The Best Juice For Healing Everything


Aloha. It’s Dan. I’m stoked to share this with you. Check it out…

100% PURE ORGANIC CUCUMBER JUICE is probably the best all around green juice to use in healing and regenerating your body. The benefits of cucumber juice are:

High in living water which helps flush toxins out of the body. (kidneys)

High in living minerals that are essential for the function of all glands and enhanced electrical potential. (energy)

High in silica which helps create beautiful hair, skin and nails and keeps the pancreas functioning optimally. (Diabetes)

Low in sugar so it does not cause problems with those who have candida or other yeast issues. (Eliminate bread and cooked starches and use digestive enzymes, oregano oil, parasite herbs and PROPER FOOD COMBINING IS KEY to eliminate yeast overgrowth)

Helps to alleviate pain due to the cooling soothing affect of the alkalizing minerals and structured water. (Acids=pain, Alkalize=relief)

An amazing source of electrolytes for pre and post workout replenishment. (Gatorade and other neon colored sports drinks are acid forming and will deplete you and destroy your performance in the long run).

They store well and are readily abundant.

Fresh organic cucumbers are a super food and should be used by all who are looking to lose weight, heal disease, decrease inflammation, improve athletic performance and create beauty and radiance. Aloha.

Health is true wealth.

P.S. I just started an insiders club Facebook group so I can be more in touch with you. I’ll send a video or an email telling you more about it and a link to it in the next couple of days.


Dan McDonald


8 thoughts on “The Best Juice For Healing Everything”

  1. What type of raw foods should i eat to get
    Rid of a 6m kidney stone that is a mast and 13 percent uric acid

  2. Hi Dan! I’m going to have to look up your recipes that include Cucumber now!

    I did not see the link to join your insiders club on Facebook, can you please send that to me?

    Thank you!

  3. I drank a lot o cucumber juice over the summer all harvested from a friends organic farm. I have MS as well as two herniated discs in my lower back and I can tell the difference the juice makes in my overall health.

  4. Hi Dan, thank you for sharing! I’ve been making cucumber juice all summer and I am feeling healthy and good with this juice.

  5. Hey Dan,
    Thanks for this reminder. I really love cucumber and the pure juice is great. I just need to get a juicer again and then I go for it.

    Enjoy your green juice,

  6. I have watched Dr. Morse videos and tried to go mostly all fruit and I experienced weight gain and high blood pressure. I have so major issues going on in my body so I am trying to find a solution. I have digestive issues and also major bloating and my stomach is sore to the touch. I have a feeling fruit is not the way to go right now, I should be starting with green drinks and raw salads. I know I have major candida problems and I don’t digest food very well. I have been watching your videos and I seem to understand your way better. Dr. Morse does not think we need enzymes or probiotics. He thinks if you take them you will weaken your pancreas. I am no expert on this subject. I just want to get well. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. By the way I don’t think your to skinny and I think your awesome!!!!!!!!

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