12 thoughts on “Business As Usual (30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program)”

    1. Thank you for your message. We do not have print copies of the book available. Currently, Dan’s Living Foods Recipe Book is only available in the downloadable PDF format. However, you can print the book at home or have a company print it for you.

      We hope this helps!

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

  1. “Everyday Raw Series” (Your first CD series) Do you remember your provider, producer, director, researcher, writer, coach & stage manager? She was/is thee best! In that published series I just watched “Blended Drinks and Smoothies.” That was a remarkable amount of very expensive nutrients you added to her blender at her expense. And you know the rest.

  2. SO EXCITED to see what you’ve got coming on the 3rd….
    i’ve watched you and absorbed all your good information for YEARS, but still have 80 lbs to lose and health to regain! it’s a process….. just wanted you to know how thrilled i am to see this new program!! nameste, stephanie

  3. Hello from Ohio. Could you please quote the price of your August 3rd 30 day transformation weight loss program. I get paid on Thursdays and your beginning this on a Wednesday.
    I pray I have the money for it.
    I used to be a bodybuilder and looked and felt awesome…..then “life” got in the way. Now, I am 5’3 and 194 pounds… Please help.

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we can’t list a price just yet, but it will be an AMAZING deal! All the details for the 30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program will be released tomorrow!

  4. Hi will the competition only be for people who buy the book or can people who purchased your lifetime package also enter??

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