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Is The Raw Vegan Diet Deficient?

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Hey, how are you doing? It’s Dan McDonald here. I’m the Life Regenerator on YouTube, and I’ve got just a few short minutes to make a video addressing something that I thought was a great question on Facebook. I made a post on enzymes this morning which kind of arose out of a comment that I made on the YouTube. I don’t do a lot of commenting on the YouTube. I save most of my time on the internet for the Insiders Club videos, as well as, Facebook. Occasionally, I’ll go over there and just scroll through the comments, and just check that out and see what’s going on over there.

I made a post on the PuraDyme enzymes and probiotics on Facebook, and it’s pretty cool. Anyways, there was a really great question from this guy … I won’t mention his name, actually, just in case he wants to stay anonymous, but … “Why is the modern raw diet so deficient of enzymes that we need to supplement? I’ve been raw for four weeks, never felt better, and energy is through the roof. Why do I need these enzymes? Am I not getting these through my new raw diet of herbs and vegetables and fruit?” That’s a good question. Obviously when you go raw right away, you’re going to have the pink cloud effect, because basically you’re eliminating everything that’s sluggish, slime, slop that totally brings you down; which is like dead food.

That really just is hard on your digestion. It robs you of vitality because you have a certain amount of vital force flowing through your brain and nervous system at all times. Most of mankind spends their vital force digesting food, so that leaves us with a lot less of the genius awakening and illumination that human beings are capable of. I thought that was just a great question. At first of course you’re going to feel great, but there’s a continuation of levels that you want to continue to pursue as you evolve on this path, back into the full activation of dormant potential.


Through basically like generational curses of living in ignorance after generation after generation of hamburger helper, abuse, drugs, violence, alcoholism, and neglect for our bodies to live in a natural way. Is the modern raw diet deficient in enzymes? That is a very good question, and it gives me an opportunity to share with you something that I think needs to be addressed, and that is that … And I’ll try not to … Because what I do is, “Hi, I’m on the island of Kauai, and my life is really awesome in the sense of the raw foods, and for the rest of you out on the mainland, I’m sorry.”

They’re like, “Well, I’m really depressed now, Dan, because our food sucks.” I’m like, “Well, I’ll try to be as gentle as I can, and encouraging as I can without making you depressed. And bring to the attention, the fact that the foods that we’ve been consuming most of our lives, even the fruits and vegetables … Particularly the fruits and vegetables, this relates to, because Hamburger Helper can sit on the shelf for three years and then you could pour that box into some boiling water and it somewhat reconstitutes what was once came from many different places to form really what the world calls “food.””

Hamburger Helper, which I grew up on a lot, God Bless my mom, and my dad, is not real food. Fruits and herbs are the food of mankind. Fruits and nuts actually, to tell you the truth, fruits and nuts are the food of mankind. Then herbs we use for our healing, this is going to start a whole other topic here, and that is that vegetables really are a secondary class of food, being that they have so much earthy sediment. We are pure water. We are pure electricity. We are enzymes and minerals that create enzymatic and bio-catalytic reactions. You’re either going up and exploding and expanding outwards with the vital force and life energy, or that energy is going down into your stomach mostly to digest what the world considers food.

It stimulates you up here and it fills up your stomach so much, it touches your heart; you feel some warmth on your heart, and food becomes love, but it’s not the food that brings you the life force energy and vitality. Here’s the reason why. Thank you for letting me get warmed up for a minute. I’ve got just a couple of minutes and I’ve got to go. I’m hella busy, today. I’m way behind schedule, but I had to address this right now while it was top on my mind, otherwise it would get passed by. Check it out. The thing is I go to the tree and I pick a lychee off, or I go to Linda and say, “Hey Linda, were these picked this morning?” And she goes, “Yes, I woke up at 4:00 this morning and started picking this lychee.” What those lychees have is a bioluminescence. Here’s the thing about raw foods and why enzymes are fun to play with and can be supportive in your journey on the raw foods; and here, I’ll tell you the truth.

