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HOW TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM (Cultured Food Class Part 2)

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HOW TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM (cultured food class part 2)

Video Transcription:

Speaker 1: Okay cool, so what I’m going to do now is what the whole class was kind of inspired by is just this keifer. On this island, guess what!

We pay $22 for 16oz. Well you’re supposed to take 1oz a day and all that, well, (blows raspberry) I’ve been knocking back those bottles, but then I thought, wait a minute. This is kind of a waste, when I could make these. This is 3$. And the jar is another dollar and the lid, so that’s $4. You know?

So those are really really water rich coconuts, those are the water ones; there’s no meat in there. So when you have the meat, you have less water. So in those ones here, and I’ll just show everyone on video, in case, for those of you who didn’t get the introduction. Here’s the little coconut. So three of those, those are a dollar at the coconut stand and that filled up this jar. In fact, this is more like really two. So this is like $2; so $2, and then, where is my- I left my probiotics at home, so I will be, I’m going to save this one, just in case. And I got these little ones here.

That’s another cool thing about Puradyme, they finally got the little ones. Because, you can stretch this out and make it last three months, if you’re doing it in the cultured foods. And using the food, to grow the probiotics. Now me, I just, Pow! I ate a whole one of these the other night. And I woke up on point the next day.

And Nicole was like, what are you doing? And I’m like mmm-mmm (I don’t know) I’m just chilling. It’s amazing what’s going on, when you see that these different probiotics, they’re just giving them these basic strains not this particular brand, but these basic strains and how these mice are afraid to cross the water, to get to their mom, they’re just afraid, they won’t do it. They feed them some probiotics, and after they feed them some probiotics, that’s all they do, then the rat is willing to swim.

So it has amazing effects on fear and courage. Some of this research, they took these women and they, you know, they showed them scary pictures and they took their electroencephalograph and it’s like, the women on the probiotics displayed way less fear. That’s all the did. It’s crazy. So again, these microorganisms, was you’re mom afraid? Was she emanating that frequency? And if she was, what kind of microorganisms are allowed to be grown inside of you. You see?

So again, the future mothers, please wait until you’re with a good man, wait until you’re stable and you’ve worked on yourself before-

I remember this one guy, oh God, what was, the ice skater guy. And he had brain cancer, and he’s like, I’m trying to make another baby before I die- Chris Hammel. And I’m like, is this the thinking that we have? You have brain cancer bro. And I don’t think people understand that you’re just passing this on. So we’re getting weaker and weaker and weaker, when we need to be focusing on how we can get stronger and stronger and stronger. Because the whole thing is coming down.

We all know about the eugenics which is actually dysgenics. Population control. These dudes are happy, they have all the money in the world. So what so you do? You play God. And you say, we need to wipe these fools out. And I guarantee you, not one person in this room, or not one person watching this video is part of the global elite. So everyone watching this video and everyone in this class is the target. And I ain’t going out like that. All you got to do is educate me, and I’ll think about whether I want to have one or two children or not. In this world.

Education is the answer to the population problem, and not this whole, dump so much chemicals and crap because it’s all about reproductive destruction. Look at all this Zika crap. All of this crap. To destroy the reproductive function of men and women. Conspiracy theory hat? Oh yeah. It’s not a theory anymore folks. It’s just not a theory. These are just facts. And if you’re not aware of them, because if your head is in the sand, you know what I’m saying? It don’t mean nothing. Because you’re going to be trying to get pregnant, you can’t get it up, you got problems, you can’t have babies, you have babies with birth defects. Not cool man. Not on my watch.

So I will fight the whole damn thing. And I’m going to do that with the raw food, the living foods, and lifestyle that’s a pie! And like a said, this little bit, this is just a small piece of the pie. But this is just a quick way to regenerate yourself after a lifetime of antibiotics, which lead to the biofilms, which I have very personal experience with.

Because, just a couple of months ago, I went on a biofilm protocol that I designed myself through this process, and I was blasting all these strange supplements, things like that- not strange, just essential oils and hydrogenated water, the negatively ionized hydrogen water to drive the water deeper into the biofilms to carry those biocides and then there was the die off. And I’m sitting over here, every morning I’d wake up with a big old pool of fishy, of filth. For three weeks it just drained out of my ear. And then it just switched over.

I had a bacterial infection about a year and a half ago. And I don’t think that people on the YouTube, and that’s why I was like, this YouTube thing can be challenging sometimes because the world doesn’t understand. They blame you, you’re not eating enough meat, you’re not eating enough carbs, you’re like, whoa, you guys are uneducated, you don’t know what’s really happening to us, and what I’m doing to cleanse myself out and if those things swell up because I’m doing to detox, that’s the die off, and the stress at the time of my life.

