The US Health Crisis!

The answer to the health crises in America always was the fresh organic and wild grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Our modern day low quality processed packaged lifeless foods and toxic chemicals are literally killing U.S.

Fresh fruits and herbs have anti fungal, anti bacterial, and anti parasitic properties.

Cooking destroys most if not all of the most beneficial properties in them.

Fresh fruits and herbs are the highest vibrating and most easily absorbable form of the minerals, proteins and prebiotic fibers that feed the healthy microorganisms. You must nurture the healthy bacteria living in your gut, brain, mouth, esophagus and reproductive organs if you want to live through this culling of the population.

The symbiotic or pathogenic micro organisms and their byproducts either lead to your health and wellness or your demise and death depending on what you feed your gut.

This makes fruits and herbs medicine for cancer patients, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autism, gastrointestinal illness, viral infections, neurological diseases (toxins in the brain) and all inflammatory disease arising from our modern toxic and unnatural lifestyle.
Fresh fruits with seeds and herbs grown in healthy soil without pesticides, herbicides and fungicides have always been and will always be the food and medicine of mankind.

The medical, pharmaceutical and processed food manufacturers (all owned and operated by the so called global elite) want you to think disease is some complicated mystery.

It is not.

It is very very simple.

Life comes from life and death comes from death. This includes your foods, your thoughts, emotions, environment and relationships.

What are you doing, thinking, feeling and eating to activate the positive regenerative aspects of your genes?

Moderate exercise
Live foods
Fresh air
Self love
What are you doing, thinking, feeling and eating that contributes to the expression of negative genetic traits?

Excessive thinking/worrying
Cooked dead processed foods
Eating animal carcasses
Living in the city
Inside all day
Overly active
Self critical
Recreational and pharmaceutical drugs
Negative thinking
Judging others?

Living food is the missing link in most of the healing clinics in the world. You cannot heal your body and mind on a diet of cooked dead food and animal products. There are a myriad of reasons why this is so. Far too many to list here.

Most healers, doctors, naturopaths and clinicians are clueless and are using outdated rehashed politically correct testing and healing methods that do not, have not and will not ever work.

There are some incredible healers out there, but they are few and far between.

A true healer of today understands and applies the ancient healing methods of the past and the most up to date findings and research as it relates to safe and effective detoxification protocols.

There is much we do not yet know and our knowledge and understanding is growing rapidly, but what we do know is being suppressed and kept from the suffering masses.

Let's work together to bring health and healing to anyone who truly loves life and wants to live and see humanity survive the darkness and arrogance of these times.

You want to live?

Then eat your fruits and veggies and take care of your temple!!!

I have SO much more to share.

I hope you understand this.

Your life depends on it.

I love you because I love life.

You are Gods child.

Treat yourself accordingly.

Bless you and your family with health, happiness and abundance.


Dan McDonald