I know people that are extremely advanced raw foodists, detox [fires 00:05:28], fasters and healers, and they all love the probiotics and enzymes. Why do you need to take probiotics and enzymes after months and months of fasting on water, and nothing but fruits? I have one friend who loves the enzymes. She comes over and we have enzyme parties. She loves the probiotics. I have another guy who fasted for three months on water and lives off coconut water and green powders and absolutely loves the probiotics, to culturize his food, to make that fermented food to get those micro-flora in there, and just keep yourself super strong. There’s a lot of reasons that we do that.

There’s so many viruses and stuff that can proliferate if your immune system drops. You want to keep that high and most people didn’t get fed properly. I digress, and go back to the original point to tell you that when you eat these foods that are hanging off the trees … Now coconuts hold their charge, but now oranges … An orange on a tree truly tree-ripened orange, at the very end of its cycle of life before the tree drops it down to the animals that would eat it and pass its seeds out into nature, is a boost of enzyme activity, and a boost of bioluminescence; mineral conductivity. If a fruit or a vegetable is unripe it is not going to have that.

There’s this perfect stage, and animals in nature, you’ve got to fight the birds. You’re looking at the cherries, and you’re like, “Cool, you little sucker-ass birds and squirrels and stuff. I see you see what I see. And those cherries aren’t quite ripe, but in the next day or two, we all going to be fighting for those cherries, because it’s going to be at the peak pop.” When your intuition wakes up, after years of being on raw foods and fasting, you can tap in. And you’re like Wa-wa-wa-di-di-di-di: The lychees are ready. You have this sonar radar.

That’s one of the beauties of raw foods and illumination to the blood and the mind by getting grounded on the earth and breathing in the fresh air, and clearing the obstructions and occlusions to the dormant capabilities that you have, which are called, “cities,” and you can wake up and you can just tap in and you can see what someone’s thinking, and you can also see the ripeness of the fruits and the vegetables on the trees and whatnot. Then you can go to the grocery store and intuitively begin to eat, and you see, “Oh, those oranges are fresh,” like the inorganic oranges are fresh, but the organic ones are like hella old and don’t have the same vitality.

My point is that fruits and vegetables on the tree have the peak of enzyme activity, and the mineral conductivity, and the water is at its peak of absorbability. That’s conductivity, or bioluminescence; it’s like the aura of the fruit on the tree that’s truly tree ripened, because when the roots are down in the earth and there’s all that microbial activity from all the lots and lots of microbial activity, just the powerful living soil with lots of microorganisms, and the roots are alive, and that electricity goes up into the tree and that’s where the water is absorbed through the roots of the tree and the conductivity and electricity and you’ve got the fruit hanging down.

Then the sun shines upon the leaves and sends that love right out into those branches and then it feeds that fruit because it wants that fruit to be beautiful and bright, and it wants that fruit to be eaten by animals. Animals are not sitting there going, “Hey, look at me. I have a beautiful coat of skin. Come and eat me.” It doesn’t look like that. But the fruits on the trees become very attractive to animals and particularly, humans. We’re very blessed that we can reach up and get the nuts and the fruits, in many ways that so many other animals cannot, so we have these hands and stuff, so the fruits and the nuts are the highest vibrational foods that help the human beings to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

They have the least amount of earthy deposits or sediment, which gets trapped in the cells and makes your lower back tight and hardens up your kidneys and clogs up your liver and jams up your thyroid, and can create ossification around the pituitary and pineal and those earthy matter gets trapped in the joints, and then there’s tightness there. We’re looking to lubricate and hydrate, mineralize and keep our enzyme activity high because enzymes are life. Nothing happens in this entire universe without enzymes being the absolute bio-catalyst for that function to take place, as two substrates become one, or two substrates become separate and then become much more bioavailable.

