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RAW VEGAN EGG SALAD SANDWICHES (cultured food class part 6)

Video Transcription:

Speaker 1: Okay so I have another recipe (stutters). Let’s edit that out. No, leave it. That’s a new language. It’s code for don’t drink the water. That was another thing we never even got into that.

Speaker 2: Oh, don’t.

Speaker 1: We never even got into the water.

Speaker 2: Bless it. Bless the water.

Speaker 1: Don’t drink the water, yeah. Oh man it’s everywhere isn’t it? Like I said it’s not a conspiracy, folks. It’s a fact.

You’ve got to take care of your self. One way you do that is with these vegan egg salad sandwiches. What I’ve got here is a bowl of finely minced celery and green onion. The next part of it is the macadamia nuts soaked to make a macadamia nut yogurt.

Speaker 3: Soaked for how long?

Speaker 1: Those are soaked for like 24 hours, 8 hours is enough. Just to soften them up. Huh?

Speaker 3: And pour away the water?

Speaker 1: Pour away the water. Always when you’re dealing with nuts and seeds to wash away the phytates and enzyme inhibitors. To activate. That’s what we don’t realize a lot of times in society is that in order to bring these seeds and nuts alive–you want everything to be alive when you eat your food. Even the animals of nature. They go and, even the Bonobos, they rip the antelope apart, they eat the guts first while the heart is still beating and then we go, “Well you know what I want mine medium rare and put some of that sauce on there with the sugar and the spices you know and it’s meat. I love it, you know?” But the Bonobos they just rip into the entrails, man, and eat all that so that’s what’s real. You want to get on that. So I just keep everything alive because animals have been doing everything alive and look at the human species they’re like, “Well we’re special.” Yeah. Right. We’re the only ones that are destroying ourselves.

Speaker 4: Can you go over the ingredients again please?

Speaker 1: In this one?

Speaker 4: Yes.

Speaker 1: This one is really easy. I will stay focused. I will stay focused on this one. Go. I’m a professional I can do this.

Soaked macadamia nuts, and then you add some water, maybe 3 cups. Then you add some paprika. Remember that? See? Now theoretically if I was a rat I’ll do that two or three more times and then I’ll remember that this lid is on there and I will remember to take it off. I could do that but I need like a special thing cause it’s really lodged in there.

Speaker 5: It’s kind of good to keep it, it keeps it from getting not too moist.

Speaker 1: Good idea. I like your style I just learned something there today. See? You learn from me that the whole thing is a conspiracy and I learn from you facts and data that I can actually use that are applicable to real life. Don’t drink the water. Stay on track. Thank you for your focus and your dedication to the truth.

Macadamia nuts soaked, paprika, you have got to take the lid off first. Leave the lid on, and Kawaii did not get the moisture. This is tumeric. This has no such lid and we will test your theory right now. Come on mister no fingernails, I get a little nervous and bite them off, old habit. I could go into the conspiracy theory as to why that is. This is tumeric this is the main ingredient in this recipe so half a teaspoon. You can watch the video later. Let’s say one teaspoon of paprika, two teaspoons of tumeric.

Speaker 6: Fresh tumeric?

Speaker 1: Fresh tumeric, why not? It doesn’t work for this recipe.

Speaker 6: Okay.

Speaker 1: It throws it off. It loses egg salad sandwich-y-ness. The magic ingredient though is the black sulfur salt. Who’s heard of it?

Speaker 6: Yeah!

Speaker 1: Who likes the black sulfur salt? Who’s never heard of the black sulfur salt?

Speaker 6: Me.

Speaker 1: Egg salt. It’s got a sulfur…it’s just Himalayan salt but it’s just much higher in sulfur and they call it black salt and you can take a look at it later. Then for that I’m going to have to see what happens here with that. I’m going to try just one tablespoon. This is a pretty big recipe. I’m at home, I don’t go Betty Crocker style, open the cookbook, one cup of this, half a cup of that, I just poof poof and I just get it and my food is great food. I’ve had rave reviews, it’s the one thing I know that I’m good at. The other stuff is questionable. With the food thing, I know. I’m staying on focus.


That’s it. The black sulfur salt, that’s the magic ingredient that’s what makes it taste like eggs and then the tumeric makes it look like eggs. “Why don’t you just eat eggs?” Well they’re allergy forming for 90% of the population. That’s a whole other video itself. Now where’s my lid?

What’s funny about the whole thing is that most of us are continually eating foods that we’re allergic too, we’re addicted to them and they bring us up but then we have to deal with the onslaught later on so it’s who’s not on the cycle? Who’s not on the cycle? Who’s got it mastered? I’m far closer now than I’ve ever been because I’m sick of paying the debts. It’s just like I don’t want those things and so I just eat very simple foods: coconuts, and simple things. So many things are allergic and that makes that up and down, up and down, sick and not healthy because the society foods are just crazy town you know?

