Who Is Killing Us Slowly?

Aloha. Dan here with some inspiration for you.

This is a juicing station. If you have a desire to stay radiantly healthy in this present society, you need one of these. A juicing station affords you the ability to easily and affordably stay hydrated, mineralized, alkalized, detoxified, regenerated and out of the hands of the medical mafia.

Drink juice daily!

Take control of your own health or be destroyed with drugs and surgeries.

Regular medical attention shortens your life span by 5-20 years. The medical/pharmaceutical establishment is clueless as to the cause and cure of dis-ease and is slowly or rapidly killing everyone they get their hands on.

(Emergency room medicine and the EMTs are great and I have respect)

Clean out the drugs, toxins, calcium deposits, chemicals, food additives, radiation, wifi and heavy metals with green juice, tonics, raw and living foods, breath work, rest, positive spiritual thinking, massage, colonics, enzymes, rebounding, body work, sound therapy, light therapy, nature therapy, detox baths, superfoods, herbs, outdoor activity and getting away from funky ass people who are negative and bring you down.

Live right and shine bright. Listen to your conscience, it will guide you into the lightless Light.

Listen to your social institutions, chase that carrot and you will end up in the pit of hopeless darkness.

Follow the One Heart. Follow the Truth.