Use Herbs To Heal and Regenerate


Hey. It's Dan. I just wrote this and wanted you to read it. Let's get cleaned up, alkalized, hydrated and regenerated.

Acids from processed foods, stress, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, tap water and polluted air equals pain, stiffness, inflammation, headaches, irritation and low energy. Acids are toxic to the blood ph and force the body to store them in your tissues to stay balanced. The body then holds onto water to protect itself from these cellular irritants. This is the underlying cause of excess weight, lack of mental clarity and disease. An overload of acids waste and metabolic debris. The most popular word for it these days is TOXINS!

To eliminate acids (toxins) you must use alkalizing elements which are concentrated in green plants as alkaline minerals. Teas work great as a medium to deliver alkaline minerals. The pure water used to brew the tea help to flush the now neutralized acids from the lymphatic system, liver, kidneys and all the bodies cells.

The freshest most potent herbs come from the Kauai Farmacy on the beautiful garden island of Kauai. These herbs are air dried, raw and very potent. You can use these herbs to detox your body, lose weight and heal from disease. Hydrate and alkalize your body daily with these herbs to neutralize the acids that result from our modern lifestyle.
My personal favorite is Love Potion mixed with Puritea in the morning for maximum cleansing of the toxins released during sleep and a few nights a week I'll use tranquility to unwind after along day. I'm making some Vitalitea right now. ?

Check out their website and go to the ‘WE GROW' link to get a lot of FREE INFORMATION about the herbs they grow, the specific uses of each plant and how they can benefit you.

Kauai Farmacy

Aloha. Thank you.


Dan McDonald

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