Who Is Killing Us Slowly?

Aloha. Dan here with some inspiration for you.

This is a juicing station. If you have a desire to stay radiantly healthy in this present society, you need one of these. A juicing station affords you the ability to easily and affordably stay hydrated, mineralized, alkalized, detoxified, regenerated and out of the hands of the medical mafia.

Drink juice daily!

Take control of your own health or be destroyed with drugs and surgeries.

Regular medical attention shortens your life span by 5-20 years. The medical/pharmaceutical establishment is clueless as to the cause and cure of dis-ease and is slowly or rapidly killing everyone they get their hands on.

(Emergency room medicine and the EMTs are great and I have respect)

Clean out the drugs, toxins, calcium deposits, chemicals, food additives, radiation, wifi and heavy metals with green juice, tonics, raw and living foods, breath work, rest, positive spiritual thinking, massage, colonics, enzymes, rebounding, body work, sound therapy, light therapy, nature therapy, detox baths, superfoods, herbs, outdoor activity and getting away from funky ass people who are negative and bring you down.

Live right and shine bright. Listen to your conscience, it will guide you into the lightless Light.

Listen to your social institutions, chase that carrot and you will end up in the pit of hopeless darkness.

Follow the One Heart. Follow the Truth.


43 thoughts on “Who Is Killing Us Slowly?”

  1. My son is mild Austic …I have tried juicing he refused after first glass I had to beg him with game time I can’t much blame him it was nasty ….what am I doing wrong …he won’t drink it .

    1. Try adding fruit. It will make it sweeter. Also try cutting up fruit and vegetables and freeze them. When you put them in a blender it will make the juice creamier.

  2. Dan,
    I really enjoy watching your videos. You are so correct about modern medicine, as I can speak because I am Licensed Practical Nurse of 35 years, and my area of specialty is geriatric nursing and home health nursing. The patients I cared for mainly had health problems because of their lack of information of what they should be or should be not be eating. I also noted their life style choices such as smoking and other bad habits that got them to the point of being on multiple medications, and worse yet for some of the people I cared for some of them were on ventilators because of their smoking history. Now, there were a few patients who I cared for, who had diseases such as MS or ALS which to my knowledge are diseases that can not be prevented or at least for now. I tell people that they need to be in charge of their health, that they need to gather as much information that is out there to help keep their bodies at an optimal level of health, and do not rely strictly on today’s standard of medicine, which is taking pills only. I tell them to get moving, get their rest, and eat healthy. I, as a nurse, practice what I preach as I do not want to become like the patients that I have cared for.

  3. Dan you are just a tonic x ???Thanks for your time, work, wisdom and sharingx Life is sacred and you are playing such an important role in reminding us about the truth and the light. God Bless you DTM ? Be around for a long time please, the world needs you and you could get enlightened?? Namaste x

  4. So right!!! It’s our chance to take back this country and get corruption out!! People are being lead to believe through deceit that our government knows what’s best all in the name of money and greed for the benefit of corrupt politicians!

  5. Thank you Dan so much!! You speak the truth and I am so thankful for you and others like you that are getting the truth out there!! I look forward to you e mails! Again..thank you!! Much love and blessings!! โค Annette

  6. Thanks Dan
    You speak the truth.
    I support your work and pray for it to continue and spread more widely as God see’s fit.


  7. I truly believe what you are saying. I am on kidney dialysis machine. It is a trap. I have inherited poycystic kidney disease. Kidneys can’t process potassium and phosphorous correctly. could end it up with hardening of heart etc. So I must be knowledgeable of what I put in my mouth. I love a lot of your recipes. Find I do best not using acidic foods that have been spliced together such as cabbage, grapefruit, broccoli, cauliflauer?, carrots. Love your energy. mikelw05@aol.com

  8. Thanks Dan , You are always so positive love your juice idea and great recipes! I always look forward to hearing what’s new with you

  9. Dan :you are amazing.Continue the good work.Eventually will pay off.It is doing it for me.You are an inspiration on my daily life

  10. Thank you Dan, I appreciate the pep talk, I am trying to fight off Diabetes, dry eyes and everything that is associated with diabetes. Because Raw Vegan is hard for me, I am doing Vegan as an alternative. I am thinking of doing a fast, not sure if a juice fast or a water fast is the best. I’ve only got a basic filter system attached to my kitchen tap. Anyway Dan, just wanted to say hi n thx.
    Marjorie. Bunbury Western Australia

  11. Thank you so much Dan for your inspiration and tireless effort to be of service and educate us on true health and well being. You are so loved! Keep preaching brother!

