Prescription For Radiant Health!


Before we talk about your diet, let's talk about how much sunlight you are getting, how much pure water you are drinking and most importantly how much fresh unpolluted air you are breathing every day. These are natures ‘doctors'. Consciously saturate yourself with these elements every day and watch your health improve by leaps and bounds. (Work you way up slowly in the sun, the chlorophyll in green juices are natures sunblock).

Your food should also contain these ‘doctors'. What food contains these life-giving elements you ask? Well, fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds of course! Cooking the food dissipates the oxygen, water and sunlight out into the air. You want those life-giving elements in your blood. Not in the atmosphere around you. Therefore, eat fruits and vegetables and go outside and play. Easy. Aloha. Love.

30-day living foods transformational program contest support videos coming ASAP. My camera was out of order the last few days. Back to good again. Thank you for your patience. (Two teenage daughters too). Lol.

Love you,