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How To Detox For Energy!

Aloha, DTM here! I spend several hours preparing these posts for Facebook and so I figured it can’t hurt to just send it to you via email here at the insiders club as well.

Hey you might just get inspired to take you game to the next level. Ill put a link down below so if you are interested in whats being shared you can check into it more.

There is an awesome recipe at the end of the email as well. DO YOU WANT TO FEEL MORE ENERGIZED? Infinite energy is available to you and is provided freely from the universe.

The reason why energy decreases in human beings as they age is a simply a matter of obstructions accumulating in the body, mind and emotions.

The body becomes obstructed by overeating and cooked and processed foods in general. The mind becomes obstructed by thoughts, ideas and opinions picked up throughout life which can be critical in nature and in many cases simply are not true.

The truth is energizing and falsehood diminishes energy. Read that again. Emotional energy becomes blocked when you become afraid or are unable for whatever reason to express and/or experience your real feelings. This is the deepest and truest meaning of the word ‘detox’.

Real detox is tapping into the infinite energy and allowing it to purify your body, mind and emotions so you can feel the energy of life flow through you.

There are many tools which help us on our journey to more energy and better health like, meditation, breath work, fasting, psychotherapy, yoga, prayer, colonics, massage, rest and herbs. Today, I will be sharing with you the power of herbs. (I discuss these other life changing tools and therapies in my videos which you can see at my ‘liferegenerator’ channel on YouTube)

Once a week I like to share a medicinal herbal formula from the farm I am working at in Kauai. These herbs are powerful and life changing as they work deep within the tissues to purify and awaken your body, mind and emotions.

Go slow and work you way up with these herbs so you don’t detox too fast. I use these herbs daily and anyone who has been watching my show on You Tube can see what these herbs have done for me. My adrenals and nervous system are 10x better than when I got here 2 months ago.

Today’s featured tea is Energy Blend from the Kauai Farmacy. The benefits of the individual herbs are listed below.

When you combined these herbs you get a powerful formula to tone, strengthen, and energize the body and mind which will give you the clarity to process stagnant emotions and create a sense of emotional freedom. Remember, fruits cleanse, nourish and feed the body, while the herbs strengthen, tone and help heal the body.

‘Fruits for your food and herbs for your medicine’ is a powerful mantra, that if lived by will bring you more and more energy as you mature as opposed to what happens to most, which is diminished energy, decrepitude, senility and disease.

Living in pain and strung out on pharmaceutical drugs is no way to spend the last 1/3 of your life like most people do. Detox your life on every level starting right now with fruits and herbs.

Use herbs and herbal teas as an ongoing a part of your lifestyle to keep the cells in your body alive with organic plant energy and consciousness.

These powerful medicinal plants are grown in more than organic soil and treated with the utmost care from seed to soil to harvesting, drying, formulating, packaging and shipping. Farm to table, it doesn’t get any fresher than that.


MAMAKI: native to Hawaii, powerful antioxidant, strengthens and tones adrenals, used for thousands of years for weight loss, enhancing immunity, calming the nerves, balancing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, purifying the liver and strengthening bones (high in calcium AND magnesium which is rare)

NONI LEAF: eliminates toxins, aids digestion, boosts immune system, reduces inflammation, helps with sinus, allergy and respiratory issues, anti cancer, good for skin conditions, regenerates cells

LEMON GRASS: aids digestion, calms nervous system, antioxidants protection, anti bacterial, anti fungal.

CINNAMON: blood sugar balance, inhibits candida growth, helpful for arthritis, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti microbial, antioxidant, cognitive function, weight loss, tooth decay, gum disease, Alzheimer’s, PMS, enhances mood, alleviates depression,

YACON: balances blood sugar and blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, accelerates weight loss, digestive support, anti cancer, cleanses liver

GOTU KOLA: regenerates nerves, good for senility and premature aging, brain tonic, enhances intelligence and memory, strengthens adrenals, purified blood, alleviates stress and depression, eliminate varicose veins, helps with congestive heart failure, eliminates UTI’s, helps focus the mind, balance left and right brain hemispheres and is great for meditation, revered in India. (One of my favorite herbs on the farm as it helps me stay focused, energized and maintain a positive outlook)

TULSI: Tulsi (holy basil) – protects and heals the heart, alleviates stress, soothes nerves, high antioxidants, dissolved kidney stones, anti cancer, enhances circulation, helps with nicotine addiction, purifies blood, immune booster, anti inflammatory, clears respiratory disorders, dissolves mucus, allergy relief, headache relief, truly a heal all herb.

TURMERIC: anti inflammatory, anti cancer, major antioxidant, helpful for arthritis, Alzheimers, blood purifier, energizing, grounding.

ROSEMARY: anti oxidant, anti bacterial, anti cancer, alleviates respiratory congestion and infections, enhances brain function and memory, aids digestive and stomach disorders, relaxes muscles, alleviates stress.

STEVIA: balances blood sugar, great for diabetes, very nutritious with lots of vitamins and minerals, alkalizing, helps with weight loss by eliminating cravings Check out Energy Blend here: energy-tea-blend/ You can make an awesome energy smoothie using the energy tea.

Check out Energy Blend here:

Call the Farmacy for more info on the Energy Blend: 808-828-6525


  • 32oz of cold or room temperature energy tea.
  • 2 bananas 1 pint blueberries or strawberries
  • 1 bunch mint
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • Blend in high speed blender until smooth.











Thank you for using these herbs for your healing and sharing this post with your family and friends.


Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald