From My Heart…

Electrolyte enhanced chlorella.

I am researching and developing a heavy metal detoxification protocol.

The results so far have been astounding.

If your not consciously detoxing your body and brain then you are allowing dis-ease to expand in you.

There is simply no way around it in today's world.

As a live food enthusiast and detoxification specialist I have been accused of orthorexia and hypochondria.

It turns out that I was simply ahead of my time. I am grateful I listened to my intuition and not the naysayers.

I eat only living food now with no cravings (parasites) and every meal is an opportunity to enhance my life force energy and refine my connection to nature and God.

I have been at this for 17 years.

Researching and refining.

I always have and will continue to walk the narrow road for myself.

The rewards come from within.

Although today four people told me I look younger and healthier than they had ever seen me.

I would have been a fool to turn my back on the knowledge of life and I am so glad I embraced it from day one.

You must be constantly clearing the toxins that saturate our air, water and food.

The wifi radiation exacerbates the pathogenic micro organisms that result from the metallic chemicals and pollution.
Viruses and parasites live and grow in the host who has allowed chemical toxins and metabolic by products of cooked animal products and processed lifeless food to accumulate in the lymphatic system and organs of the body. The parasites are symbiotic. They are actually helping you until you get your habits in alignment with nature.

No toxins = No pathogenic parasites or viruses.

The synergistic effects of the various toxins compound to produce a host of different adverse health conditions depending on various variables. (Genetics, geography, diet, lifestyle, thoughts and emotions).

You must soften to allow the tightness of childhood pain and trauma to melt away from your nervous system.

This takes time…

You can literally grow younger with living foods, herbs, fasting, the right supplements, yoga, meditation, rebounding, colonics, calcium removal, chelation, sunlight, fresh air and avoiding toxic people and energy fields like certain types of music and mainstream media BS.

It's time to become a master or to learn from one or many and put into practice everything daily that makes sense to you.

Chlorella is one of the greatest binders of all manner of chemical toxins. The more I take the better I feel. I am up to 4 tablespoons per day. Next week I'm going to go up to 6. I'm looking for the threshold.
I am a researcher and a scientist and my body is my laboratory. I am having so much fun learning and refining my approach. It's been a long hard road and after 17 years of hard work and persistence I am beginning to see the results I have desired and anticipated.

The royal road of refinement and purity.

Avoid the temptations of our modern society.

They are all a waste of time and energy.

Stay focused on the goal.

Eat and live clean in all ways to the best of your ability and be kind and gentle to yourself along the way.

Cleanse and purify your holy temple.

Make space for the true lord of the house to return.

All the Masters have been saying the same thing. There is only one religion and that is Truth.

Love is the light that illuminates the way.

Eternally yours,

Dan McDonald