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A Green Juice Recipe To Heal Every Disease!

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Hello. My name is Dan McDonald. I am the life regenerator here on YouTube. Thank you for joining me for today’s episode of the Life Regenerator show. I’ve got a green juice recipe here for you. It’s actually the main ingredient on the detox mastery DVD but we’re taking it up another notch with the addition of turmeric. Now, I get many hundreds or thousands of emails per week and unfortunately I’m unable to get back to everyone. What I’d like to do is make these YouTube videos to consolidate.

For anybody who’s having issues with pain or stiffness or flatulence or digestive disorders, heartburn, that type of thing this is a really great drink for that. The celery is really good for the heartburn. If you have heartburn or indigestion make sure that you’re drinking sixteen ounces of celery juice everyday within three weeks. The sodium in the celery juice will start to really help you to build better acid in your stomach, digestive juices. Digestive juices or the inability to digest is from twofold one mineral deficiencies sodium, zinc and phosphorous which create the stomach acidity to help digest proteins and fats.

Another thing is that people are eating too much. For another thing they’re just eating the wrong kinds of foods. We’ve gotten to a place now where, pretty much in general, we’re consuming processed foods for the most part. That’s why I recommend as much fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole and unprocessed foods as you can fit in. Start adding those into your diet so you can start displacing some of the processed foods and start to get your health back. We’ve really done a number on ourselves. In general, the medical establishment, unfortunately, as we look at the statistics, aren’t really pulling through for us. We’re not getting well. In fact, many times we’re getting worse because of the treatments.

What we’re doing is we’re looking for natural therapies, nutritional therapies, which, of course, there’s not billions of dollars in nutritional therapies. It’s very simple you go on to the grocery store and you get yourself some organic celery, organic cilantro, organic dill, organic cucumber, organic lemon, and some turmeric which is probably not organic but I peeled it tonight. Just to give you an idea of what I would do if you came to my house and you were kind of a newbie this is what I would do for you here. I would take a full bundle of celery and I would take … This is about a third of a bundle of cilantro because I don’t want to overwhelm you. When I make it for myself I take the full bundle of cilantro. Somebody wants to transcribe this down below that would be awesome.

This is a full on body healing, deodorizing, alkalinizing recipe for about half the people that wrote to me today. I want to say drink this once a day at least. Then another jar of juice on top of that. If you’re a super champ you’ll drink three jars of juice and have one jar of pure water and you’ll begin the process of rehydrating not only the extracellular fluid but also you’ll begin the process of starting to hydrate the inside of the cells as well, which generally become dehydrated more chronically than the extracellular fluids. The sodium here in the celery is also beneficial to allow hydration and minerals into the cells. That’s why I love celery and I pretty much drink at least one bundle a day if not two. I eat it on my salads and stuff. It’s one of my favorite foods.

Now, for the cilantro, this is about a third of a bunch. I take a whole bunch. Now, you’ve got heavy metal detoxification because of the essential oils here in the cilantro. A lot of times it’s the essential oils in the foods that heal. That’s why I recommend eating as much of your food raw or drinking it as you can. I should get started on this juice so I don’t take up too much of your time. Let me explain as well here. This is, the dill here is also one of the more deodorizing herbs as well as, believe it or not, very beneficial for dissolving mucus in the body. This also has antioxidants in it as well as the cilantro that helps to neutralize … The dill helps to neutralize a lot of the toxins in the environment and the cilantro as well as being a blood purifier is also helps to chelate heavy metals.

I don’t know if you know this or not. I don’t go into geoengineering and chemtrails very much in depth because what I do is just provide solutions. You’re going to have to do your own research on geoengineering, weather modification and chemtrails to get savvy about this stuff because you’re going to need to know if you’re going to want to preserve your health. The heavy metal toxicity tends to accumulate in the brain and neurons because that’s the electrical system of the body so obviously an electrical system is going to attract those nano particulate metals and those … Not only are the nano particulate metals in the environment causing havoc in the body and causing pain and inflammation and stiffness and shutting down the vital organs like the thyroid, which of course is then going to shut down the adrenals. That’s going to mean you’re going downhill so we’re really trying to wage a plan here. We’re trying to create a plan here for detoxification of the barrage of heavy metal toxicity as well as the billions and billions of pounds of toxicity that is being dumped in our environment.

