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THE BEST VEGAN PROTEIN TO BUILD MUSCLE FAST (cultured food class part 5)

Video Transcription:

Dan McDonald: Hey, what’s up? The next video that we’ve got today, or the next recipe that we’ve got for the class and slash video is, the simple way to say this is the PuraDyme hummus. Yeah, and it’s made with the protein powder and this is off the hook. I was in the gym for many years, 5 years very seriously in the gym using various protein powders. Nothing even comes close to this, I’m talking to the bodybuilders, I’m talking to the people that want to gain weight. This is important that I actually focus on this video because people are always looking for, especially the vegans, how can I keep on some weight?

Number 1, don’t just eat and think you’re gonna keep on weight. There’s two things, actually we’ve been talking about the microbiome the whole time, well, they take these rats that are thin and these excess overweight rats and they transplant the thin microbiome into the fat rats, and the fat rats get skinny. Then they take the fat microbiome from the fat rats and they put them into the skinny rats through fecal transplanting, they also do this in human beings but it’s not a pretty subject, and then they put the microbiome that is associated with these rats into the skinny rats, and the skinny rats get fat.

We’re gonna start to see really soon that we can’t just be all pissed off at these people, or the greatest loser where they just took that and they were like huhuhuh. They were just like so rigorous and on point, but then once the show was over, what happened to every single one of them? Brrrruu Why? Because they didn’t focus on fixing their gut. They did the workouts, they ate the different stuff and whatever, and worked out like crazy but they didn’t focus on changing their microbiome.

I don’t know what the science is gonna show in the future. Did you just get inoculated with obesity type microorganisms? Now this is cutting edge here, folks so I anticipate a lot of activity in the comments section down below but, I’m the one who is sitting around doing nothing except about eight hours of research every single day of my crazy life and finding out all this stuff. It’s amazing, these are researchers that just want to get to the truth and it’s not biased research for the pharmaceutical companies or anything like that. These are just researchers that are looking at the microbiome, which is the hottest new thing on the market today and it’s going to change soon but, it’s cool because we’re gonna get to know about it and we’re gonna get to look at it.

The beauty of this protein powder right here, and this is what’s genius because when this first came out about six months ago, six or seven months ago, they worked on it for a long time to get it just right. I, of course, since I work for the company, I represent them, play with them, really, as a matter of fact. I play with PuraDyme. I said, “Phil, send me a couple of bags.” Of course, I’ve got to try it out, I’ve tried everything else. I love every single one of these products over here and so does everyone pretty much that I know. People on this island it’s really strange how much they love enzymes and probiotics. They just love them. No-one has ever said no. “Oh, enzymes, awesome.” They love them.

What we’ve got in this formula is not only pea and hemp. Protein is important for … Amino acids are important for different functions and it needs to be broken down to produce neurotransmitters. It doesn’t take a lot. You don’t have to eat a cow everyday to get enough protein, or you don’t have to eat a whole bottle…you don’t have to eat this whole bag in one day. A little dab will do you. These are amino acids, easily broken down, micronized, powdered, hemp and pea. Those two are just nice tight muscle making proteins. And also useful for all the serotonin, dopamine neurotransmitters, amino acids. The organisms create all the enzymes that produce all of these healthy neurotransmitters.

Ninety percent of your serotonin is made in your gut. That’s why everybody is going crazy. That’s why everybody is going crazy because the heavy metals mitigate and destroy all of the potential so the heavy metals are coming from everywhere, the pesticides, the genetically modified foods, and so the whole thing is just going crazy. You really have to really care for yourself in this day and age. All these things are working against us in out GI tract and it’s causing us to go crazy.

Speaker 2: And then having anti-depressants and stuff.

Dan McDonald: Boom, and then what do you do? What else, you go on a school shooting. Boom. I’ve heard, and I believe this is true, that every single school shooting …Every single one of them, they’re all on anti-depressant medications. Do we take drugs or do we fix our guts? Is the gut, brain, is there a connection? My latest experiences, not only the research, but the beauty is I get to do the research then I get to use el numero uno guinea piggo. Right here. And I can see this has a correlation when I look really closely at what I eat.

