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The US Health Crisis!

The answer to the health crises in America always was the fresh organic and wild grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Our modern day low quality processed packaged lifeless foods and toxic chemicals are literally killing U.S.

Fresh fruits and herbs have anti fungal, anti bacterial, and anti parasitic properties.

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I Bring This To Church Every Sunday!


Hey what’s up? Happy Monday!

Every Sunday I bring living foods to my church. I feel it’s a great way to serve the congregation.

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The Raw Truth

The most important aspect of raw living foods is the effect upon the mind.

Processed denatured cooked and chemical laden food affects the mind negatively in subtle ways leading to denatured thoughts and an artificial mode of thinking.

The living foods connects you with the eternal wisdom of nature and her life giving ways. Raw living food imparts the divine knowledge to your body, mind and spirit through its structured energy patterns.

Cooked processed food loses its divine energy pattern once it is fragmented, packaged and heated.


Living food builds and purifies your blood and that pure blood made from fresh living fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds regenerates and illuminates the mind with the living eternal wisdom contained within the DNA of the plants.

If you want to see the effects of our unnatural eating habits just look at how our world is today. No animal has ever veered from natures laws the way humans have.


Raw living foods is a huge part of my personal regeneration. After a lifetime of wrong living I am finally coming into alignment with the Divine Intelligence as I simplify and release gluttony and excessive mixing of food for pleasure which arises out of spiritual starvation.

I just wanted to share for all who have the heart to listen. If you need to learn more, everything you need to know to become a living foods master is available right now on my website.

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The way is of the heart..

Love, Dan


How To Reverse The Aging Process

Here are 5 of the main reasons you will benefit from juicing everyday which will also help reverse the aging process…

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