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COCONUT YOGURT IS MEDICINE! (Cultured Food Class Part 4)

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COCONUT YOGURT IS MEDICINE! (cultured food class part 4)

Video Transcription:

Speaker 1: Hello this is Dan McDonald, you know me as the liferegenerator on YouTube. I’m talking to the camera now. This is why they call me the life regenerator cause I got me a Schrade blade, baby. The day I got this blade from Amazon was day I became a man. A real man. Today, did I scare y’all, this is the coconut almond yogurt. For the love of God, please don’t try this at home. This is the little mat thing that you have outside your door, I carry around the back of my car so I can open up coconuts so that it doesn’t get onto the dirt and everything like that. It protects the blade. I have a little chip. I let someone borrow my blade one time there’s a little chip. This is mine, you can borrow one of my other machetes and the collection but not this one.

Please don’t try this at home for real. I’m an expert, I’ve opened thousands of coconuts, and normally I do this on the ground, that’s a really good idea to that but since I wanted to make a video and show the whole thing because everyone’s interested in how do you make the yogurt. Well I make it just like this. With a nice blade like this you can get stuff done. Make a little bit of a mess but not too bad.

Take all your pieces and this makes amazing compost by the way, great fiber for the soil to build that healthy microbiome in the soil and the microbiome and your soil and that’s what the coconut almond yogurt is for. Its a delivery mechanism for these living organisms right here. You want to inoculate, but then you want to make sure you don’t go back to the drinking and the pizzas and the ice cream lifestyle. The no fiber, no probiotic lifestyle. You want to inoculate and then use the fruits and vegetables to keep that process going. Once these get down in there and push all the bad stuff. These are the cops, “Cops are pigs.” No, cops are good because these fools over here would be coming up on you, taking your shit. You know what I mean. Cops are good for the most part, a little bit order in society. The cops and robbers, you know what I mean. They keep society safe, that’s what we got.

The healthy microorganisms, which a lot of the researchers I haven’t found a lot of information from them yet about that, but you want to make sure that you’re inoculating with the healthy. Health, health, health. Instead of attacking disease, I guess that’s the point of that, attack the disease, fight cancer. What about just let’s all get healthy. Wow, you never thought of that. Wait how do we make money off that. You don’t. You should pay the doctor after you get your health back, like they do in China. If they’re still doing that.

Anyway, I’m getting all crazy now, I said I was going to slow down but I haven’t, have I. I’m still hyped up. This is a perfect coconut for this, this is a Kauai coconut. The Thai coconuts work great. What I’m gonna do is just dump this into here with the rest of it. I want it to show how I clear the meat out. These are Thai coconuts, they just have the green stuff removed. This is what, “Why do those ones, they’re white, why are yours green?” Because they took all the green stuff off and now those little white ones are just this with none of the green stuff on the outside.

Have no fear, all you watching in the YouTube village. Asian markets and get them fresh, if they’re not refrigerated step out the game because about two or three of those are going to be nasty. I only go to the ones, they might be on the floor and the Asian market. Well I go and I say to the little dude, “Hey man and get some of those coconuts that are in the fridge.” He’s like what about those on the floor, I said, “Uh uh, I can feel the lukewarm box I’m trying to have my coconuts refrigerated, see, so that they’re good and they’re fresh.” When you just look for the fresh there’s other places, you’ll know because you’ll get them and they’ll be consistently fresh and well taken care of. The other ones who have all these weird colors and it’ll have mold and stuff on the outside. They won’t look healthy and they’ll be lukewarm. You want refrigerated young Thai coconut.

Step 2, again, please folks, do not try this at home. Not bad. Usually it takes a couple of whacks. I was particularly insistent on making sure that I got that on the first one. I take my little coconut buddy, I don’t know where you get these, I don’t. It’s an icing spatula, Google that, I don’t know. Very beneficial, not necessary. Watch this, I’m just saying, when you have one of these, which I got the mainland and haven’t seen any over here, not really sure where to order online. I would just by five of them every time I saw one at a raw food restaurant or something.