If I eat too much type inflammatory stuff … If I just grab a bag of macadamia nuts and don’t soak them, and don’t blend them, and just eat the whole bag of nuts. Oh, that inflammation is nasty, boy. It hurts. You’re stiff the next day, you got to drink a bunch of green juice, go down to the ocean, run around and clear that out of you. What’s going in here has a huge part to the signalling to our brain. This subject is amazing. When I get some time, I’ll probably stare at this camera and really go into some more of the details of it.

For now, the reason why the PuraDyme is so off the hook is because it’s that micronized protein so it’s easily digested, hemp and pea protein but, in this formula, they put a proteolytic probiotic. In other words, the probiotic that creates the enzymes that breaks down proteins into amino acids is already in the bag, baby. You don’t get that with any of your meat, and stuff like that. If you don’t have that, you probably aren’t digesting those other protein foods as well.

The other thing that’s ingenious by the PuraDyme protein, is they put a protein splitting enzyme in there as well so every time I eat this, I’m like, this is off the hook. When I first got this … Here’s the thing that I know, this is how I knew that I knew, was when I got two bags of this stuff and I ate it over a course of a month, I literally gained ten pounds of muscle. I mean, it wasn’t fat, it wasn’t bloating, it wasn’t mucus. Now I did go to the gym three times a week, but it gave me the kind of imperious, it was more of an experiment, I’m gonna test this stuff out. Was it the extra protein that was driving me to, “I’m gonna go to the gym.” And I would go to the gym three or four times a week and I would eat the Puradime only three or four times a week in this little recipe here that I’m going to make, and I got just jacked.

I know that would please a lot of the young men out there on YouTube to see me come up there at 175 ripped, dead-lifting, squatting, and all that stuff. Just ripped, I mean, I was ripped, but that’s not my dharma. That’s not my, that’s not my thing not right now. One day I hope to train again cause I love it but there is energy that you have, and you can put it down into the body or you can put up into the consciousness and the heart, and right now it’s just about total purification of the entire being so this body isn’t as important, but there are a lot of young men out there that think if they put on some muscle, then they’re gonna get more girls, and stuff like that. We all went through that. It never worked.

We actually had to develop ourselves as men, and usually we took a few hard knocks for that. Then we realized, if you’re skinny and you treat women kindly, and you stand in your power and you’re firm, and you’re cool, and you’re chill, and you can hold space, and you can listen, it doesn’t matter if you got all that muscle or not. I mean, it don’t hurt, but a nice balance, you want to be healthy and fit. Anyways, if I ever do back to training, this is going to be my number one source of amino acids right here because it digests so easily. The other thing is that it’s just off the hook delicious!

Now I take this right here, and the other thing too that is so amazing, I’ll take this and I’ll just dump it into a bowl, pour some water into it, and eat it like a soup. Just like that, that’s all it is., and it’s delicious by itself. The first time I got it, I took, like six full just tablespoons, I thought, “This stuff is off the hook.” I was with one of my friends, she was like, “Oh my God, this is off the hook.” I was like, “This is off the hook.” And then I went on this whole cataclysmic thing and I just got so jacked up and I never made any videos. I had this one crappy video where I was all bent out of shape at all the vegans, and that was when I was just jacked up and I was like, “I just want to figure out, maybe I can edit out all the parts where I’m talking about how I’m sick of the vegans and their attitude.” Because I didn’t want to be that any more. I didn’t want to be any kind of negativity, just positive.

It’s not their fault, I don’t know you know, whatever it is that makes them criticize everyone. Maybe it’s some kind of protein deficiency, I don’t know. Take your PuraDyme son and chill out. I didn’t ever post that video and that was the only video I had of myself at 175 just jacked up, and I still have that video. If I find someone who can edit, I’ll just edit out all the bad parts and keep in the good just so I can stand there with those muscles which I worked so hard to get.

For everyone whose like, “How do I keep on weight?” All you young guys, this is absolutely the best. I don’t say this just because I work for, or I play with PuraDyme and I represent them. I’m saying this because that’s the God’s honest truth. After years of protein powders, cans of tuna fish, fillet mignon, everything you could imagine. I did the bodybuilding lifestyle. I would eat 3 cans of tuna and 2 carrots, and that was my diet, for real. People would be like, other bodybuilders would be there eating a Subway sandwich, “You really eat that way, bra?” Well isn’t that what the muscle and fitness magazines say? That’s what the pros do right, and that’s what I was going for.