  12. Dan, I just did a 7 day water fast. Wow! Major breakthroughs…spent the whole time meditating and reading the WORD…

    But I was wondering if you could do a video on “breaking a fast”? Specifically what kind of fruits are the best etc. Myself, I used watermelon and it was delicious. No rush, but if you manage to find time whether here on the insiders club or YouTube. We would appreciate it. Thanks.

  13. My man, DTM! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Please know that your light is affecting people, especially myself. Not just in a word “cool” where I watch and move on without applying. Buts it’s in POWER and a transforming life as I continue to hear your message. The seeds you are planting in my conscious heart is taking form and it’s blooming and bearing fruit. Thank you my friend. I have a simular passion and it’s hard to connect with such like minded people. I began following you on YouTube, but what set you apart was your genuineness AND your spiritual tip. Cause that’s where I always live. The other health advocates just don’t get to the core and truth of our being. In my opinion, that is when you walk in separation (duality) that leads to decay, corruption and death. Real health is not just on the physical plane. Union, oneness, tree of life awareness is wholeness, health and vitality. I’m glad you are helping people wake up and discern their true nature which is SONS of GOD. Be well my friend!

  14. You are absolutely on point. Thank you for the inspiration. I am a registered nurse in the medical field. I try my best to help my patients the best way I can. I am a vegan, and lookjng to go raw /totally living foods. Don’t use the term raw vegan much. I wish that nurses were healthier examples themselves. It is sad that so many health professionals are overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol , and eating unimaginable food on their breaks at work. Keep up the good work.

  15. Thanks Dan. This is just what i needed to hear. Already shared with at least one person. Peace man. Keep doing what youre doing you inspire me to the max!

  16. Hi Dan! Its Adele from Oakland.. Your e-mail the other day said you were overwhelmed. You might want to try Jin Shin Jyutsu. I’ve been studying now for over 4 years. I’m a practictioner now… website is jsjinc.net.
    what’s awesome about jin shin jyutsu is you can do it on yourself. I don’t know if you remember, but I used to have severe arthritis and it has healed about 85-90%. You’re living in Hawaii?? Sedona?? There’s a cool teacher in hawaii named Wayne Hackett. I think he’s on Kauii island (spelling?)…
    Jin Shin Jyutsu is fucking miraculous…. feeling overwhelmed? hold your fingers…. Anyway, you might want to look into this healing modality which would send you soaring to even farther healing and consciousness. there is self help on you tube…
    Just had to share… much love to you… Adele

  17. Dan,
    Good stuff Dan. So true. Two weeks ago, the day after my Dad’s double by-pass heart surgery, I watched as the hospital fed him a three egg ham and cheese omelet, with a side of cottage cheese and yogurt. I brought him a couple of pints of green juice and the doctor wouldn’t let him drink it because it had green apple in it and “the sugars would be bad for him.” For lunch they brought him filet mignon with hollandaise sauce. I sat there in disbelief as I looked over his menu choices. They totally ignore what got him there in the first place. Say, I’ve watched as you’ve evolved from the centrifugal, to the single auger, to the twin gear. Tell me, what do you think of the Norwalk? I’ve never even heard you mention one in any of your videos. Thanks for all you do. Much love and many blessings.

  18. Thanks Dan that was the best, I can’t wait to share it with my fans on “www.Empowr.com/LifeFire”
    And another thing I like about you and your work and all that you share Dan, Everything that you are doing is right inline with what our Creator has said on his website through his messenger at, “www.TheName.ph”
    Keep on Keeping on the the path brother. ?

  19. Can you tell us more about the citrus juicer? Were you once using the massive press kind? I have a green star but keep desiring a citrus press, notice the one in this picture is small and subtle, unlike the ones I’ve seen in your other videos.

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