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I Am Dying

Yes it is true. Yesterday I saw one of my viewers and he was surprised to see me. He said he heard a rumor that I was dead. As I walked away I laughed but, also thought to myself that in a sense it is true. Over the last couple months that I have been out of the public eye the old Dan is dying.

I had no idea how crazy I have been trying to fit into an absolutely insane, upside down and backwards world. As I heal, regenerate and detoxify my brain, my nervous system is getting balanced and a lifetime of trauma and stress is being released allowing life force energy to flow through my body and mind.

I have more energy and I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I am so much more calm and relaxed. I am a lot less reactive.

With this time away from my work online, I have been able to employ all the skills, knowledge and tools I have developed over the years with laser like focus. Being free from the distractions of the world, I have evolved more in the last two months physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually than I have in the last 15 years since I started this journey of regeneration and transformation for illumination.

I still have a lot of work to do to completely regenerate my brain, nerves and immune system. It is more like a fun and exciting adventure now instead of a desperate attempt to heal.

I knew something was wrong and as I investigate and research the crippling effects of childhood vaccines on the brain, nervous system and immune system and the parasites and viruses that take over the human brain it helps me to see my own innocence and to more easily love and forgive myself and the people who have attacked me and tried to ruin my reputation.

Only those who have more light than darkness will be able to win the battle that is taking place within all human hearts right now. The collective insanity can easily overwhelm those without the divine consciousness which thankfully continues to be my guiding light and corrects my course when I get off track.

Without God, Mother Nature and a strong desire to reach the heavenly heights through Purity and Truth, life for me would be a meaningless succession of gluttony, empty sex, consumerism, violence, competition and egotism. I am committed to Spiritual Regeneration through the path of Purity, Simplicity, Humility, Service and Truth. I am putting all my effort and energy into cleansing and healing my body and mind.

My sole desire is to purify the body temple, the heart, and the mind through fasting and prayer to make room for the lord of the house to return. To be full and filled by the presence of the light of life. To be a conduit of Divine energy and Love for the inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

I love people.

I love life.

I love myself.

I love God.

I love Truth.

I love freedom.

I love the air and the sun and the water and the earth.

I love to laugh and work and sing and dance.

I love to play.

I love to let go of everything that stands in the way of the Highest Truth coming through my eyes, my mouth my mind and most importantly the energy that silently pours forth from my heart through understanding, forgiveness and love.

Everything that stands in the way of the Authentic Self is crumbling. I am happy to release the old programs, opinions and beliefs that no longer serve me.

Yes, the old Dan is dying. Thank God.

Dan McDonald