I worked my way up to almost 200 pounds, just beef but it was tearing me up though because I’m an ectomorph and you’re just not meant to be that. You’re supposed to be some other kind of … You’re supposed to clean windows and stuff, you’re supposed to be like a preacher, a skinny, little preacher. Save that for the metamorphs and the endomorphs, all that bodybuilding stuff. I like to get ripped but I like to be in shape for the yoga, tight, strong, you know what I mean? It’s tight but I don’t need to be all bulky and all lumping around with too much stuff, you know what I mean? It’s too hard and everything wants to go up into here to purify this and this so that’s what I’m saying, that’s my excuse. It’s like, “You’re too skinny.” I’m 40, your priorities change I’m saying and that’s cool.

That’s my little thing there with why I don’t always feel like it’s so important to build muscle. Now let’s do a dang recipe. Dang, all this build up. Can’t you just put the stuff in the thing and make a little snack for us? I take this, like I said, I put it in the bowl.

Speaker 2: This is the one minute video.

Dan McDonald: Oh this is the one minute video.

Speaker 3: He’s like, I can do it

Speaker 2: I don’t want to be a preacher

Dan McDonald: Can I get a amen? Now I’ve got the, I just do this. Here’s the beauty of this stuff, this is, moms, youngsters, this is good for everybody because the mom can just take this, she can dump it into a bowl, a little bit of salt, some herbs. I like to use dill. If I had basil that’s what I would have used. I don’t have any other herbs today. You know what? I do. Let’s do a cilantro because I like dill is really good and basil is really good but cilantro is going to be really good for this too.

I’m taking the protein powder here, and this is enough for a lot of people. Whoa there’s the scooper. A couple of this a day is all it takes. I want to make sure because everybody is hungry and I’m just going to make a little dip for everyone. This is one of my favorite things. I love the probiotics and the enzymes but when it comes down to putting on some weight and getting some energy and getting just ripped, and also just feeling more grounded too with the amino acids and stuff, boom, I love, love, love this stuff. I can just say that with all my heart. I’m so grateful for what they’re doing over there at PuraDyme, just giving us some foundational tools to work with.

Anyways there’s that and here’s this. Oh my God. We already had the oil discussion around here. As long as it’s fresh and isn’t rancid, olive oil and there’s some other really good oils. I have eaten a lot of oils and I am still here to tell you that it does wonders for my skin and it does wonders for my brain especially the EPA. A little bit of that on a salad for the vegans that don’t want to eat the fish because you can’t eat the fish. You can’t eat the meat any more. Hell, you can’t eat hardly any of the food unless you know the farmer.

I’m just saying. I’m trying to be on point because I’m not trying … I’ve already been though the whole thing where I was poisoned and didn’t know it and was functioning in school and couldn’t pay attention and they’re feeding me all these colorants and dead cow products and then the failed me all the way through and made me feel like there was something wrong with me because I’m a failure through school because little Mary over here, she’s getting vegetables and organic meat and I’m getting my ass kicked. I’m always second place because I was just eating all this crap that my parents didn’t know. My mom was just a kid. My dad was just doing what he does and he didn’t know any better.

We’ve already been through the route of being totally poisoned so if I’m trying to dig myself out of that to get my blood pure so my zeta potential is up, so my brain wakes up, so my heart wakes up, so my blood is clean. I’m not getting all my enzymes knocked out and cancelled out by all these heavy metals that are just lodging into these little spots and destroying our reproductive capacity and everything else. No way, man. I’m trying to have the purity so that’s how I roll. Purity on every level. Believe me I could sit here and talk a big game, there’s a lot of work that can be done in the growth but I pray every day to just help me out because I’ve got a lot of habits. I look at the things, I look at things and I think things. I don’t try to get mad at myself but I think if I could just transcend that then all that energy could go into the awakening and then back home to the goal, to the goal, which is not really a goal but it’s just like God is looking for itself through you and it hopes that you will work with it so it can be there with itself because it always has loved itself and it never left itself.

