Contest Winner Announcement!

Hey this is Dan. I just got back to Hawaii after an intense trip to the mainland. I am so glad to be home. Anyways I’ll catch up later with some videos. I just wrote this for Facebook so I’m just going to copy and paste this post to save myself some time.


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Who Is Killing Us Slowly?

Aloha. Dan here with some inspiration for you.

This is a juicing station. If you have a desire to stay radiantly healthy in this present society, you need one of these. A juicing station affords you the ability to easily and affordably stay hydrated, mineralized, alkalized, detoxified, regenerated and out of the hands of the medical mafia.

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The Best Juice For Healing Everything


Aloha. It’s Dan. I’m stoked to share this with you. Check it out…

100% PURE ORGANIC CUCUMBER JUICE is probably the best all around green juice to use in healing and regenerating your body. The benefits of cucumber juice are:

High in living water which helps flush toxins out of the body. (kidneys)

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Insiders Club Sugar Cane Video

Hey its Dan. This is an outtake. Its got some really good info so instead of tossing it out I thought I would send it to you here at the insiders club. I hope you enjoy it and learn something. Aloha!


Dan McDonald

Use Herbs To Heal and Regenerate


Hey. It’s Dan. I just wrote this and wanted you to read it. Let’s get cleaned up, alkalized, hydrated and regenerated.

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Prescription For Radiant Health!


Before we talk about your diet, let’s talk about how much sunlight you are getting, how much pure water you are drinking and most importantly how much fresh unpolluted air you are breathing every day. These are natures ‘doctors’. Consciously saturate yourself with these elements every day and watch your health improve by leaps and bounds. (Work you way up slowly in the sun, the chlorophyll in green juices are natures sunblock).

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30 Day Transformation Contest Details & Encouragement

Aloha. Here’s a video talking more about the 30 day contest and to give you encouragement!


Banana Harvest!

Aloha. Dan here I am now living and working in the garden of Eden. In this video I share my first banana harvesting experience.


Dan McDonald