Ninety percent of the enzymes activity that takes place in the PuraDyme enzymes is catabolic: breaking things down so they can be absorbed and utilized. About 10% of that activity, and I came up with this on my own while meditating, is about anabolic type activities. That’s why you can slam the enzymes and build muscle and you can also slam the enzymes and lose weight, because it’s all about efficiency, absorbabilty. The main point about that, is the modern raw diet deficient? For most of you, no offence, without getting you depressed, the food … I’ll just put it like this, “The food is not as high vibrational as it could be if we lived in a perfect world, i.e. the perfect world being the island of Kauai, with the lychees and the papayas and the mangoes dropping off the trees, and the avocados are just starting to come into season.

And the coconuts are highly vibrational, which they hold their charge better than any other food, I think, on the entire planet. That’s why I love coconuts, and I haven’t eaten anything except coconut for the last three days. I went on a three-day tea cleanse, of a purity cleanse, and now I’m on just the eating just coconut. I feel mad frickin’ fan-diculously good; like, “Oh my God!” I see now that’s why the fruit, it really is fruity, but it’s like fruit for breakfast, but to be on fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit all the time, it’s a good detox, but too many people start fermenting and putrefying and it drives them crazy. In fact, it was funny, this lady was, “Why are you being a dick to the vegans?”

I’m like, “I’m not being a dick to the vegans. I’m just saying like, I don’t want to act like that. I don’t want to act like that. I don’t want to police people. Everyone I know, pretty much, eats animal products of some kind. And I’m not here to police the world. I’m here to inspire the hell out of people.” And they say, “What the hell is he on, because whatever he’s doing, I want that, because he’s slim, trim and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, he’s getting younger, healthier, more vibrant and clear every day that goes by, through this process of fasting, detoxification, raw foods, and his alignment to divinity, which of course, is the main thing. If you really want to get healthy, you learn how to breathe.

Again, I digress, and go back to the point that the oranges and the apples, “Oh the apples are only three months old, so what happened to the enzyme activity in the apples?” It’s way the hell down then what it was when you went to the orchard and picked the apple off the tree. The enzyme activity was through the roof because it was ripe and you knew it, and you were also fighting squirrels at that time, and the birds were coming in to peck, but you can just eat around the little bird bites, because they can’t eat a whole apple. I would just take one bite of an apple and throw it down to the horse, and that horse loved me. He knew I was coming from a mile away because I’d ride my bike right up the valley and I’d go climb into this tree, which was a cross between a Gala and Fuji, from years ago from the pioneers that came here 100 years ago.

These trees would just be draping with apples and no one would eat them because everyone was eating the meat, and all this dead weird stuff, like Hamburger Helper and government cheese, and green beans and turkey and cow and stuff. I’m like, “Wow! I have all these cherries and all these apples,” and none of these people, because they’re all loggers and stuff, understand what they’ve got here. They take the apples and make the apple pie, and I’m like, “You all are tripping. I’m going to make me some apple juice with kale in it, but I’m just going to eat these apples right off the tree.” The apple is the highest level of vibration when it’s connected to the tree because it’s go the solar power going into the leaves, activating itself out into the fruit and it’s got the microbial activity, life force vitality running through the trunk, running through the branches, so there’s this cycle.

Then the farmer goes over to the tree, plucks it, puts it in a silo and then guess what happens? That bioluminescence that comes to the enzyme and mineral and high living water conductivity that holds itself depending upon the type of plant cellulose that it has … That’s why the coconuts they’re just pure plant cellulose wrapped around that nut, so it just holds its charge … But certain things like apples and grapes, they lose their charge right quick. That’s why you want the highest level of enzyme activity, and I know that you aren’t getting this, 97% of you are not capable of going right to the grapevine orchard and eating the grapes. Sometimes you find some berries in the woods; blackberries, and stuff like that. That’s the way to eat.

If the blackberries are growing in your neighborhood, you don’t even think about going to get some crazy ass breakfast. You go to where the blackberries are, you have those for breakfast, or you just make a blackberry smoothie with coconut and banana, or something like that. Now the bananas ripen up and the avocados ripen up, but if you’ve ever had a tree ripened banana that you just left on the tree until it turned yellow and started a spot, now you’ve got something, because what you” have is the highest levels of mineral density and the highest frequencies of enzyme activity. Who gets that? Nobody. So like I said, “I’m not trying to depress you, because I want to encourage you to eat raw foods. It’s better than cooked foods in a can, or something like that.

