I Bring This To Church Every Sunday!


Hey what's up? Happy Monday!

Every Sunday I bring living foods to my church. I feel it's a great way to serve the congregation.

Showing people how delicious these healthy living food recipes can be is a great way to minister to my friends and family without having to preach.

I love how everyone lights up at the announcement that “Dan will be serving live vegan food buffet in the kitchen after the service”.
I pay for everything and do not ask for any donations. This is my way of giving alms. I put so much love into this food and these recipes.

From left to right:

#1. Curried Pumpkin and avocado soup

#2. Coco macadamia nut soup

#3. Orange and Red pepper dip

#4. Spicy Orange, Red pepper dip

#5. Avocado and Basil sauce

#6. Pine nut sour cream

#7. Vegan taco filling

I brought a huge box of veggies and leafy greens and I made veggie trays and Dan The Man's world famous raw vegan tacos. (Next time I'll take a photo of the veggies)


The gratitude people show me for my contribution fills me with great joy. I love feeding people this amazing living vegan food. You should try it. No animal products, no gmo, no cooked fats or rancid oils, no gluten, no sugar, no pesticides and no grains. Organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds only. Just like the Bible says in Genesis 1:29. That's why I feel so good serving this food to people and teaching you how to make it!

All these recipes are available in my digitally downloadable classes.
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Thank you for sharing this. The world needs living foods now more than ever. Be a pioneer in your community. Become a live food eater today. Order right now and you'll be able to eat one or all of these recipes tonight!

Merry Christmas. I love you guys!