Very Important (30 Day Transformation Contest Rules)

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30 Day Living Food Transformation Program Contest Rules

Aloha. It’s an awesome day! I made a video explaining the contest rules to everyone who purchased the ’30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program’ and wants to join the contest.

$1,319.55 worth of prizes to the person who creates the greatest life transformation in 30 days. Have fun!


Pick up the ’30 Day Living Foods Transformation Program’ today and join in the fun!

Thank you for your interest in your health and happiness. Living foods WILL change your life for the better.

I appreciate you and your desire to change and grow. Onwards and upwards till we reach the top of the mountain. Aloha and Mahalo.

The way is of the heart…

Forever yours,

Dan McDonald


3 thoughts on “Very Important (30 Day Transformation Contest Rules)”

  1. Dan, your voice speaks to me at the most interesting times. I will be getting ready to eat a piece of cooked food and there you are questioning me “is that a living food?”.

    I purchased your book and am slowly making the transition. You really are a vital force and am grateful for you and all that you are.

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