Then we have all these behavioral disorders in kids and suicides and all these weird behaviors and, “I don’t know why I did that.” the next day. “What? I did what?” Yeah I’ve got it right here I had my phone with me dude, I got you on camera. “What?” Because they ate something that made their whole brain go wonky. Happens a lot. There’s a lot of cases in court now they’re starting to prove that the food allergists are coming in and saying, “Yeah this dude’s allergic and he just flipped out that day because he ate something he’s allergic to.” It totally changes your brain structure. You make all these weird choices while you’re on your allergy. I mean it’s not a really good excuse but I’m just saying you have to really be on point. The thing is what I’m trying to promote is just real food. Real food will make you sane and then you will look really crazy to everyone else. You know what I mean? When you talk the truth you’re like, “This guy. Psht. No way. You don’t have any credentials.” Thank god. I’m just crazy. In a good way. Oh you can smell it already.

Let the bubbles come up. There will be a couple bubbles, boom boom, and then you hit it again. Everyone here’s got a Vitamix pretty much? Yeah that’s awesome. Okay so a little bit more water so it’ll be a nice smooth texture. Just give me a minute here I’ll edit this part out. Just kidding. This is going to be good. Now if it wasn’t a time constraint I’d let that go a little bit more and let it smooth out a bit. Dude. Whoa. Tastes like grandma’s eggs. She’s always like, “Can’t I give you some of these deviled eggs? You don’t eat eggs anymore?” Sorry grandma I just don’t eat eggs anymore. “I can’t make you a deviled egg here?” She’s always loving with those eggs, she loves those eggs, but she’s always in and out of the hospital too. Damn, grandma. Ain’t nobody going to listen to me. Your family’s not going to listen to you, “Oh, you and your vegetables. I’m going to go get a pizza.” This is off the hook right here.

This is just simple. Basic. That was fairly focused, that was a little off track getting to the whole comedy routine it’s like whatever. Just figure out the recipes on your own. It’s like, okay you took some macadamia nuts. It’ll take you three or four times to get it right. Everyone online, okay. Down below, love and light everything’s perfect. Now there’s Dan MacDonald, “What what just happened? I mean you said some funny stuff but I still don’t know what the recipe is.” I won’t be putting it down below in the link just because I would have to sit there in front of the EMFs and then I’d be getting programmed. I’d be like, “Oh yes government, yes government.” Okay I must have eaten one of my allergic foods, I don’t know which one it was. Was it the coconut? Was it the mac nuts? This is off the hook. Nevermind you don’t get any this is all for me, I’ll eat this whole bowl. I’ll be enlightened from the deliciousness of it all.

Speaker 6: I can smell it.

Speaker 1: Dude it is off the hook. This is amazing. This is amazing. This is amazing. This is my favorite recipe of the day right here. But I totally spaced out and I forgot to put the probiotic in. Cause I was trippin. I made this a few days ago. So this is actually without the tumeric in it and stuff but this is actually the macadamia nut yogurt right here that I was going to use so you can just make that recipe but it’s better, it always is better when it’s cultured, so if you know I’m going to make the egg salad sandwich for my cooked friends and they’ll say, “This is eggs? I thought you were vegan?” Oh no this is vegan, macadamia nuts, sulfur salt. “What? Tastes like eggs.” You want to take the macadamia nut yogurt, it takes about 24 hours to culture the macadamia nut to get it in this place where it’s just like, so that you’re getting the good vibe. Here I’m going to hook it up here because I just want to get this in to every body so that tomorrow you’re like, “Wow I feel really great.” I am colonizing you.

Seriously though it’s huge. Immune system, everything. I’m telling you the whole place, I mean who doesn’t have candida overgrowth? Well look at all the grains look at the journey to modified foods. They’re going to figure it all out I mean I’ve already done all the research so I’m safe. And who knows what kind of genetically modified foods are slipping into my trip but I stay pretty much on point because everything I get is at the farmers market grown and picked that day so you know we’re very, very blessed but most people out there they go to restaurants. That’s why I don’t go to restaurants. I just don’t go to restaurants. Then here’s the key to making the salad sandwich you just take the lettuce, you put that on there, and it is off the hook. Try that on for size.

Speaker 7: Wow it really smells like egg.

Speaker 1: I, for one, love it.

Speaker 7: Nice. Mmm.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Delicious, huh? Cool. Let’s say hi to the…there you go, the hand. So I was a little more focused on that one than the other one, sort of-ish. But thank you everyone. Enjoy that recipe it’s a really great egg salad sandwich, just figure it out. You can push the red button now.