So I was fasting and stressing out like a crazy man, and I wasn’t stressing because I was fasting, the fasting was the only thing that was mitigating the stress by getting into that more calm mind state so I could deal with the things that were happening in my life at the time.

But these, the stress and these viruses and bacteria that are less than official are able to build these biofilms, because like I said these vaccines weaken the immune system. And then the dairy products clog the body up in the lymphatic system, making a nice bed and all the other mucus forming foods, that clog up the system and create a dampness so these bacterias can proliferate inside of you. And then when you shoot them full of antibiotics, the bacteria, living for millions, maybe billions of years, are smarter than your doctor and the whole medical system, for sure, yes, single celled organisms are smarter than our whole medical system. Because then what they do, is they start to build those biofilms in your body. And those are polysaccharides, proteins, calcium, magnesium, different heavy metals, they’re using the nanoparticulate now. They’re finding nanoparticulate in the biofilms. To fortify, because those bacteria want to survive. They want to survive.

So what’s the point of building up your microbiome, with healthy, life giving, life-biotic? I blast these! Why? Because the more of these healthier ones that you can get into your system to inoculate yourself to build your immune system, you simply begin the process of displacing. So using the enzymes, using the negatively ionized hydrogen water, using the biocides, oregano oil. I found to be the absolute best, they hate it, they writhel when you get that oregano oil in there. See because it was just all the ear aches.

Vaccinated children, four to five times more earaches than unvaccinated children. Boom. Okay, so that’s some serious business. And I’m not trying to play that. As I dig myself out of this thing. Fifteen years, raw vegan. Fasting, juicing, still doing the work. And still benefiting. Still growing, still expanding, still healing the nerves, the brain, removing those biofilms. And now it’s time to tighten up those tight junctions in my gut, from a lifetime of eating, the genetically modified foods came in the 1994. And that’s what started the wrecking the havoc on everyone, and that inflammation and the glutens and the excessive eating. Because people are starving. Because they are not getting nutrition. They’re not getting nutrients.

See I’m going to suggest that we do not rinse these carrots. They are from an amazing organic farm, and when we go to dip these in our Puradyme hummus, I’m going to say, just leave the dirt. Can you dig it? Nutrition. Vibrational nutrition. The hydrogen, the living hydrogen, and the microorganisms, and the prebiotics. Fruits and vegetables, man.

No matter what diet you’re on, you should be eating more fruits and vegetables. Paleo? Y’all ain’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. Vegans? Y’all ain’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. Everybody, y’all ain’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. I live on fruits and vegetables and I just juice them. Know what I’m saying? I’m just (whoooosh) I’m going. I got work to do.

I’m trying to work all this crap out so I can be that thing. Because that’s what really matters. Is that Christ light within us. That’s what matters. All this stuff is just fun time. If you never learn nothing from these videos, learn that the kingdom of heaven is within you and everything that you’re seeking, you already are in possession of and you just want to have a perfect relationship with that. See?

So all this food stuff is just fun because I’m really really good at it and stuff. But man, that’s what it is. See because that’s what lights up my heart, to be able to transmit that. And I just had to be told by all these spiritual masters you know what I’m saying, so thank God for them.

So this is our vessel, our temple. And that’s why we do all these crazy things you know, just implanting all this great stuff.


So this here- see how long- I told you I was long winded, and I will feed you all very well for your patients and time. But I take this, this is two coconuts, that’s amazing, $2, you know there’s a little scooper in here, which I’m not going to take out because my fingers will, my fingers are a little bit wet, so I eyeball everything anyways, but you put it, half a teaspoon is enough, I put a whole teaspoon in there, I need a lid. I mean so basically, you all just came out today, and I didn’t want to charge you anything for the class except to make a little bit for the house here because I just wanted to go over this. I just need one of those white lids, and I think they are right here! That’ll be good.

For the sake of purity you want to make sure that they jars are clean, you want to make sure that the lids are clean, because I have- maybe that’s why the pink one turned out like that, there might have been something in there. But whenever I make a new batch, I make sure that everything is really really sterilized and clean. On the jars for the yogurt, and as well as for any of those kinds of things. When you go to do this culturizing, you want to make sure that your jars are really clean. And that way, none of the negative stuff can proliferate.

So that’ll have to do for now, and then you just put the lid on. Ha! If you want to leave now, you got it. Now guess! Now what? Now you go and you just put that in the fridge. And wait a week. Personally I’d rather wait a month. Because that’s when the whole light bulb for this thing went off for me. I did an experiment. And I- because normally I’d just been learning to make the keifer because I was looking at that, you know those bottles are $20. At the healthy hut, right. Well we just did it for $2. See what I’m saying? And it’s good stuff. And they have some other strains.