See how easy that is? You just dig the meat out. You can use a spoon but it’s going to come out and different kinds of chunks. What you have when you do this is the wood fiber around the outside edges and this is where all comes together, right here. The yogurts. This is where you really start, this is what they’ve been doing. The difference between the vegetables and the cultured foods traditionally is that you don’t know what you’re getting. You don’t know what strains or what probiotics are going to be growing on those vegetables in the kimchi and the sauerkraut. All the other pickles and everything else that’s been done traditionally for thousands and thousands of years.

The beauty of these of these yogurts is that you know what you’re getting, you know what you’re growing. You’re getting these strains and you can use them more specifically. You’re taking a gamble when you’re just fermenting your vegetables on their own, just putting them into a jar and letting them sit. I recommend all, both, kimchi, kefir, I’m still on the fence with that stuff, the kombucha, I need to do more research. What is it?

Speaker 2: You have to pretty much make your own.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Everything you find on the market, it hasn’t incubated long enough. There’s a certain thing in the industry where they can’t actually ferment it to the point that they need to, so the sugars haven’t crossed over.

Speaker 1: Word.

Speaker 2: It’s essentially, an upgraded soda without all the additives.

Speaker 1: Right on.

Speaker 2: If you want to look at it that way.

Speaker 1: Ronnie’s the guy that I call when there something I don’t know.

He should be up here teaching the class. I don’t know how much yogurt you’ve made though.

Speaker 2: You’re the man.

Speaker 1: With this younger here, I have to rinse this stuff, you go around the edge here. The cameras, “Hello out there.” You just go around the edge, make sure you get all the wood chips off. You clean off. When I make the ultimate, ultimate, which all the yogurt I have for this class, is all ultimate, ultimate yogurt. Today what I’ve got here and this is not my place mat, I go around and I, even this this softer fiber, there’s the hard wood fiber chips and you’ll find this in the young Thai coconut as well. If you want to take it to the next level, of course now I have to rinse that again.

When I make the yogurts myself, and that’s why I call my yogurts the gourmet yogurts, because I go through this whole process, I take off all this stuff. You don’t have to, it’s actually extra fiber but it’s not even the type of fiber that’s that beneficial. It’s more like a like a real, like boom. Even a little bit harsh, I don’t think damaging but not beneficial. It’s a mixture between wood and cellulose, you know what I mean. There’s the wood, which is what this is, this is like wood. The other is as a mixture between, you can have a little bit of that, it’s not going to hurt your batch. The cleaner and whiter that you get to meat, the more gourmet it is, the smoother it is, the better just fluffy light, delicious yogurt.

I’m going to rinse that again, because I touched my mat that’s been everywhere, of course you could say that maybe I’m being a little too sterile, maybe we want to come and lick this mat and get our microbiome set to the Kauai island. This mat’s been everywhere on this island.

Next step, coconut yogurt. The reason, see, when I make the videos it’s like I’m staring at the camera and I’m just. With all of you here, that have never seen this before, that’s why these videos and my videos are always much longer a lot of times. This is the real deal. I love the real stuff and I spent hours on YouTube watching these guys teach me stuff, because they’re experts. They’re clinicians, they’re researchers and I’m trying to get the download on these cutting-edge pioneers. Thinking and medicine that are going, everything we’d thought before. See, there’s certain things they can’t say that we can. We can have the conversations that they can’t have because they have all their colleagues. They’re able to go a little bit on the cutting edge but no one can really say what needs to truly be said. That we’re way the hell off with our so-called health care, way away the hell off. We can all see why.


It even goes beyond money into a whole other level of sinister. As long as you are walking through pretending like you aren’t seeing what’s going on and you don’t say anything you’ll be fine. A lot of my favorite people that I’ve learned from, these dudes were geniuses. I’ve done nothing but research the last six months that I’ve been gone on the YouTube, and my favorite most genius people that were right on the cutting edge that we’re gonna blow the whole thing wide open, especially on the vaccines, gone. Geniuses beautiful people and every one of them, guess who they’re lined up with. Are you about the money, status, or are you about the truth. Word. Only the truth will set you free, only the truth is going to fill your heart, only the truth is going to save humanity. Not only is it little ideas, or people bitching about what everyone else is doing. Love and truth. That truth goes above and beyond like the diet and all that stuff. It’s caring for one another and learning about who and what we really are, you know.

