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Food, Medicine, or Poison?

The food you eat affects your mind. It
is very subtle but very real.

I learned this the other night while
eating a salad at a restaurant. I had
not eaten out in months.

I could feel the energy of the chef in
the first few bites and it was not
harmonious. This level of sensitivity
and awareness comes from daily
meditation and a very clean living foods
diet consisting mostly of mono meals.

The fruit that I eat daily comes from
one farmer who grows and sells her
organic non GMO food with love.



If you want your mind to function at its
highest and you desire happiness and joy
then pay attention to the quality of the
food as well as who prepared it and what
their intention is.

IMO it is best to prepare your own food
at home. Food prep should be like a
prayer and done with love in your heart.
Uplifting music and thoughts will raise
the vibration of the food.

This is important for everyone who is
desiring to see the best of themselves
everyday and perform at peak mental,
physical and spiritual efficiency.

Fresh organic food grown and prepared
with love is medicine for your mind,
body and spirit. Bless you.




Juice Recipe For Pain Relief

Organic cucumber juice. Low in sugar high in minerals and living water. One of the best juices to alleviate pain of all types of pain.

This juice is MAJOR Anti inflammatory.

Flushes kidneys and hydrates your brain and body like nothing else. You cannot drink too much organic cucumber juice!

Dan McDonald



Cucumber Juice
Cucumber Juice

My Thoughts On Cancer

I get 5-10 emails per day from people all over the world asking me for help with cancer. I’m sorry I’m not able to answer them all. My intention with this post is to set you on the right course to eliminate or prevent cancer. On our current trajectory 3 out of 4 people in the industrialized nations will be diagnosed with some type of cancer.

The highest rates are in: Denmark, France, Australia, Belgium, Norway, United States, Ireland, Korea, Netherlands.

Lung, breast, bowel and prostate are the most prevalent cancers world wide. The biggest risk factors are, stress, obesity, processed food intake, sedentary lifestyle, vaccines, radiation from cell phone towers and wifi, smoking, drinking alcohol, processed sugar intake, hormones in meat, air pollution, chemicals in food, water and medicine, overeating, dis functional relationships, dehydration, viruses and lack of fresh air.

This list is just the most common and basic lifestyle choices and factors that need to be addressed and brought into awareness. It is by no means complete. Use your common sense.

Ok so that is the bad news. Now, what can we do about it?

How do we prevent or eliminate cancer?

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RAW VEGAN COOL RANCH DRESSING (Cultured Food Class Part 7)

Video Transcription:

Dan McDonald: Okay, cool. Well, we’re ready to roll here. We’re going to do another recipe which is the ranch … creamy ranch. So I take the coconut yogurt, which I had right here, coconut yogurt, and put that in there. What I’m going to do, a little twist, something I’ve never done today. I’m going to add some avocado because I’ve never done that before, and I want to see how that works out.

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Video Transcription:

Speaker 1: Okay so I have another recipe (stutters). Let’s edit that out. No, leave it. That’s a new language. It’s code for don’t drink the water. That was another thing we never even got into that.

Speaker 2: Oh, don’t.

Speaker 1: We never even got into the water.

Speaker 2: Bless it. Bless the water.

Speaker 1: Don’t drink the water, yeah. Oh man it’s everywhere isn’t it? Like I said it’s not a conspiracy, folks. It’s a fact.

You’ve got to take care of your self. One way you do that is with these vegan egg salad sandwiches. What I’ve got here is a bowl of finely minced celery and green onion. The next part of it is the macadamia nuts soaked to make a macadamia nut yogurt.

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Video Transcription:

Dan McDonald: Hey, what’s up? The next video that we’ve got today, or the next recipe that we’ve got for the class and slash video is, the simple way to say this is the PuraDyme hummus. Yeah, and it’s made with the protein powder and this is off the hook. I was in the gym for many years, 5 years very seriously in the gym using various protein powders. Nothing even comes close to this, I’m talking to the bodybuilders, I’m talking to the people that want to gain weight. This is important that I actually focus on this video because people are always looking for, especially the vegans, how can I keep on some weight?

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COCONUT YOGURT IS MEDICINE! (Cultured Food Class Part 4)

Video Transcription:

Speaker 1: Hello this is Dan McDonald, you know me as the liferegenerator on YouTube. I’m talking to the camera now. This is why they call me the life regenerator cause I got me a Schrade blade, baby. The day I got this blade from Amazon was day I became a man. A real man. Today, did I scare y’all, this is the coconut almond yogurt. For the love of God, please don’t try this at home. This is the little mat thing that you have outside your door, I carry around the back of my car so I can open up coconuts so that it doesn’t get onto the dirt and everything like that. It protects the blade. I have a little chip. I let someone borrow my blade one time there’s a little chip. This is mine, you can borrow one of my other machetes and the collection but not this one.

Please don’t try this at home for real. I’m an expert, I’ve opened thousands of coconuts, and normally I do this on the ground, that’s a really good idea to that but since I wanted to make a video and show the whole thing because everyone’s interested in how do you make the yogurt. Well I make it just like this. With a nice blade like this you can get stuff done. Make a little bit of a mess but not too bad.

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