The birds are dying, the insects are dying, the trees are dying, the plants are dying, the fish are dying. Something’s going on here and if you don’t want to die you’re going to have to find a way to get savvy to the fruits and vegetables because that is the medicine. The antioxidants, the bioflavonoids, the polyphenols, the quercetins, and all of the other anti-inflammatory neutralizing properties in these oils. Like I was saying you’re going to want to make sure that you’re not cooking too much of your food. I eat all my food raw because I want all the essential oils, I want the fiber intact, which is also destroyed by heat. See, there’s massive benefits to consuming large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. The cucumber is going to keep the kidneys functioning, filtering properly as well as being a diuretic but not an unhealthy diuretic like coffee or soda or alcohol but a healthy diuretic, which not only cleanses but only hydrates at the same time.

You’ve got diuretics like coffee and the soda and the alcohol and the tea that actually just are diuretics but they’re not hydrating, they’re dehydrating. Humans are dehydrated and the toxins are everywhere and all of the different beauty products, it’s in the water, it’s in the air. I don’t mean to scare you. I’m just trying to make you savvy to know that we’re dealing with some pretty harsh stuff here. We’re getting sicker and sicker all the time. I see this and people are having a hard time getting well. We’re pulling up the big guns here with juice recipes like this. I’m going for the thirty-two ouncer so get the, get detoxified with these types of green juices. These low glycemic green juices are great because it’s non-stimulating to the brain and it’s very mellow. It’s just very medicinal, it’s calming, it neutralizes acid waste, it builds the blood, it flushes the system.

With the lemon also added in it tonifies the cells. With the turmeric here you’ve got one of the best anti-inflammatory that is … Usually the vaccines cause inflammation. The heavy metals cause inflammation, injury, excessive exercise creates inflammation. Stress creates inflammation. Processed foods, artificial sugars, the list goes on and on. Artificial colors, conditioners. We’re strung out on processed food. My job here is just to try to encourage you. I live off fruits and vegetables, I do very well. I like to keep my body hydrated and alkalinized and that’s why I stay slim, that’s why I stay energized and flexible. I’m just trying to encourage everyone sharing this types of recipes with you so that you can empower yourselves.

Because for me I never eat or consume anything unless it’s medicinal. That’s all it is in this world. I enjoy it. Many of you might not enjoy this because your taste buds are so ruined by the chemicals, the MSG, a neurotoxin, the aspartame, neurotoxins everywhere. We’ve got some serious issues going on. I want to encourage you to use herbs and use vegetables and use fruits to help to clean out and detoxify your body and keep the lymphatic system moving. Eliminate stress and simplify your life. That’s what you’re going to have to do if you’re going to want to survive in this, as the years roll on here and thrive, you know.


Here’s the turmeric. I would say a couple of … two, nice little pieces, one would be enough. I might even add more if this is for me but I’m making this … I’m pretending like I’m making this for the average Joe so that I’m not adding too much of the herbs. I would add about twice as much dill and probably three times as much cilantro. I might even add another lemon if it was me. Feel free to play with it but what I want to encourage people to do that are just starting out if this kind of thing looks like, “Whoa, that looks like it’s going to taste like grass, dude.” Which to certain people it does because they’re used to MSG, they’re used to artificial salt, they’re used to artificial sugar, they’re used to the conditioners, they’re used to the artificial stimulating drugs, yes, that they put in the foods that make you strung out. The fastfood restaurants produce chemicals that get you strung out on their food and breaking that addiction neurologically is very challenging.

A lot of times you’ll use those foods if you’re overweight to displace boredom, anger, fear, pain, lower levels of consciousness. One of the greatest things that you can do if you’re trying to heal yourself is to continue to expand your consciousness with some type of spiritual practice. Whatever that is, whether that’s serving at the local YMCA or going to church every Sunday or reading your Bible or reading the [inaudible 00:11:12] it doesn’t matter. Elevating your state of consciousness has shown clinically that you are able to heal from diseases much more rapidly. The people that are willing to meditate, the people that are willing to spend time in a higher field of energy, in a more expanded level of energy, those that are willing to try something new, to see things differently, to be flexible.

That was turmeric then lemon, a three inch piece of turmeric peeled, one lemon. Just say half a bundle of dill, they all sometimes bundles the dill that huge at the Farmer’s Market. Sometimes they’re really small so you’ll have to eyeball this stuff. You could say maybe one cup or one handful of dill, two handfuls of cilantro or one handful of cilantro. If you don’t like the cilantro the parsley works okay. I like the … There is something that I accidentally forgot in this recipe and that is that I’m going to bring out some kale here so excuse me. I’m going to grab a couple of pieces of kale which I really like to throw in to this recipe. Here it is.