I’m also a probiotic freak. I try to get as many- no one tell Lou though. That I- Lou is my buddy and he’s the one who originated, his idea, you know, came to him as a vision, and here we are, living it. And I said to myself, when Lou was helping me with my health and inspiring me, I said, if there’s anything I can do for this man, when the time comes, I’m going to do that. And with this YouTube channel, I’ve been able to help him and help my other friends Dave and Phil, and they have loved me like my own family. So I’m here to serve. And I’m here to serve my friend Ricky, and I’m here to serve everyone. Because nobody has what I want. I have it. I just have to learn how to find it. And stay with it, and never let it go. Because you’re the one that cultivates. You’re the inner-engineer. That’s what really matters. That’s what my real message is, but for now, this will be fun to play with, so I can just transmit that.

Because, you’re heart, you’re the one, you can do it, you can make your own pleasantness! We don’t have to be- we can be effected by all these things that are going on but the cultivation of that pleasantness is what’s going to- love, they can’t-the negative vibrations can’t survive the love. And so the love always going into the food. And that’s why the vibe is always so high that these parties and stuff.

So there you go. You leave that in the fridge for a week is the minimum. But a month, you take it for a month, then it gets to be like that little blue bottle one, where it’s all fizzy.

Speaker 2: Do you have to burp it or something if it’s going to be in there for a month, does it, like create pressure?

Speaker 1: No, actually, you want to keep it.

Speaker 2: Right, you don’t want to burp it.

Speaker 1: And if you hear it, you’ll go into the fridge every once in a while, because I have my whole fridge full of yogurts and everything else. If I (makes hissing noise) hear a little *ssssss, I go *teee, no you don’t. I’m trying to keep that life in there. Now, I’ve never had a blow out, I’ve never had a blow off, but I’ve had some seriously bulging lids in my life. Like that’s about to blow! Because that’s like this white lid is like rounded, like how could it like do that, mathematically? You know, it’s about to pop! And then you get it, and I’ve had the yogurts just like (makes eruption noise) that’s what I want though. I’m just (makes slurping noise) licking it off the sides.

And then when you make the dressings and you mix it with the vegetables, like we’re going to do later, that carries the probiotics down into the small and large intestines.

See when I take this probiotic like this, at night, just a little scoop, it just inoculates mostly my respiratory and esophagul microbiome. Which is really important. The teeth, the mouth, the esophagus, that’s one of the more important, because that’s where everything is getting introduced. If that’s off, your gums, your teeth, everything. That’s why I like to use this probiotic at night, just to keep it all on the nice. It just dissolves away. The healthy bacteria is there, the unhealthy bacteria can’t grow. Which eat away at the enamel. So it’s pretty good stuff.

It’s just, like I said man,it’s like, this isn’t going to- you know, you got to do everything else, you’ve got to educate yourself. This will take you there. Most people are kind of like lazyish, you know,it’s like, they’re not like me, I’m like into it everyday, doing what I need to do to make sure there’s yogurts and the juicing, and I do all that just to do it, and not everyone’s going to do that. But this is a simple way to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. That if you have a cold or a flu or you have a the herpes virus comes up on your lip or you get the, on your back. This is a great way to just boost the immune system really quickly. With the yogurt. So this just goes in the fridge, and a week later you’ve got this stuff.

Okay and so, here’s number two, mmmmm I should try it first to make sure that everybody’s- if I keel over, then we know.

Hello little bug. I’m not going to eat you because I’m a vegan. Not too bad. But it could definitely use about another three weeks. But it’s still got a nice little tiny snap to it. Oh, look at these other bugs over here. A whole bunch of us are going to go from vegan to non-vegan if they don’t get out of there. This is another type of keifer. What I did with this one was the same thing, except I took it in the vitamix, ta-da!

And I could do that today, but you’ll see it later, it’s so simple. You take, that there and you put that in the vitamix and then you take the coconut meat from one coconut. And then you blend that up really really well.

So you’ll see that right there is the keifer with a little bit of the meat, if you like that. And we’ll try that. You hear that right? Now here’s the yogurt. Nice and thick. For the dressings and whatever. You can do- we’ve got macadamia nut yogurt, that we’ll be using on the egg salad sandwiches- vegan egg salad sandwiches. With the black sulfur salt. That again, I owe the credit to Lou to show me this and was like, oh my God, this is off the hook dude.

So there we go. That is the yogurt, that is the thick keifer. Does everyone kind of have an understanding of how that works or should I do a demo?

Speaker 3: How do you do the yogurt one?

Speaker 1: Okay that’s the key right there. Because you can figure this out right? Easily. Just blend, everyone has a high speed blender? No?

Okay cool, so if you have a high speed blender it’s pretty easy, just throw the coconut meat of one meat into that and then you add your little teaspoon of probiotic. And so if you do that, this can last two to three months for $40.

Speaker 4: Does it make a difference, the thickness of the meat? Are you talking one of the thick thick meats or just one of the jelly?