I’m just saying, “Grow your own food. Get that enzyme activity. Go to the fruit orchards and find the local fruit, and eat that.” I’m saying, if I can live off coconuts for three days so far and show no signs of slowing down and only feeling better and clearer because [Satwick 00:15:33] nature, the food that is the coconuts, which is at the same time, ascending, grounding and strengthening all at the same time, and clarifying because it’s just pure oil and fat. And it’s all free, because I go to the beach and there’s thousands of coconuts: sprouties, coconuts that just drop right there close to my head, and then I thought to myself, “Damn dude, no wonder people talk about getting knocked out on the head from coconuts.”

I thought, “Oh the probability and the mathematical probabilities are extremely low, like maybe like getting struck with lightning.” Well, that’s not true, because yesterday I was on the beach, gathering some sprouties to make a video, and to eat out on the beach, so that I can eat for free, so that I can eventually slow down my need to be a slave to the matrix grind, which I love anyways and having more fun than every before, because of Facebook and YouTube and Instagram, and it’s really actually getting to be super-fun, so it’s like I need less money, but it looks like I’m going to be making more now because I’m the Enzyme Evangelist, and that’s really cool, because I love Puradyme and Lou Corona; they’ve got the best packaging for one, and the best purist probiotics and enzymes in the entire world, and everyone’s going to be taking those because nobody knows how to eat right, and the food sucks.

I don’t mean to depress you, it only sucks in the sense of, “Hey, I eat lychees and coconuts off the tree, and the highly vibrational food can really activate you because the enzyme activity is so high. And on the mainland, you get these foods that are kind of old; like a week old, or three days old, or two months old. It doesn’t have the same pop!” Still eat the raw foods and don’t let me get you down. Just get the freshest food that you can. Get inspired, instead of depressed, in the sense of, “Oh, I can’t do what Dan’s doing ’cause he lives on the island in Kauai, doesn’t wear shoes, no shirt and gathers all the food off the trees for free.” And I’ll have a little salad every once in awhile, at the Farmer’s Market.

I’m just saying, that you’ve just got to do the best you can, but get inspired, come back again, by realizing that this is your homework. If you like what I do here and you consider me some kind of teacher or whatever, then I’m going to prescribe to you some homework, and that is, educate yourself with your intuition, on foods that are the most high vibrational, what’s in season, and be attracted to those things, and eat intuitively and eat as locally and organically and as balanced as you can. There’s no like, “Ha, just nothing but sugars and carbs.” Well that’s a little out of wacko, because I haven’t seen anybody that’s sane in that department. Then there’s the people that are just more paleo, and they’re like, “I won’t eat any fruit!” You know what I mean?

But somewhere right in the middle … Of course, I just have been eating coconuts, which is somewhere right in the middle between carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and plus the breath work is what’s really keeping me alive, so … Practice the breathing, because you’re a breatharian, because if you stopped eating and I stopped eating … How about this. That’s a funny little joke that I like to tell. We are breatharians and that is like, okay, I’ll tell you what, let’s have a contest. You stop breathing and I’ll stop eating. We’ll see who lasts longer. So that just proves that air and oxygen is way more important than food, because it’s an absolute necessity within 3-5 minutes. Some yogis can hold their breath for longer periods of time, and if you develop that, you can go into suspended animation. But 99.99999% of you are never going to do that, so it’s not even worth bringing up.

I’m just saying, that you can hold your breath for what? Three minutes, four minutes if you’re highly trained, and maybe seven minutes; some kind of world record or something like that, for a real average person. I’m just saying that the more breath, less food, but make sure it’s more nutrient dense and has higher levels of enzyme activity. I’m just saying, the reason why I still use the enzymes and probiotics is because it does purify the blood, because it does add activity. The other point I wanted to make before I’ve got to go is that we’re not just dealing with, “Oh, I’m gong to change my diet, and everything’s going to be great.” Because I’m talking about the continuation of patterns that are family patterns; that is degenerated states of consciousness in another way. Remember when I fasted on enzymes for seven days and my brain lit up like a fire, and I could see my subconscious responsibility that I was magnetizing everything.