Then I put, I don’t even, I’m terrible with these recipes right now. My one minute video, it’s like, what did he put in there? Some of this, a little of that, this is this, this is that, figure it out for yourself at home on YouTube. We’re just having fun. It’s really the teaching I can see that really, really matters to me, that all those little tiny things. This is my chance, when I’m in the on position. This is what I was meant to do and you can’t do it 24/7/365 and all your closest friends and stuff will be like, “Oh God, I’ve heard this shit all before. Shut up.”

If you get a chance to do it once a month or something like that with your friends on the island then you light up like a flame. What I’ve got in here is I’ll do this, Puradime protein, olive oil, as much as you’d like and then I’m going to put some lemon juice. It gives it a nice little twist. I do this but see the thing is all you need is water and the protein powder and then what? Well whatever you want. Whatever you want to do. You can just hook it up. Here’s the recipe, I’ll give you a recipe, for real, I’ll give you a recipe. You take the Puradime protein powder, plain, natural and you take flax seed oil and you dump that in there and you mix that up, boom, what do you got? Believe it or not, peanut butter.

Speaker 2: No way.

Dan McDonald: Non-poisonous, non afla toxin peanut butter. It is off the hook. I just take that with the celery and I’m like a kid again but with no constipation. Peanut butter is out and so are nut butters.

Speaker 2: Just the powder and flax seed?

Dan McDonald: That’s it, and sea salt if you want.

Speaker 2: What if you cook that with coconut oil?

Dan McDonald: Well, like I said, there you go. I don’t know what would happen, I’ve never mixed it with coconut oil but that’s a great idea. If it’s going down you got to let me know how it goes. I mean I’ll try that by myself at home. There’s a little bit of lemon, I’m going to throw some cumin into this. If I had some paprika which, oh I do. Let’s do a Mexican PuraDyme hummus, or is that racist?

Speaker 2: Not until you said that.

Speaker 4: Do you ever use garlic?

Dan McDonald: I do, I’m going to put a little bit of garlic, in fact garlic would take this to the next level. I’m going to leave it out today because there’s some people that can’t dig it and I don’t think it’s the greatest food in the world. I see it’s benefits, a short term blast if you’re way out of whack but it is kind of caustic. I’m going to put one clove into the dressing today when normally I used to put more and so I’m just going to make one clove today for everyone in our food. Too much is too much. This is some cayenne.

Speaker 4: Too much.

Dan McDonald: Oh, I’ll put more of this cumin in there. We’ll call this, oh that would be racist too. No you know how everybody is these days. The whole thing is like oh God but they’re doing that on purpose. They want that. They want us divided. They want our families divided. They want our races divided. Oh you think I’m wearing my tinfoil hat now but that’s right, I’ll pull it out my back pocket but it don’t fit. I got to go up to Jupiter with a storage unit up there to pull my tinfoil hat down. That’s what I’m saying, there is a sinister program going on here and it’s a program of division, separation, war. The terrorists are out to get us, the viruses are going to get us, freed, okay, now we’re going to take away all your rights. You’re not even going to notice that you are now our slave. “Oh I’m not that.” Oh boy, try to just see what you can do.

Go take a few days off from work. Go take a few days off from work. “Mm-hmm (affirmative), good point Dan.” These are recipe videos but I’m also just rapping. What else do I got? Oh I got to throw a little bit of salt in there. I’ve got some paprika and some sea salt. These dips, the possibilities are infinite. I’ve made, oh man, I’ve made some amazing stuff. A little bit of sea salt. I’ve made some amazing soups. You just take the carrot, avocado and a couple of scoops of the PuraDyme powder, bam, and I was just jacked. I was loving it because I was like, “Oh cool.” But it took away from the brain and I need all I can get.

It’s either, you can have both, the heavy lifting, it’s the jogging and the bicycle riding and the swimming and the surfing that really seem to build the neurons. This is more research I did the other day and some of those heavier things take away neurogenesus. Those heavier, more intense spurts and things like that. They put more of the energy into the body and not so much of the regeneration of the brain and there’s certain reasons for that. Probably because you’re just outside just absorbing everything and you’re not killing yourself trying to just get through that. I’m not putting down anything. I’m putting, if you want to lift weights, I did it, I loved it, I still do. It’s just where are you right now?

Speaker 3: It’s not as much motor pattern alteration so like when you’re lifting weights you’re stationery and you’re linear so it’s like one, and you’re isolating the muscles so the brain doesn’t have to switch up.