Speaker 1: Somewhere in the middle. Not the jelly because that won’t be, you won’t get that thickness, but not the super hard because you can’t ever get that to break down, so you know what I mean, right in the middle, and that’s most of the Thai coconuts that everyone watching these videos will understand. That’s pretty much most of those young Thai coconuts that we get on the main land are- have that perfect balance, and then this of course we will show you the yogurt next. I think that’s next on the list of things to do.

So I hope everyone learned something from that and I hope the YouTube viewers enjoyed that video as well.

Speaker 5: Um, if you’re like not vegan and you’re making coconut yogurt can you add like a teaspoon of regular yogurt instead of probiotics?

Speaker 1: You can do that, you can use- most of the research on probiotics is done with dairy. The problem with that is that most of the people are allergic now. When they culturized the dairy products, you find a lot less allergic response. Because the cultures help to digest proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. You know, these five strains right here put together are really really smart. Like I said, some of the most well researched and this is a real synergistic formula. And these are all very very strong, powerful strains, okay. And so that you can do that if you want. I don’t recommend it, just because I’m really not a huge fan. The dairy is like out. You know? If people want to eat some animal flesh, I get that. I totally do. But the dairy is like that, then all the processed grains, those are the mucus formers. Bog you down.

Speaker 5: I just have one more question. So you made a batch of that and you want to make another batch, can you use some of that as a starter too?

Speaker 1: That’s what I’m saying, yes you can. In fact, what you could do is, once you’re done with this yogurt or this keifer, that’s kind of the amazing thing is just leave what’s in the jar and then start- throw in the next couple coconuts and it’ll go again. It’s just that, I like to go fresh every time, I work for the company, I have plenty of supply, and it makes sure that it’s consistent. Because you may start to run into consistency problems with that, is all.

What’s this one, it’s the new one right? I’ll wait a couple of weeks for this, for myself.

Speaker 5: What is the nicest coconut milk you ever got? The first time I tried it, it was at Alchemy and Ubud in Bali and it was so bad I thought I would just stay off it for the rest of my life.

Speaker 1: What was it?

Speaker 4: What was bad about it?

Speaker 5: Just the taste.

Speaker 1: There’s, I’m looking for something a little bit more- I think I have one that’s a little more powerful. Oh, there it it! See this one’s got some action. Okay this one’s even got a little bit more action than that one, if you want to go around and hook everybody up.

So yeah, this pink one, I’m will to try myself. It’s not that pink, but really, it really is a month, so for the people at home still watching, ha if you are, the white coconuts, you fill those up into your jars, and you just want to let those to really get a super powerful keifer. Because what you do is you take the billions of microorganisms in here and you turn them into trillions.

And what I’ll so is I’ll knock back a whole jar of this, and when I did that, my whole system lit up with electricity, the very first time I had my own one month batch, I just felt it. And it was like a whole light bulb went on and I was like oh my God! So this is what it’s about. I could just feel it saturating every aspect of my entire body because I drank the whole bottle. It was even more powerful when I used the Puradyme and waited a whole month. In my experiment and then once I got that, I got the down low and I was like- it totally raised my frequency to another level and I new that it was inoculating my entire microbiome throughout my whole body because it just went right through and then it mitigated my small intestines right into my blood system, right into everywhere it needed to go, and it was amazing.

So this is just one way to keep yourself healthy. To keep your, you know microbiome in good shape. It’s an immune booster. Is what this is, is what this keifer is, in my, you know in my- to simplify, to summarize.

Speaker 2: And they definitely need to be kept in the fridge right?

Speaker 1: The probiotics?

Speaker 2: The coconut keifer.

Speaker 1: Yes, I think so. Yeah you can accelerate the process with the yogurt like if you have a dinner party, you can make the yogurt that morning, and then six or eight hours later, you can- your yogurt will be done at room temperature. What I like to do is I just put everything in the fridge right away. And again that comes back to consistency.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I’m just asking for like when I’m not in the house or when I’m traveling or living stuff like that.

Speaker 1: That you won’t have access to a fridge?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: So it’s pretty important. That last a lot longer. The potency will last a lot longer in the fridge. I always keep my probiotics in the fridge and I always keep my yogurts in the fridge, see how much power this has got. It’s right back.

So this one here you’re going to notice, that’s our next little snack, in fact I want to try that one, first. Just to make sure, this is the real deal right here. Because this one is about almost two weeks old. And this was made before-this was made- I bought at the exact same time that I came up with the idea for this class. Mmhmmm. Mmmmmm! Okay that’s perfect. Is everyone complete on that? Does everyone get the general- it’s so easy right? No sugar, no nothing. Just so easy. Okay cool well if you want to press the little red button, we’ll move on into the yogurt.