I’ll just watch the duality of mankind and that’s fine with me. I’ll have fun here and do my little puppet show for all y’all, you know what I’m saying.

This is just yogurt, that’s the coconut meat right there and you just saw what I did. Everyone, you just have to watch. I’m here with my people and they’re the ones that are creating this field. That’s what I love about all of you, it that y’all are vibing super high. I know all of you, most of you, couple of you I don’t. You are the most highly vibrational people on the planet I’ve ever known consistently. That’s why I’m feeling this radiance of the real thing coming through me, whereas if it was a group of people that was different, and they just want to know about the yogurt, there wouldn’t be any of this other stuff being talked about, you know. It’s all your fault that you’re vibing at the highest level.

I have to strain this, because I didn’t strain it. You want to make sure you strain it. What’s the ratio? The ratio is two cups of meat, two cups of water. You can’t screw this one up folks. One teaspoon probiotic and after this we’re going to be getting into the food. This is the beginning of the food, this is the beginning of the dressing, this is the beginning of the transcendence and illumination of these amazing foods. When I start to make some cool ranch dressing from this coconut yogurt you’ll be like, “Oh yeah, I’m glad I came to this class.”

You just blend it. It takes about a minute.

Speaker 3: How is that different than the meat and water before.

Speaker 1: This one here is much thicker, that’s all it is.

Speaker 3: It’s just more meat.

Speaker 1: More meat.

Speaker 3: That’s what makes it the yogurt.

Speaker 1: You got the kefir, which is just the plain water. You’ve got the kefir, which is just a little bit of meat, just to give it a nice consistency. You’ve got the yogurt, but the principle is all the same. The organisms are taking the sugars and fats the amino acids and they’re breaking them down and they’re populating themselves. When you, here’s the interesting thing about the yogurts and stuff, is that on day one it’s food for you and a minor inoculation. When you take some of this yogurt and let it sit for two or three weeks, it’s no longer food for you but it becomes medicine. It ripens in ripens. I had this thing in there for two months and I thought surely that’s nastified to the nth degree. I’ll do it, “Do it soldier, do it.” Cheese, it was cheese. It grew and there were no more sugars left. All the proteins and everything was broken down and all they did was use that to proliferate themselves so that I could take billions and spend 40 bucks.

I can take one scoop and take billions, you have trillions and trillions of these microorganisms living you. I can turn these billions into trillions and then, subtle yet powerful because my immune system has been on point, my nerves are calm. I’ve been saturated myself with these. Just saturate, saturate, saturate. With everything though, not just I wish I could make a video. Because it’s like, “All you do is purity stuff, that’s it. You’re a great salesman.” I was like, “No, I live this whole lifestyle.” Wake up in the morning, six in the morning, meditate, yoga, rebound, table, go to the beach, stretch out, study, worship, pray, live. All of it. Juice, raw foods, fasting, you know the question is and then you listen.

God, you talk to God. What is God? God is the most infinite intelligence inside of you. Say, “What do I need to do to get healthier today, because I want to set an example and I want to feel the freedom that I’ve never had.” As you get more and more sensitive you see the fear vibe that’s been there the whole time. Not that fear is a bad thing, it’s like are you living from that on the subconscious level. That wouldn’t be what my master would say, you know what I’m saying. Those are the underlying, but we have to have a healthy body and these are the little tricks of the trade minimizing excessive consumption while maximizing nutrition. Your mind is gonna quiet that hunger signal but I look at the food everyone’s eating and no wonder they need to eat five hundred meals a day and ten million calories every two seconds. I go out and get a moringa shot like that and I just got more nutrition in one shot than they get a whole week.

Why is that? Well because that moringa was just juiced that morning. It has proteins, carbs and fats. It’s in the juice, I put it in the coconut water. I drink one jar of coconut water with moringa juice and that’s a meal. What about your calories? I don’t care about that I want the micro vibrational real food. What we really need food for, which is the minerals so that we can be electrical, question.

Speaker 4: Question, so, it became raw coconut cheese. What was the flavor like, was it like tasty cheese. What was the texture.

Speaker 1: It tasted like, man. Ripe. Sour. Cheesy.

