250,000 Subscribers And Christmas Sale Celebration Video

Hey it's Dan. I'm having my annual Christmas sale.

Everything on the website is 50% off with the coupon code ‘christmas'

Get all the programs you want now because after the first of the year all the prices are going to go up and the bundles will not be available.

This is not a sales pitch or crafty marketing.

All the monthly classes will be $39 in January. I am raising the prices of the classes that are currently available to create uniformity in pricing and navigation simplicity.

My recommendation is to get the ‘Lifetime of Health' bundle now for $48.50. After the 1st of the year it will be over $500 to get all that information in the form of the individual classes.

The '30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program' is also a great deal for $49 during this sale, it's normally $99.

I put up a video on YouTube telling
you more about what's available it
and you can watch it here:

I am deep into the process of regeneration and am taking every second I can to just be silent and in solitude, thank you for understanding.

Merry Christmas.

Dan McDonald

P.S. Follow what I teach, it is the way. The chemicals and the artificial stimulants and environments are creating havoc in our bodies, minds and spirits. Healing in the modern world is going to require an understanding of the ancient ways and modern scientific detoxification protocols.

Dissolving and eliminating these chemicals and the calcium deposits they create in the body is no joke, but it must be done or you cannot get well. Learn the way of the living foods and fasting and get back to living and healing in nature while you still can. Be one of the few. Your life is precious.

The living foods is the first step. It will awaken the inner voice and you will be guided to true healing and peace.