I had done 10 water fasts for seven days before that, but I did water and enzymes for seven days, and I will tell you, I never ran out of energy like I do on every other water fast. There’s always at least a day or to where I’m just down, in bed. That never happened once when I was on the enzyme fasting; just eating nothing but enzymes; like three scoops a day and water, and that was it. I never ran out of energy, I never got tired, I never had any of the depression, because the enzymes purified the blood, because as the toxins are being released from the lymphatic system and the intracellular toxins that get trapped, like the earthy matter, the heavy metals, and the list goes on and on: Xenoestrogens and everything else. Once you begin to detox and purge, they all go back into the blood stream system.

If you can keep the blood clean … Also, colonics are extremely beneficial during those periods. And plenty of water, and make sure your kidneys are filtering, as well.

Number one, the kidneys have to be filtering; so you want water, cucumber juice and watermelon juice to get those kidneys filtering. Parsley’s really good too. As well as a tea called Stonebreaker, is probably the number one thing, is some herbal tea that’s called, Stonebreaker Chanca Piedra, I think is what it’s called. You’ll want to use that. I would go really strong on that, because it’s not so much detoxifying as it is just breaks up the accumulations in the kidneys so you can start filtering again. Then everything else can go down. But the enzymes actually create oxygen in the system, as well as the raw living foods.

The problem is, there again, an apple on the tree has 10 times more oxygen than the apple that sat in a silo for three months in a deoxygenated environment, pulling the oxygen out of the apples, and your refrigerator pulls oxygen out of your fruits and vegetables, as well. That’s why I like to use coolers to store stuff because you don’t have that pulling of the oxygen; it’s an oxygen-free environment. The refrigerator pulls the oxygen out of your fruits and vegetables. There’s so many things to learn and educate. I hope you got some kind of nugget. Again, just doing my thing here on the YouTube and I just love it. I just had a great time for 20 or 25 minutes, whatever the heck it is. That’s all that really matters, is are you having fun with your trip?

Are you doing what you’re supposed to do when you’re down at the beach and God says, “Be the Enzyme Evangelist because the world needs it,” I’m like, “Yes, sir. At your command,” because that was a very clear message, God. And that’s what I’m going to do. There are so many people that love this and understand, and they call up Morrocco Method, which is why my hair is so weird; look at how crunchy that is. I’ve got the Morrocco Method in my hair. I was going to say that at the beginning of the video. What the hell’s wrong with your hair, Dan? I’ve got the Morrocco Method in it. I talked with the lady over there, this morning, she’s like, “Dude, these people call you up. They call us up and they love you, man.” The same thing with Doug over here, “These people love you, man.” I said, “Well, I love them.”

The people that love me are the people that I love back, and the people that don’t love me are the people that I love back, because they’re the ones that point out to me, like “Oh, I’ve got to keep educating and refining myself as a human being,” and that’s what it’s all about. Can you dig it? All right. I hope that answered some of your questions, bro. Thanks for the great question on Facebook. Check out the posts on Facebook. Like my Facebook page over there because I’m doing a lot more cool stuff: some plugs and some free stuff, and just pictures and cool stuff like that. Facebook, Instagram, it’s all fun. It’s like, “Wow dude, I never would have thought.

I’m so not a technologically advanced person, but I’m using it because thank God for the Mac, and all these little Instagrams and Facebooks; they make it super easy for us to do this: To connect with the world, and be like, “Holy crap! I’m going to go eat some fruits and vegetables off the tree. This guy totally inspires me.” It’s like, “Wow, how many people’s lives did I change just by sitting here having a good time?” That’s all I want to know. Thanks for a thumbs up. I’ve got to go; for real. One hour’s worth of information in 30 minutes. Only from DTM. Peace! Love you, for real. Out!