Just like I said, just for the average Joe … For me I’d put like six or eight leaves into a jar of juice but for the average Joe for, if you’re just starting out put one leaf of kale. High minerals, high protein. These are very, very good juices. This is the mean green on detox mastery and I’m just adding that turmeric. Those of you that are on the detox mastery program right now I am pretty much adding turmeric to everything. I’m adding it to my lemon ginger blast. I’m adding it to my mean green here and I’m also throwing it in salad dressings a couple of times a week. Where I live here there’s quite a bit of toxicity. In fact, if you live in any city … This is [inaudible 00:13:19] which is kind of the Oakland, San Francisco area. There’s a lot going on out there and so as far as the level of toxicity in the water and the air. I’m just really here to try and provide this service here so that you could become empowered.

I don’t want to really be a scare monger. I know a lot of people, “Oh, you got your tin foil hat on conspiracy theory and all that.” Well, you know, I’m going to leave that up to you. Like I said, do your research on these things. Google chemtrails, find out what they are. Find out what geoengineering is and then empower yourself. It hasn’t rain-, I’ve lived here for a year. Maybe it’s rained three times in a year. That’s insanity. That’s crazy and we’re drying up. Why is our skin so dry? We know that it has to do with the water. Tomorrow I have a water filter for our shower coming in and it removes fluoride and chlorine. I did quite a bit of research to find out which one’s the best and there was quite a few independent studies that show this little filter removed a hundred percent of chloride and fluorine. I have to change it every three months and I will let you know what I think of it once I get it.

I can’t remember the name of it right now but once when I get it I will share with you what that is so that you can remove the chloride and the fluorine from your water. Chlorine strips your GI tract of beneficial bacteria if you’re drinking it, but bathing in it is the same thing. It soaks into the blood stream and really does damage to the beneficial bacteria in your body. You want more beneficial bacteria in your body and less of the harmful bacteria which is usually the result of excess undigested food matter in the body. Which a lot of it is because of the processed foods and no one’s got that much enzyme. Usually by the time you’re in your late twenties or early thirties that’s when your enzymes are just basically wore out your systems, the pancreas.

Because of the mineral deficiencies that are rampant in today’s day and age the organs are shutting down. I mean I see this stuff all day everyday and since I’m very type-, very slowly my answers are really simple. That’s why I’m much more efficient and effective here just working on these videos here so that you can just try this juice out and get this chlorophyll into your blood. Start cleaning up your blood, start eliminating processed food, and start drinking more juice and eating more fresh fruits, fruits and vegetables, you know. Then you’re going to find that the digestibility of these foods is much higher so you’ll have more energy. Then you’ll also find out that there’s a lot of really great benefits to the fruits and vegetables. Like medicine, everybody says no matter what diet you’re on they all say eat more fruits and vegetables.

I’m pretty much on a fruit and vegetable diet. I’m a pretty thin guy but that matters a lot to me. I’d rather just be thin than go over on to the heaviness. I like being thin and spry and sprightly at this time of my life. I think a lot of other people will like that, too. The way your body is just functioning really well and you feel well, and you feel healthy so that you can hang around a little bit longer in the planet. Because I see the numbers, I do a lot of research and things aren’t getting better. We’re not living longer. The medical establishment is just it’s failing us. It’s never going to work, it can’t work. It’s not designed to work. It’s not designed to get you well. It’s really a monetary system. Where is the incentive for you to get well if someone’s going to lose money when you do get well?

It goes way up and it comes way down but at the grass root we pretty much have to take care of ourselves. That’s all there is to it. I hope that I can be of some service to you here by bringing some very simple basic ideas, sharing what I can, doing what I can to help you to understand a little bit more about the physiology of the body and the benefits of raw foods and green juices and using those natural enzyme-rich foods that are filled with distilled water. Oranges, grapes are amazing. Citrus fruits are amazing for the human body. Apples are amazing, all of these herbs so a nice variety creates a nice dynamic human being. You saw the color of the turmeric.

You’re going to want to look at the colors of the rainbow. Look at the colors of the foods that you’re eating. The more colors that you get from the raw fruits and vegetables the more healthier, nicer your skin is going to look. It will keep your blood vessels clear. You want to particularly avoid the tap water for that, too because … Also, another thing that I find very interesting is the processed salt with sand and glass which cuts up the … They say the salt with the blood pressure but the problem is that the crappy low quality salt have glass and sand in them and they just cut up all your blood vessels along the way. Then the body produces cholesterol to try to heal up all those minute lacerations and then the arteries get clogged and then you have the heart problems and the congestive issues with the, in the blood vessels and what-not.

