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Very Important (30 Day Transformation Contest Rules)

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30 Day Living Food Transformation Program Contest Rules

Aloha. It’s an awesome day! I made a video explaining the contest rules to everyone who purchased the ’30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program’ and wants to join the contest.

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Hello It’s Me Dan! I Made A Video Just For You!

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Hello it's me Dan! I made a video just for You!

Hey I was just seeing if I could remember how to make videos. Let me know if you like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

How To Create Mental Clarity

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Insiders Club ~ Mental Clarity


Recipes and inspiration galore. Thank you.

Dan McDonald



Dan ๐Ÿ˜€


Insider’s Club Connector Video

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Aloha! It’s Dan. I made a great presentation with my most up to date health information.

Is The Raw Vegan Diet Deficient?

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Is The Raw Vegan Diet Deficient?

Video Transcription:

Hey, how are you doing? It’s Dan McDonald here. I’m the Life Regenerator on YouTube, and I’ve got just a few short minutes to make a video addressing something that I thought was a great question on Facebook. I made a post on enzymes this morning which kind of arose out of a comment that I made on the YouTube. I don’t do a lot of commenting on the YouTube. I save most of my time on the internet for the Insiders Club videos, as well as, Facebook. Occasionally, I’ll go over there and just scroll through the comments, and just check that out and see what’s going on over there.

I made a post on the PuraDyme enzymes and probiotics on Facebook, and it’s pretty cool. Anyways, there was a really great question from this guy … I won’t mention his name, actually, just in case he wants to stay anonymous, but … “Why is the modern raw diet so deficient of enzymes that we need to supplement? I’ve been raw for four weeks, never felt better, and energy is through the roof. Why do I need these enzymes? Am I not getting these through my new raw diet of herbs and vegetables and fruit?” That’s a good question. Obviously when you go raw right away, you’re going to have the pink cloud effect, because basically you’re eliminating everything that’s sluggish, slime, slop that totally brings you down; which is like dead food. » Read More