The Benefits Of Raw Milk

This milk will give you power and strength. It is loaded with healthy and easily digestible protein, carbs and fat. It is loaded with beneficial microbes. It is soothing and healing for you if you have inflammation in the GI tract. It will help you build and maintain muscle mass as you transition to a plant based diet. It tastes great and is super easy to make.

The macadamia nuts are great for the reproductive capacity of both men and women.

The coconut is the best source of fat to protects your body and brain from environmental stress. Coconut water is loaded with minerals to help your body stay hydrated and energized.

The Liyf Essentials from Puradyme are the most easily absorbable amino acids that I’ve ever found. It is also loaded with neuro-protective vitamin E and other antioxidants.

The Liyfbiotics from Puradyme will help counter balance all the pathogens that arise from our modern day diet. Low quality antibiotic and hormone ridden animal foods wreak havoc on your microbiology. Processed carbohydrates grown and sprayed with chemicals destroy healthy bacteria. Low quality oils cooked at high temperatures create terrible inflammation in the gut and allow an over growth anaerobic microbes leading to leaking gut, sluggish digestion, toxicity and depression.

The gut and brain are INTIMATELY connected.
Eating real food, eliminating stress and healing your gut is the only way back to real health. In that case, this milk is literally medicine.

• 1/2 cup Soaked Macadamia Nuts
• 1 cup Coconut Meat
• 1/4 cup Liyf Essentials
• 1 tsp LiyfBiotics
• 8 cups Coconut water

Blend all ingredients on high for 30-60 seconds and strain. Use a nut milk bag for a smoother milk in the case of very young children, more finicky eaters or just for more of a gourmet feel.

Pour into two 32oz jars or one 64oz jar and refrigerate immediately. Keeps for up to 7 days.



Dan McDonald