These little things are certain types of things that people don’t really think about so they blame the salt but it’s not a high quality salt. It’s the low quality salt that actually is causing the damage to the blood vessels and to the heart so there’s the congestive heart failure. Then the heart attacks are huge and everybody’s got them. Things like these, with the green juices put you on a whole another level and can help you to rev-, start, you get the, obviously you get the low quality salts out. You use some nice Celtic sea salt or some Himalayan pink salt. You get out the low quality salts with no minerals in them anyway except iodine, which is ridiculous. Just get that from your kelp, you know what I mean? Get that from your [inaudible 00:20:14], seaweeds to get your iodine to keep your thyroid going.

Some fruits and vegetables as well, too but more in minute [qualities 00:20:21] and it also has to be added into the soil. Some farmers are savvy, some are not. That’s why you want to have a nice variety of fruits and vegetables day in and day out as the year goes and progresses. Anyway, that’s pretty much all that I can do today. I will keep on [rapping 00:20:38] but I’ll just make these videos and [knock out 00:20:40] say a few things. I don’t even remember what I said or what I was talking about but I just roll and flow and it comes from the love in my heart. That’s the number one thing that’s going to help to heal you, it’s love. You got to really learn to love yourself and learn to take care of the temple that you’ve been given. The temple of your spirit is your body.

We can, we don’t want to put too much emphasis on it but to be a good steward of the body is very important so that … Because if you’re in pain it’s very hard to be of service to mankind, you know what I mean? You’ll relate sometimes that pain will becoming from all [inaudible 00:21:21] and deeper issues. That’s why I said expand your consciousness. Find some type of spiritual practice to pull yourself beyond where you are now to stretch your mind a little bit to say to your pastor, “Oh, those are interesting ideas.” I’ve gone to many, many churches throughout my life and it’s amazing how many people just they take only what this guy, he’s up there, and he’s just a regular dude, just like the rest of us, and they say, “What do you say is the truth?” You’re kind of be like, “Oh, my pastor he’s cool. He’s got a lot of love and he loves God and that’s good.”

That’s what you want but if you start getting too hard and crunchy around the edge. It’s about such and such. You know, 3:30 on Tuesdays it’s the time when you got to take your left boot off and shake holy water into it. If you don’t do it at three thirty then you’re going to, it’s a sin and you start getting all the details of religion and your mind get so hardened. That’s not what you want, you don’t want to really get too much into the content of the mind but you want to be more spacious, more surrendered, more fluid, and more flexible. Now, the diet helps with that and the mind, being more flexible, also helps you to eat better. It’s a two-way street, you want to be doing both. You’re expanding your mind with spiritual information, good YouTube videos or whatever you’re experiences to expand yourself a little bit more.

Those ideas are interesting. You don’t have to say, “No, that’s wrong,” because then you set yourself up for that duality, for that right versus wrong. Once you got the right versus wrong or the knowledge of good and evil, see what I’m saying? There’s some innocence there and it’s still remains within us and it’s that innocence where we are able to heal, we’re able to heal within that innocence, once we see that we are innocent. Because the guilt, the unconscious guilt, is a large factor in our pain. See? I know because I have experiences myself and so what we’re trying to continue to do is expand the love for ourselves, release the unconscious guilt, you know what I’m saying? As soon as we can do that we create more flexibility, less self criticism, and a lot of the blocks to the energy flow can be relinquished and we can continue to expand and stay healthy and stay flexible.

That’s my mission, to help you to eat more fruits and vegetables, to think about a few different little things every once in a while to throw in there. Then I’m just going to slam this back. Thank you for watching this video and thanks for giving it a thumbs up. Thank you for sharing this video with your friends and family on Facebook if you think that they can use this type of thing and maybe a little bit of this information that we share here today. I sure do appreciate your time and it’s such an honor and a privilege to share this time with you. Thank you for giving me this purpose by being here. Love is the answer. Remember that and just keep on loving yourself. Just keep on loving yourself.

For me it’s just … I know some people are not going to be able to dig it. Just start out smaller, cut it in half, drink sixteen ounces. For me this is divinity. It’s just medicine for my body. My body soaks it up, it loves it. Oh, it’s so soothing and cooling, so nutrient-rich. Minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, antioxidants, heavy metal detoxifiers. Take care of yourself, my friend. Thank you.