effective way.
  • How to work in enzymes and probiotics to supercharge the effects of the raw foods, nuts, and seeds. (These are amazing!)
  • Why optimal health is not just about getting the right foods. Unless your body can actually USE those foods, they are worthless. I’ll show you how to use certain foods to boost your digestion so your body gets what it needs.
  • You’ll get my time-tested (and favorite) dressings that have been perfected over the years, including the dressing that I could literally eat every day for the rest of my life! (I am not kidding.)
  • The simple three-part “cellular activation” routine you use to start each day off the DTM way!
  • You also get a step-by-step walkthrough of the Lemon Ginger Blast. All it takes is the right amount of mint, the right amount of habanero, and the right amount of herbs. When you get it right, it’s SPECTACULAR!

There’s more! I’ll show you what to do every single step of every day of the full 7 days.

The best part? The 7-Day Reboot will get you on the path to health and still keep yourself completely satisfied.

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