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Get 40 "Better Than Great" Recipes You Can
Use To Blend Your Way To Better Health!
Make Delicious Smoothies, Soups, Sauces, Milks
and Dressings With Dan's Proven Recipes!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This New DVD...

  • How to give up drinking dairy milk and use fresh nuts and seeds to make raw, fresh, enzyme active milks. (If you have kids, they’ll LOVE this!)
  • How to make a delicious chocolate shake without using cacao. If you want a great tasting shake without the stimulating effects of cacao, this recipe will do it!
  • Want to eat raw without breaking the bank? Get Dan’s recipe for his “Economy Smoothie” which will keep you going for a whopping $1.50!!
  • If you’ve never had cantaloupe milk, you’re in for a real treat when Dan shows you how to make this “drop dead simple” blending masterpiece.
  • Looking for long term, sustained energy? You won’t want to miss Dan’s Gorilla Strength Smoothie. It’s a LOT of green and packed with power.
  • Get Dan’s recommendation for the tool you need to get meat out of a coconut the easy way. Try this once and you’ll never go back!
  • Like peaches? Then your mouth will probably start to water when you see what Dan does for his Georgia Peach Smoothie.
  • Get the DTM original recipe for Butternut Miso Soup (including the easy way to peel a butternut squash!).
  • Can you really make great raw mac n’ cheese using a blender? You’re about to be amazed when you see Dan put together a great tasting macaroni and cheese that everyone will love.

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If you want to become a blending master without investing years of trial and error to do it, you’ll love Dan’s new Blending Mastery 3 DVD Set. You get 40 of Dan’s best raw blending recipes and ideas that you can use to make an endless number of great tasting creations.

From smoothies to soups and sauces, milks and dressings, Dan will walk you every step of the way to becoming a blending pro!

In this 3 DVD Set, Dan reveals a broad range of some of his best tasting blender recipes. You’ll get 40 base recipes plus a ton of suggestions for variations!

Buy Now - Only $67

Blending Mastery
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