Dan McDonald: Interesting.

Speaker 3: Yeah I know exactly what you’re talking about. When you’re surfing or you’re running, you’re changing movement pattern your brain has to adapt, change the circuitry, the neuro pathways and that creates, that [inaudible].

Dan McDonald: My point is that I’m not putting anything down. I’m encouraging everyone to do what they’re doing to their absolute maximum capacity right now, whatever that is. If you’re sewing do it with ferocity, do it with the focus fire.

Speaker 3: Is this dip literally your pathway towards freedom no matter what you’re doing?

Dan McDonald: Right now, yes. Right now I am doing this at full capacity intensity, that’s why I’m adding this paprika with intensity, whoa, but you can’t do it if you’ve got the little lid on. You got to take the lid off, that’s delicious. See it only takes me 30 minutes to make a one minute video, dah. This guy, this guy, this guy, he watches himself. He’s watching himself and he’s just as amused as you because he doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. This is not scripted folks.

Speaker 2: Did you put water?

Dan McDonald: Did I put water? See, I need you. Oh didn’t I. See, no, I didn’t.

Speaker 2: I’m like it’s not going to mix very well.

Dan McDonald: This guy, this guy. Just put a bunch of stuff in there, I don’t even know how much or what it was but just do it and then you know then let’s give this a thumbs up.

Speaker 2: Don’t be afraid to fail.

Dan McDonald: You can’t fail. You cannot fail with the Puradime protein. This guy, salesman of the year. Salesman of the century. That’s my goal.

Speaker 2: The millennial.

Dan McDonald: The millennial, yes. (Singing) Come on baby. Wow, you were right. I would have powdered up that powder even more powdery.

Speaker 3: He’s like put more powder in.

Speaker 2: Put some water in here.

Dan McDonald: Wow. It’s so funny. It’s totally different when it’s just me and the camera. I can sort of pay attention you know, sort of. Your ADD hasn’t cured yet Dan. Come on. What is going on here man?

Speaker 2: You just need a little stir.

Ronnie: It needs to go a little slower.

Dan McDonald: You know what? I think I need more water. See now there won’t be any editing so all of this, me walking around, I need an editor please, then we can do some professional stuff. Maybe that would take away all the little tidbits. Five minutes. I got my timer out there. Normally it’s going to go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Normally I do it by hand. I’ve never used it in this. I always do it by hand. That’s the beauty of this thing, you don’t need any machine. There it is, there it is, nice. This is coming out perfectly with all your help. I don’t know what I would do without you. I’d have to eat it all myself and I’ve be back in the gym by tomorrow.

Come on baby. Come on baby.

Speaker 2: On the edges it’s really dry.

Dan McDonald: Is that what it is?

Speaker 2: scoop the edges.

Dan McDonald: Here’s my little spatula.

Ronnie: Oh that’s cute.

Dan McDonald: I’m ill prepared, this isn’t my kitchen. This is my first time, see I’m the one who goes on here, this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’ve never done this before, that’s why I decided to make a video about it. Come on baby. A little bit more water is what I’ll do and then we’ll be ready for our first snack. Not that water. Cool, cool, I really appreciate you all so much for putting up with me. The pros and the cons of being a friend of Dan McDonald. There are many on both sides.

Ronnie: You totally outweigh any perceivable cons.

Dan McDonald: Right on Ronnie, that’s why we’re tight bro. Okay, let’s do it. I’m like that too, I don’t focus in on anybody’s negative. You know what I mean? One minute? We got it. One minute, I told you, that’s all I need. Thirty minutes to make a one minute video. Now it’s a little bit, now I got to get it to the right consistency now that I got everything.

Dan McDonald: Yeah, exactly. Well hey.

Speaker 2: That’s real life.

Dan McDonald: That’s off the hook. There we go, so now we’ve got it. I’m going to look at this thing. Oh sweet. Okay, okay, baby. You, oh this consistency, oh, you, oh it’s all you baby. Get over here man. Smile big for the camera. Is it good?

Speaker 6: So good.

Dan McDonald: All right bro, this is for you. What I’m going to do is take a little scoop and I’m going to say goodbye. Thank you for spending 30 minutes with me to make a 1 minute video.