Get More Energy!

The minerals in the food you eat allows the energy and electricity of life to flow through you.

Fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in nutrient rich soil is the best way to get the bio available minerals into your body and brain. Minerals are essential to all life. You need the full spectrum of minerals to thrive.

There are some decent mineral supplements on the market, but no mineral supplement will ever compare to the synergistic power, delivery, uptake, dispersion and utilization of the living minerals in freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Eat more fresh organic alive plant foods to live longer, feel energized and alleviate dis-ease of all kinds.

Dan McDonald


3 thoughts on “Get More Energy!”

  1. Dear Dan,
    oh man that’s so true. People buying all these supplements and think they get healthier, but it is definetly not the case. The important thing is that food we consume has still it’s water. I did a green juice fast for 4 days last week and now I am drinking only green smoothies and vegetable soups. I never felt better in my life.

    Thank you for the reminder to stay in touch with mother earth.


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