Speaker 4: Would you put that with some herbs and dip.

Speaker 1: Yes, but I didn’t know it at the time, I wasn’t caring for it and I thought, “That’s a throwaway batch but I’ll just see what happens if I let it go.” Little did I know, now I have to wait, I have to do it. I have stuff in the fridge, I’m taking, it’s more controlled experiment. I had it in this jar, and I only had it half full. What I want to do, the oxygen I think had an effect, the lid here, it’s this type of lid, got some funkiness around it. Deep down inside here, down here it got all liquidy, but then the cheese just kept growing upwards into the heavens.

I was just like, “Okay, I have to clean this shit out because it’s been in here for months.” I have to get rid of that cheese experiment. Doesn’t smell too bad. Put my finger in there and I was just like, you know, it took me a minute to think, “Do I want to do this or not.” When I did it I knew it was all good, but it was the stuff around it and it was the lid that threw me off. I said, “I have to do that again.” Because it thickened up. All the liquid was down here and on top of it was the cheese.

Speaker 4: What would a successful probiotic cheese experiment look like. You actually want to create cheese.

Speaker 1: If I had more meat you can take just the meat. In fact I can do that with the hemp seeds, as a matter of fact I was gonna make a video for my daughter, who was also born through C-section and has struggled with her immune system throughout her life. She loves the probiotics, you know. I’m gonna make her recipe the show her. They don’t have access to coconuts and so sunflower seeds, they have access to hemp seeds. We’ll make hemp seed cheese and we’ll put that on one of these. What would that look like.

Speaker 6: Nutritional yeast, would you put that it?

Speaker 1: You could. I think, another one of those things I’m on the fence with the nutritional yeast, you know. I’m getting some thumbs down a bit it’s great for deliciousness we all know that, Ronnie.

Speaker 2: It depends on the type of nutritional yeast.

Speaker 1: There are some better ones, the brown ones.

Speaker 2: I’m not into it because I’m totally anti-candida. It depends on the person, actually. Some people react, I think it’s actually, it’s not the yeast, the nutritional yeast that’s the problem, I think it’s associated mold toxicity which is usually the problem with nuts and seeds. If they have mold contamination that’s what triggering off the infection.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: It’s not actually the nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast, for some people, is really good. Some people swear by it.

Speaker 1: If you can get a high quality, high consciousness company.

Speaker 2: Tells me that it’s not just that, there’s a quality issue.

Speaker 1: That’s the thing about all of our foods. By the time your stuff came from God knows where that’s why I am so grateful. I know how blessed I am for the people watching the videos on YouTube. They don’t have what we have. We go to the market every day and it was picked that morning. It’s cool to be like the raw vegan guy who only lives off fruits vegetables and small amounts of nuts and seeds. You avoid all that too, but even with the nuts and seeds and stuff, like I’ll take the macadamia nuts from the island, hemp seeds I have a good trust for, high quality company.

Some of these other things they just rancid. They weren’t cared for along the way, these guys they’re just working. They’re like McDonald’s. You think he’s put love into your cheeseburger? Not really. The farm workers, whatever they do they’re not, like when I do everything I do everything I do is I’m thinking, “Do I want to put one of those beets in the juice or do I want to slice them up. Do I need the fiber right now. Did you spray the cilantro.” If they give me that wonky little YES or NO then it’s like okay but no. When they look at me they say, “No, I do not use spray on my vegetables and fruits.” I get to know all those farmers I know who they are now and I know right where to go and I know who’s doing what and if it’s getting sprayed or not. There’s all that, the sprays and the lack of care and is it getting infected with weird stuff.

That’s why local food, growing your own and going back to some of these things but there’s that stem in society that’s moving us away from that. There’s twelve companies that run the entire world. We’re not supposed to be here doing this folks. I’m not supposed to be telling you about this stuff. They don’t want you to know. Bags, boxes and cans, just go to the doctor and get your medicine it’ll all work out. The problem is it doesn’t and there’s a lot of people doing a lot of great things but it’s not catching on because the power of the control of the mind. All the advertisements and everything that’s going on online and everything else so you have to, I don’t use this terminology. You have to fight in a way, you have to you have to be awake, you have to wake up, you have to be responsible. That’s it, for everything, and no one wants to do that because that’s 24/7/365 even when I’m sleeping it’s for an intention. I don’t get a break.

There is a reward for that. It’ll guide you back to, what you as a soul, came here to find. It’s awake and I know it is a quite daunting task to wake up, stay awake and continue to say, “Well yesterday I wasn’t awake as I am today because, man, I just got knocked upside the head with my own karmic choices.” It’s just beautiful to wake up, the only thing worse than waking up is just being asleep. Responsibility, and this is why, I’m glad you all came here because, I mean, you only pay 20 bucks or whatever but at least I know that you all came here because you wanted to hear what I had to say.

I don’t go around preaching or anything like that because you all know that a lot of falls on deaf ears. “You know grandma or whatever mom, that stuff and that can with all that weird stuff in it.” “No this is Slim-fast, my doctor told me to do it is really great.” You’re kind of like, “You know but it’s also not really very good for you. It’s in plastic and it’s got a lot of funky heavy metals and it doesn’t digest.”

Yeah, right so the truth about the vegetables and fruits and the simplicity and these long winded dissertations on hopefully being able to just effect a change. I don’t want to let all this love that I have for just the truth and this desire to just suck everything up on YouTube. That’s the only reason that the technologies any good to me is all the videos I watch and all the research I get to do. Other than that it’s like, “Hey everyone.” We have this joke, love in light everyone looks so great on Facebook and then you see him in real life and it’s like, “That’s not you.” There’s so much weight on your shoulders, because you know that perfect picture you have the lighting just right and everything and that’s all those ones you put up. Never the ones where you’re like.

We have this thing where you’re trying to live up to that and that’s what was literally killing me. I’ve been through a lot and I got a few wrinkles on my face. I get the good pictures too but then it’s like, “Oh, you’re supposed to be a raw vegan, you’re supposed to be floating around with the angels and be perpetually youthful.” Well, I wasn’t the raw vegan before that. That leaves a lot of scars, the drugs, the vaccines, the stress, the fear. All the things we’ve been through and so just authenticity, see, these are the real things. These yogurts and stuff are off the hook. The real stuff that’s where the direction I think I’ll go because how strongly I feel about it. Maybe it’s just this particular audience and I’ll get into another place and it’ll be like, “Well here’s these wonderful little kale chips or whatever.” I won’t even mention any of this other stuff.

This is a very powerful group. What did you say?

Speaker 2: Are we online, I don’t think you can keep.

Speaker 1: There’s just a silent truth and the raw foods feed your brain. The living foods with the living hydrogen it’s the sunlight of God. When you eat those raw foods all day every day, that’s all that I eat, and drink the juices and get all those things that think very consciously about it. My mind is going and then other people that are like, “Wow this guys is way out there and he’s crazy or whatever.” And you’re like, “Am I crazy?” All I see is light, I am condensed light and now what. Now what do I do, I’m just like this infinite field that collapsed down into electrons, and atoms down into molecules, and molecules in the cells and now I’m like well now I’m trying to go back and do everything i can’t. I’m not trying. I am going back into the light and that’s what’s clearing and cleaning and brushing everything away that stands in the way of the divinity.

That’s what I hope to be able, that’s what my prayer is. Is to be like, I know all of you are that too because you’re such a bright lights and you all affect me and in such a positive way every one of you. I’ve met all of you, except for a couple people here. You are just as much of a positive influence on me as I hope to be on you. To this camera, to the people, “Hey this guy’s pretty cool, he’s got great recipes.” Maybe they can get that, I say one thing that makes them want to look at their own heart and learn to love their own self. These videos mean something. One person, one mom who decides to do it differently and not get vaccinated or somebody that’s like, “I’m gonna eat more raw foods, I’m going to eat more vegetables. I’m doing it.”

Maybe their heart will blossom like mine to where I have this one thing that I’m here to do and be. Sometimes I feel like the world is just a distraction. I’ve got my beautiful daughters and my friends so I can go in and out of this vacillation. Tell me what time it says on there, you can flip it around and then you can we can call that good. Thank you everyone. Yeah it’s just like.